Affiliation Activities - 2015

This page is dedicated to the Affiliation activities of the distinguished Class of 1965 and the outstanding class of 2015.  If you have anything to share with the class please pass it on to Chuck Nichols (

Information is organized from the most recent to the oldest, that being the march back and acceptance parade when the Class of 2015 officially became members of the Corps of Cadets.

50 Year Affiliation Booklet

At the Class of 1965 50th Reunion, the class was presented the 50 Year Affiliation Booklet documenting the history of the affiliation between the Classes of 1965 and 2015. The class historical synopses were written by Tim Thames while Denny Cole and George Seaworth did the editing and design of the booklet. In addition to presenting copies to attendees at the 50th reunion, copies of the booklet were mailed to any classmates/next of kin that did not attend the reunion. They shipped 1,100 copies to the Class of 2015 for their class officers to arrange for distribution. To see a PDF version of the Booklet click here.

Class Leadership Dinner

The Distinguished Class of 1965 was honored to host the First Class Officers Dinner in the West Ballroom of Eisenhower Hall at West Point on Tuesday, 3 March 2015. This was one of the last affiliation events with the Class of 2015, "For Those We Lead," before graduation. more>>

2015 Branch Night

November 20, 2014 was a special night for the Class of 2015, "For those We Lead." It was the night they received their branch assignments. The keynote speaker was LTG Joe DeFrancisco, Class of 1965, "Strength and Drive." LTG DeFrancisco was introduced by BG John C. Thompson III, Commandant of Cadets. You can read Joe's thoughtful and very powerful talk to the Class of 2015 here. Marie Lewis, AOG Associate Director, Class and Membership Services, provided links to photos, videos and a write-up of the Branch Night activities. (Thank you Jose Sanchez for forwarding the links.)

2015 Ring Melt

The event started on Sunday night.  Those classmates and family who were donating rings attended a dinner at the Pease and Curren foundry in Warwick, RI.  The others attending from "Strength and Drive" had a fabulous dinner hosted by John and Mary K. Salomone at their home in North Kingstown, RI. more>>

Class of 2015 Celebrates 500th Night

The Class of 2015 celebrated a milestone with a banquet inside Washington Hall Jan 18 as the cadets reached the 500th Night until graduation. more>>

Admiral William H. McRaven, commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, delivered an inspired address to the class about today's Army and the responsibilities they will assume as the next generation of leaders.

Affiliation at the Naval Academy

The West Point Society of Annapolis (WPSOA) has a special affiliation program where they invite exchange cadets to attend their monthly Society dinner. more>>

Second Class Club

Tim Thames developed the Class of 1965's display for the Second Class Club documenting the accomplishments of the 50-year classes going back to 1815. more>>

Affirmation Ceremony

The Affirmation Ceremony, at which the members of the Class of 2015 commit themselves to the profession of arm, was held in four locations to accommodate all members of the Class of 2015. more>>.

Professional Military Ethics Education (PME2) Program

Paul Schultz is heading up our participation in the PME2 program with the Class of 2015.  Learn more about the program by reading the PME2 Overview and an information paper with more PME2 details.  Contact Paul at, 203-778-9164 (H) or 203-205-0763 (O) to participate in the program.

Flag Presentation to Class of 2015

An enthusiastic band of Classmates reported to Camp Buckner on 26 July for the presentation of the 2015 Class Flag by our President, Clair Gill, and Bud Bucha.  more>>


R-Day is the day the Class of 2015 officially became members of the Corps of Cadets. It started early in the morning with the march back from Camp Buckner. more>>