Second Class Club Display

The Class of 1963 Lounge in Eisenhower Hall is used as the Second Class Club.  The Class of '63 put on display write-ups on their 50-year classes going back to 1813.  The Class of 1963 invited the Class of 1965 to prepare similar synopses of our 50-year classes.  The invitation from the Class of 1963 was sent to us on June 24th by Art Meier, brother of our classmate Frank Meier.  Tim Thames (Class Goat -2) immediately volunteered to do the research and did tremendous work in putting together a short synopsis of each of the 50-year classes.  (You can read the synosis for an individual year by clicking on that year's image in the picture below.)  So in a tad over two months this invitation from Frank Meier became a reality, quite amazing.

One other point worthy of note for future historians, the class crest for the Distinguished Class of 1965 was designed by John Howell and Dan Donaghy. Unfortunately, an extensive search by Tim did not reveal the designers of the class crest for 1915 and the ring for 1865. That information is lost to history.

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