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Class Poop

Class Poop is exactly what it says it is.  It is Poop of interest to the class.  This is the place to come to find information on the Class of 1965.  It is organized into the following subcategories:

Each of these groupings are described below.

In addition, there is general reference information of interest to the class

Here you will a link to our Class Notes going back to January 1966 with the first publication of Notes by our then scribe, Jim Hennessee.  Through the '60s and '70 there were 7 different scribes.  It seems the criteria to be the scribe at that time was to be stationed at our rockbound highland home.  Denny Coll took over for the June 1981 edition of Class Notes and held that post for 30 years until the April 2011 edition when Rick Bunn took over the reigns.  The first full electronic version of Class Notes was published in October 2011.  Here is a list of all the class scribes.

First Published
January 1966
Frank Hennessee C-1
January 1968
Grant Fredricks F-1
April 1969
Mert Munson K-1
October 1970
Bob Frank B-1
March 1974
John Swensson D-2
July 1975
Grosvenor Fish K-1
December 1978
John Lyons G-1
March 1980
John Higley M-2
June 1981
Denny Coll F-2
April 2011
Rick Bunn K-1
January 2017
Step Tyner B-1

This is a catch-all category.  This is the place to come to find information on the Class of 1965.  There are other News items, some rememberances from our cadet days (100th Night anyone?) and documents concerning the Arvin Gym (from 2004) along with Fred Laughlin's speech at the dedication of the Arvin VFW Post in Ypsilanti, MI.  Finally, there are links to general reference information of interest to the class: VA Benefits Handbook and a Military Retiree Reference Phone Numbers and other general reference information.

You will find here stories from classmates that didn't make it into the Class Notes. They are organized into Military and Medical categories.

All the letters from the president to the class (going back to <> UNDER CONSTRUCTION) as well as a copy of our Class Bylaws are located in this area.

You can see the progression of the history from the very first version to the latest for our 50th Reunion (currently in draft).

The West Point Calendar is a link to the calendar on the AOG WEbsite.  It contains all the activities scheduled at West Point as well as West Point Societies throughout the United States and at international societies.  The calendar provides a variety of filters so you can limit the display to type of event (e.g., Academy, Alumni, Athletics, etc.), society regions, athletic events and Cadet Clubs.

These subject areas will be updated as additional information concerning the class becomes available.