Class Poop
Planning Your Legacy

As the West Point Class of 1965 enters the twilight of their career it becomes time to think of those we will leave behind.

The Veterans Administration has put together a comprehensive document, "Planning Your Legacy - VA Survivors and Burial Benefits Kit", that provides information about all the benefits available through the VA for the survivors of America's veterans. These benefits range from assistance in obtaining a final resting place to financial assistance for survivors. It is highly recommended that all classmates and family members review this document.

Contained within the document is a form, "Record of Personal Affairs", a place where the veteran can record all the information their survivors will need to ensure they honor the veteran's final wishes. The version at the link above has been extracted from the "Planning Your Legacy" document as a PDF form that can be completed electronically and updated as necessary. All classmates are encouraged to complete the "Record," discuss the contents with your family, and make sure your family knows where it is stored.

This is a very difficult thing to do, plan your own demise. It is an act of love and personal sacrifice for those you leave behind. Do it for them.