2015 Affiliation

This page is dedicated to the affiliation between the "Strength and Drive" Class of 1965 and the "For Those We Lead" Class of 2015.  Information concerning the affiliation is covered under two main headings as described below.

2015 in Sports

Gordy Larson and other members of the Class of 1965 have been closely following the exploits of the Class of 2015 on the fields of friendly strife. You can read their accounts in the section titled 2015 in Sports

Affiliation Activities

Every attempt will be made to document all the affiliation activities our Class participates in with the Class of 2015. This includes starting with the flag presentation, march back and acceptance parade when 2015 officially joined the Corps of Cadets as plebes through their graduation in 2015. You can read about these events in the Affiliation Activities section.