Authors Needed

The Class of 1965 has set a goal of having Memorial Articles written for all deceased members of the class by the 50th reunion. We are well on our way to meeting this goal with many of you writing or assisting in extremely well done articles that we have seen in "TAPS".

As of 15 April 2015 we have 20 classmates who have not had Memorial Articles written and accepted by the AOG for publication in "Taps." Of the 20, eight have not had someone step forward to honor their classmate by writing their Memorial Article. Classmates still needing an author are:

  • BRADLEY,William C-2
  • COOLEY,John E-2
  • MANESS,Lewis D-1
  • SHULICK,Michael H-2
  • STEWART,Lance R E-2

If you are willing to assist in this effort, there is a detailed guide to walk you through the process of writing a Memorial Article at the Memorial Article Guide page.

Please consider sharing your time and talent to take on this noble task. Our class coordinator for Memorial Articles is Chuck McCloskey (ccmccloskey@yahoo.com) and he stands ready to assist.

Taps Organization

The Taps page is organized into six sections as follows:
  • '65's Fallen Heroes -- This page is dedicated to classmates who gave it all in Vietnam. There are twenty-five classmates and one former classmate listed on a virtual wall in the order they were killed. Their names are as listed on The Wall in Washington, D.C. Clicking on their name will take you to their Memorial article.
  • Deceased Classmates -- This page lists all classmates who have joined the ghostly assemblage. The default lists all deceased classmates in alphabetical order. You can filter the list by the first letter in the last name or by company using the filters at the top of the page. You may also show all classmates or all living classmates using the same filters.
  • West Point Cemetery -- This is a map of the West Point Cemetery and each color-coded section of the cemetery contains the remains of at lease one classmate. Clicking on a colored cemetery section will bring up a listing of each classmate interred in that section with their grave site location indicated. The classmate names are linked to their Memorial Article and there is a link to post a eulogy.
  • Memorial Article Guide -- This page contains guidance and resources for writing a Memorial Article. It has useful links the various resources discussed on the page.
  • Funeral SOP -- The Funeral SOP details the various steps to follow once notification is received of the death of a classmate. It details the duties of the Class Point of Contact (POC) to coordinate class assistance and participation in the funeral.
  • Class Pictures and Eulogies -- The final portion of Taps is a combined dedication to all deceased classmates as well as pictures from the 1961 and 1965 Howitzers. It lists classmates who do not have a personal eulogy posted as well as classmates with no Mrmorial Article written. Take a moment to consider posting a eulogy for a deceased classmate and/or taking the lead or assisting on writing a Memorial Article.