55th Reunion
55th Class Reunion

The Distinguished Class of 1965 is in the planning stages for their Fifty Fifth Reunion at the Park Ridge Marriott, Park Ridge, New Jersey and West Point from Thursday, April 23 through Sunday, April 26, 2020. The Co-chairs for the reunion are Bill and Nancy Hecker and Jim and June Harvey. The theme of the reunion is

Save the Date Reunion Letter

A save the date letter was issued to the class in 2017 announcing the date of the reunion - April 23-26, 2020 along with the names of the co-chairs heading the reunion committee. Read the "Save the Date" letter HERE. NOTE: The AOG Reunion website referened in this letter will not be active until approximately June 2019.

Reunion Update

The Distingushed Class of 1965 is in the initial planning stages for their 55th Reunion to be held April 23-26, 2020. Here are the latest details on the planning for the reunion as of December 2018.

Read the latest information on the reunion as of 19 May 2019 at Attention to Orders. There is also information on how to register for your room at the hotel. Hotel registration opens 1 June 2019. A preliminary itinerary along with a roster of the 55th Reunion Committee Members is available.

Please watch this spot for announcement of a surver to get a rough estimate on the number of people attending. We will also post a roster of individuals who indicate on the survey they plan to attend the reunion.

Reunion Update Letters

The following update letters have been posted to the 55th Class Reunion site and are available for download by clicking on the embeded link.

Who is Coming - UPDATE

As of 30 January 2020 the people on the attached roster have made reservations at the hotel and are planning on coming to the 55th Reunion. This roster has been updated with responses received as of 30 January 2020. If you are coming to the reunion and do not appear on the list please contact JIM HARVEY (jimjuneh@cox.net) for inclusion on this roster.