60th Reunion
60th Class Reunion

Mark your calendar for our 60th Reunion

April 24-27, 2025

Reunion Planning Report as of 27 Feb 2023


The Class Leadership Team set a goal for our 60th Reunion to be at West Point and the Hotel Thayer to be the primary hotel and headquarters. Our first step was to secure a date from West Point. That has been done. It will be April 24-27, 2025. The next step was to survey the class about that goal. Chuck Nichols did a great job getting the survey out and back in January. Given the survey results, it seems the Leadership Team decision to HQ and stay at the Thayer has been well received by the class and validated by the survey.


There were 254 classmates, former classmates and widows responding to our survey.

  • Almost 200 indicated they will definitely (122) or probably (72) attend the Reunion. So basically 75% of the respondents will likely attend. And the respondents indicated they would be bringing 200 guests.
  • Of the respondents, 163 indicated they would definitely (93) or probably (70) stay at the Thayer. The Thayer capacity is about 125 rooms plus suites. There will additional hotel rooms contracted off post in the area.
  • About 38 respondents indicated that they would, or probably play in the golf tournament.

These responses are all within the range set by previous classes.


Based on survey results, the Leadership Team signed a Memorandum of Agreement with AOG to support our Reunion. AOG support begins in May with their first task being negotiating a contract with the Thayer. That preliminary work on those negotiations is well underway.


The Reunion Co-Chairs and others will do preliminary planning work in March and April and be fully prepared to engage our AOG partners. Some of this work will be to contact groups of classmates for input; to establish the network of company Reps; to fill out the committees; and to prepare a draft reunion schedule.

If you have some ideas and thoughts to offer, such as what you would like to do or see, please contact the Reunion Co-Chairs Joe/Diane Barkley (joebrkly@aol.com) or Mike/Carol Lapolla (lapolla@swbell.net) directly.

Mike Lapolla
2819 South Cincinnati Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74114
918-693-8608 (cell)

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