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In addition to the news items listed below there are a number of items posted here of general interest to the class. They include:

Ring Melt
Chuck Nichols

Program Origin

In 1999, LTC (Ret.) Ron Turner ’58 submitted an article to Assembly magazine that contained the following suggestion: “We, as graduates of West Point, should establish a Memorial Class Ring Program… whereby graduates may bequeath (or graduates’ descendants may donate) West Point class rings for the specific purpose of incorporating the gold into the class rings of future graduates.” In November of 2000, Turner’s idea became a reality as 31 rings were melted at the Herff Jones company in Providence, RI, and the Class of 2002 became the first to receive the gold from this historic undertaking in their rings.more>>

Years of a Century Told
Gerry Buckosky

A panel of former Superintendents along with our own Dan Christman assembled in Eisenhower Hall Theater on 28 April 2015 to discus West Point and how it has changed to meet the needs of the Nation over the past 100 years. The Affiliation Class of 2015 along with decendents of the Class of 1915 were in attendance. The video of the panel discussion is just under 1 hour 23 minutes long. You will need a high speed internet connection to view the video and it may take a couple of minutes to initially play. Enjoy this stimulating discussion.

Remembering Mike Momcilovich
John Swensson and Tom Kovach

Long article in FEB 2015 VIETNAM Magazine on Mike's death in a Cobra which was hit by enemy ground fire on 5 May 1968, the day after Mike wrote the letter to "Nancy's Vietnam Mailbag." I enjoyed reading his letter, four pages of which are photographed in the magazine. I cannot find it in an online source to forward. Mike states on two occasions "I feel as though I'm doing a worthwhile job here." Mike was in A Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cav in the 1st Air Cav Division.

A Vietnamese found Mike's military driver's license in the wreckage and returned it to Mike's daughter, Kristin Momcilovich James and his brother Mark Momcilovich in a 2013 ceremony in Delaware. Mike was from Delaware and coincidentally was killed in Operation Delaware in Quang Tri.

A grand guy--good memories. (John Swenson)

I'm following up on John Swensson's report (distributed to the Class by Rick Bunn) regarding Mike Momcilovich.

About three weeks ago, Chuck McCloskey and I received a draft copy of the Vietnam magazine article with the story of Mike. Chuck and I have been in touch with Mike's brother, Mark, in regards to a Memorial Article and our 50th Reunion. I was hoping to obtain a final version of the article prior to distributing the story to the Class, but did not realize that the February 2015 issue of the magazine would be published this month. And similarly as with John, I could not locate the article online.

Attached is a pdf of the draft copy (a copy of Mike's letter to Nancy Lynch is not included although the letter is mentioned in the article). Perhaps you could place this on the Class website and then send out the link to the Class. Hopefully in the future we can replace this draft with a final version along with Mike's letter.

Here's the link to Nancy Lynch's website with information regarding a book that she wrote:

Mike's daughter, Kristin, and brother, Mark, are planning to attend our 50th Reunion. (Tom Kovach)

Buddy Bucha - Distinguished Graduate Award
Clair Gill
Classmates, Wives, and Friends of '65,
    On behalf of our amazing Class, it is my honor and privilege to announce the selection of our own Buddy Bucha to be a Distinguished Graduate of the United States Military Academy. For those of you who haven’t yet seen the release of this great news by the Association of Graduates, earlier today, the attachment contains their announcement.
    Our Class President, Clair Gill, had some very nice words to share which I would like to use as an introduction to this report: more>>
Classmates Oral History
Gerry Buchosky
I urged all classmates to view Bud's interview and Dan's and Bobby Jones. Anyone cannot help but be moved. On Bud's page, click on USMA 65 and Dan (as Sup and a second interview since), and Bobby Jones are there as well as Russ Campbell. The Jones interview is difficult to sit through. Dan's is fascinating in its own way. I like Russ Campbell as well. Just a regular guy.
Ranger School
The original posting of the Ranger School Class 4-66 picture has taken on a new life with additional pictures coming to life.  more>>
Your Cullum File
Bob Frank
11 June 2013
Bob Frank, in his role as Class Historian, wanted to share the importance of your Cullum File.  more>>
DeFrancisco - Distinguished Graduate Award
Denny Coll
Denny Coll shared the pictures he took of Joe DeFrancisco's Distinguished Graduate Award ceremony along with pictures of the reception afterwards.  more>>.
Ladd Metzner's Class Ring
Laurel Dalrymple presents Ladd Metzner's class ring to West Point to be melted into the rings for the class of 2015.  more>>
Stichweh Inducted Into the Army Sports Hall of Fame
In a June 11, 2012 announcement Rollie Stichweh was inducted into the Army Sports Hall of Fame along with six other athletes.  more>>
Secretary Shinseki Remarks to WP Society of DC
21 September 2011
Our own Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, was invited to be the guest speaker at the West Point Society of DC on 21 September 2011.  more>>.
Pep Rallies
7 August 2011
What do you remember about pep rallies while we were cadets.  more>>
SAME awards Ric Shinseki the Golden Eagle Award
5 December 2009
Former U.S. Army Chief of Staff and current Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) Eric K. Shinseki, U.S. Army General (Ret.), has been selected as the Society of American Military Engineers’ (SAME) Golden Eagle Award recipient for his dedication and contributions to national security.  more>>
John Wayne Cooley Memorial Service
Paul Schultz
12 September 2009
Paul Schultz provided this writeup of the memoral service for Jack Cooley.  more>>
Gill / Laughlin Letter
Clair Gill & Fred Laughlin
December 2008
Clair Gill and Fred Laughlin wrote a letter on the selection of Ric Shinseki's appointment to be Secretary for Veterans Affairs.  more>>
Christman Address at Ypsilanti, MI
Dan Christman
18 July 2008
In a message to Denny Coll, Dan Christman shared his address to the annual Arvin Banquet.  more>>
Steve Clement's Presentation
Steve Clement
January 2008
Steve Clement gave a presentation at the January 2008 meeting of class members in the DC area. The presentation consisted of a slide presentation of the New Army Management System that he was working on and an interesting video entitled "Did You Know?".
500th Night
Roger Frydrychowski
Roger wrote an excellent article on the Class of 2009's celebration of 500th Night, a tradition started by our proud class.  more>>
Shinseki Award
17 March 2007
The West Point Society of Philadelphia presented Ric Shinseki with its Guardian of Liberty Award at its black tie Founder's Day Dinner at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia.  more>>