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Christman Address at Ypsilanti, MI
Dan Christman
18 July 2008

In a message to Denny Coll, Dan Christman wrote:

Had the chance to address the annual Arvin banquet in Ypsilanti Michigan on behalf of the class on June 27th. Recall, this is the event in which annual scholarships are awarded by the Arvin Foundation to local students for use in college; they must show a "propensity to develop as leaders, as exemplified by the late CPT. Arvin." The scholarships and the foundation were inspired by friends of Bob in Ypsilanti, who named the local VFW Post in his honor in 2002. Our class has supported the event every year since, with a speech at the banquet, interaction with the VFW Post and small talk there the night before, and a chance to mingle with the scholarship winners and their families during the evening of the awards.

This was a moving experience for me - made so by the many friends of Bob from his youth in Michigan who continue to be inspired by his all-too brief life. And our class has played a prominent role in all of this from the get-go in 2002. Art Hester was the motivating force to get me to Ypsilanti this year, and he and Walt Oehrlein supplied all the logistical support I needed. Besides Art and Walt at the award supper, the class was also represented by Dave Gnau and Mitch Bonnett. I've copied Art on this in the event he may have some pictures he can email you of the evening.

Denny, I'm also copying the speech. Because of the references to the Academy throughout, I thought the class might enjoy at least a link to this, in a way that does not overload the circuit with Chuck Nichols and his server. I defer to you on how best to make that happen. I can email Chuck separately if that is best.

Hope all is well - thinking of you in Chicago often.