Picture Gallery
Picture Gallery

This page is the gateway to various class activities over the years that have been documented in picture. Each activity contains a brief description of the event and a link to the pictures provided by classmates. If you have pictures of a local event from your region and would like to share them please contact Chuck Nichols at cnichols6@verizon.net or 703.644.6132 and he will set up a means to transfer the pictures to him electronically.

The Picture Gallery is organized as follows. There are individual events listed that represent major milestones for individual members of the class such as significant awards or recognition exist and retirement ceremonies (general officers) for which a significant number of pictures. Additionally, there is an overall category for reunions that may contain pictures from major class reunions or one of the regional mini reunions. Finally, there is a catchall category called Other for the lack of a better title. This page will be updated periodically as additional information becomes available.

Awards and Retirements

Picture galleries exist for the following awards and retirements.


There have been two mini reunions organized in the western states that were attended by classmates from all over the country. They are:

Other Pictures

Here is a complete list of other activities, in chronological order, engaged in by the class for which pictures exist.