Classmate Stories
Stories from Classmates

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This page and its sub-pages have been designed as a place to share stories from classmates that may not be of general interest to the entire class or do not relate directly to the class or class activities.  Currently there are two categories of stories we have identified for sharing:

  • Stories and reports about items of general interest to current or former members of the military or stories concerning patriotic actions or activities.  We call this page "Military / Patriotic Stories and Reports."
  • The second category we have identified deals with medical information.  This will include information classmates have gathered as part of their own experience dealing with a medical condition and other medical information gathered by classmates.  We call this page "Things Medical."

Periodically our scribe, Step Tyner, will let you know that additional articles have been posted.  Items will be posted with the most recent story submitted at the top.  If you have items of interest you wish to share please send them to our Class Scribe, Gerry Buckosky at

Depending on interest and submissions received additional sub-pages can be added to accomodate other topics.