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Your Cullum File
Bob Frank
11 June 2013
Bob Frank, in his role as Class Historian, wanted to share the importance of your Cullum File.

Your Cullum File is a critical resource for historical purposes in nailing down dates and other tidbits that insure accuracy of detail concerning your life.  It is an asset to classmates, family and friends writing your Memorial Article for Taps.  The Cullum File, however, remains a mystery to many of us.  How is information posted to the file, who does it and how can you validate information in your file.  Here is some information to clear up the confusion.

The Cullum File is maintained by the AOG based on information and documents you provide.  The current administrator of the Cullum File for the AOG is Marilee Meyer ( or 800-232-4723 ext. 1545) and she is available to assist you and answer your questions.  What documents should you include in your Cullum File?  Here is a list of the documents you should consider including in your Cullum File, your DD214 among the most important.  "Autobiographical Data in Support of Future Memorial Articles" is at this link.  These documents can be provided to the AOG in one of three ways:
1.  USPS.  Address the letter to:
    Marilee Meyer
    698 Mills Road
    West Point, NY 10996
2.  Fax to 845-466-1695
3.  As a scanned document attached as an email to Marilee Meyer  at

There is also an online "Vital Statistics Sheet" you can complete and submit electronically.  If you haven't provided this information previously please do so as soon as possible.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Pro) to complete this form.