Acceptance Parade

Larry Neal was kind enough to share a video he took of the Class of 2015 being accepted into the Corps.  I have reduced the size of the file as much as possible so that it could play in a reasonable time.  However, it would be best to first download it locally and then play it from your hard drive.  It should play in Windows Media Player.
Video of 2015

There is also a version available on YouTube.
Corps Marching In
Plebes Marching In
Reviewing Party
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March Back

Read about the planning for the March Back here.  Roger Frydrychowski shared his experience as a participante in the March Back with the Class of 2015.

Pictures of R-Day, complements of Bob Frank

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01DSC03270.jpeg 02DSC03279.jpeg 03DSC03273.jpeg 04DSC03287.jpeg 05DSC03293.jpeg
06DSC03295.jpeg 07DSC03149.jpeg 08DSC03319.jpeg 09DSC03164.jpeg 10DSC03327.jpeg
11DSC03322.jpeg 12DSC03161.jpeg 13DSC03333.jpeg 14DSC03344.jpeg 15DSC03349.jpeg