Affirmation Ceremony

   The Affirmation Ceremony, at which the members of the Class of 2015 commit themselves to the profession of arm, will be held in four locations to accommodate all members of the Class of 2015:  West Point, The Naval Academy, The Air Force Academy and The Coast Guard Academy.  All members of the Class of 1965 are invited to attend this important event in the passage of the Class of 2015 through USMA.  The evening before the start of the Second Class academic year, each cadet pledges his/her "Committment to the Profession of Arms" in an event entitled the "Affirmation Ceremony".  Affirmation CoinThe significance is that when a cadet attends the first academic class of his/her Second Class year, the cadet incurs a military obligation, whether leaving the Academy voluntarily or involuntarily before graduation.  Our class plays an integral part in the ceremony, through the presentation of a commemorative coin to each member with their class crest on one side of the coin and our class crest on the other.  The coin is expected to be 1-3/4" in diameter.  For those cadets on exchange with the other Academies, there are similar ceremonies being conducted at those locations.  The sequence of events and activities will vary by location.

West Point

   The Affirmation Ceremony is scheduled for Sunday evening, August 18th in South Auditorium of Thayer Hall, now called Robinson Auditorium.  The dress for gentlemen is coat and tie and appropriate atire for the ladies.  The plan is to gather at the Hotel Tyayer bar around 1700 hours so we can be seated for dinner by 1730 in the MacArthur Dining Room, Hotel Thayer.  That should allow enough time for some camaraderie, adequate time to eat and get to Thayer Hall to be seated by 1915 hours.  Can't tell you at this time if it will be menu ordering or a buffet.
   Per current instructions we will have designated seating within the auditorium.  The ceremony will be opened at 1945 by the 2015 Class President, Cadet Will Goodwin, and then turned over to the Commandant, BG Richard D. Clarke.  The evening is highlighted by a speech by a prominent member of the Affiliation Class, in our case the current Secretary of Veteran Affairs and former Chief of Staff of the Army, Ric Shinseki.    It would be wonderful if a sizeable contingent of the "Strength and Drive" Class joined Ric in celebrating the Class of 2015's "Commitment to the Profession of Arms."  The program is expected to end at approximately 2015. At the conclusion of the program the company tacs will distribute the commemorative coins; we will not be part of the coin distribution.  If you would like to participate please convey those intentions to Pat Kenny at  It should be a grand experience.  See the list of attendees as of 26 July.  Read Pat Kenny's account of the ceremony at West Point and see his pictures.

Naval Academy

   The West Point Society of Annapolis (WPSOA) will hold an Affirmation Ceremony for the USMA Cadets who are on exchange to the Naval Academy.  The event is scheduled to be held from 1800 hrs to 2100 hrs on the evening of September 3rd at O'Brien's Restaurant in the town of Annapolis. The guest speaker will be our own LTG Joe DeFrancisco.  Bob Frank and Jack Koletty have been working with the WPSOA to coordinate and organize the attendance of members of our Class.  In order to insure as accurate a count as possible, they are asking for the assistance of those planning to attend. Please contact either Bob ( or Jack ( to arrange for your attendance or if you have already made arrangements, your confirmation would be appreciated.
   Read Bob Frank's's account of the ceremony at the Naval Academy and see the pictures.

Air Force Academy

   Bill Hecker extends an invitation to join him and his lovely wife, Nancy for the Affirmation Ceremony for 7 of the Cadets in our affiliation class of 2015 who are on exchange at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  The ceremony will be held from 1700 to 2000 hours at the Falcon Athletic Center Reception area on Thursday, August 15.  At this ceremony we, the Class of '65, will present each cadet with a Class of '65 Challenge Coin.  LTG (U.S. Army, ret) Jack Sterling will be the featured speaker.  Bill invites everyone to share a Dutch treat lunch together at Flying Horse Club around noon.  The group could come back over to Bill's house, not far away, and pass the afternoon catching up with one another until the 1700 Ceremony.  Or, if you would prefer a tour of the Air Force Academy could be arranged.  (Point of Contact - Bill Hecker -
   Read Rick Bunn's account of the ceremony at the Air Force Academy and see his pictures.

Coast Guard Academy

   The Affirmation Ceremony at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy was organized by Bob Selkis ( and conducted on August 20th. more>>