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Pompeo '86 Sworn in as 70th Secretary of State

On May 2, Mike Pompeo was sworn in as the 70th U.S. Secretary of State by Vice President Michael Pence in an official ceremony at the Department’s headquarters in Washington, DC.

 President Donald Trump attended and participated in the swearing-in ceremony. In remarks, the President reaffirmed his confidence in Secretary Pompeo to serve as the nation's top diplomat.

 Secretary Pompeo delivered remarks underscoring his commitment to carrying out the mission of the Department. The Secretary also emphasized that he and his team will be relentless in confronting global threats to U.S. national security and to defending the rights and values of Americans.



Connecting this community for 22 years

At this point in Fund Drive 43, we're almost halfway to our goal!

Thanks to everyone who has already donated their time and resources to help keep WP-ORG going for the next 6 months. If you'd like to donate, please go to

WP-ORG has been helping connect grads, parents, and veterans for 22 years and still plays a vital role in a good secure communications strategy.

Even as other social media platforms -- Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, ... and whatever is to come in the future -- have given classes, societies, parents clubs, veterans' organizations, and friends of West Point more ways of getting word out about important activities, having a web site and email list still remains one of the best ways to centrally manage that information. WP-ORG provides that platform.

A good communications strategy uses social media effectively. But a society, parent club, or class cannot control when (or even if) a person sees a Facebook post or a tweet on Twitter. To make sure that the information is available 24x7 and searchable by Google, they can easily create a web site using WordPress on WP-ORG. We have dozens of classes and other groups using this free capability at WP-ORG. Ask This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for help if you'd like to take advantage of this.

Along with a web site to 'pull' information when needed, classes, parents clubs, and societies can use the old standard that everyone has - an email address - using a mailing list hosted by WP-ORG to 'push' information to their members. Over 2,500,000 email messages have been sent through our mailing lists to classes, societies, parents clubs, veteran's organizations, and friends of West Point. Each of those messages likely went to over 100 list members so that expands the total to hundreds of millions of messages. It's simple and very effective. Our active email lists include:

If you've found value in our services, please help us get to our fund-raising goal:

To donate by credit card:

To donate by check, please indicate class year and affiliation and mail to:
3800 Buffalo Mountain Road SW
Willis, VA 24380-5082

To donate by PayPal:

After entering Donation Amount, login to PayPal account. On next screen, please click on "Add special instructions to the seller"; enter class year and affiliation, and comment if you wish.

WP-ORG Budget: April 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019

What is WP-ORG & Why Donate?


Warren Hearnes '89
for WP-ORG Advisors

Wounded veteran gets keys to a smart-home
For the first time in a long time - a local wounded veteran, Captain Gavin White, will be able to live a better quality of life thanks to the donation of a new smart-home for him and his wife.

Gavin White, a 2011 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point served in Maiwand, Afghanistan with the 137th Sapper Company Engineering Battalion charged with Route Clearance and Counter IED Operations. 

Life changed forever for Gavin and his wife Karissa on August 24, 2013, while leading combined Afghan U.S. patrol. Gavin stepped on a pressure plate IED which resulted in the amputation of his right leg, the loss of use of his left leg, chronic pain and other injuries.
 Since that time - he says he's faced more challenges than ever before. For White, even the smallest tasks like even going into his own closet or using the bathroom has been extremely hard to do without help. White explained"Problems that I never considered starting appearing in my home. Not being able to use the kitchen, not being able to do laundry and not being able to get clothes out of my closet to wear for the day. At one point every time I wanted to use the bathroom, I had to get out of my chair on to the floor and walk on my hands to get to the toilet."
Jack's Legacy
During the semi annual fund drives, members of the West-Point.Org community send messages to the entire community, often relating what they do within the WP-ORG community, or why WP-Org is important to all of us ... and seeking your support.

Over the past several years, I have penned several such letters. This cycle is different.  We have just lost our CFO, our guiding light - and in my mind, this fund drive is a memorial to him - our way of showing him that we WILL carry on the work he started so many years ago - that we WILL pick up the flag and move out.

Jack Price embodied duty, honor, country.  As a young Army officer, Jack took care of his men. Many years later, Jack was still taking care of his men and women, being one of the founders of West-Point.Org, so grads could communicate and continue to serve their alma mater and their county.

While Jack's role in founding WP-ORG and keeping it running smoothly is a wonderful legacy, his service in Vietnam - and his dedication to his men - is the focal point of this message.  Indeed, this message isn't even told by me, but by others who recognized how young LT Jack Price took care of his men - with a twinkle in his eye, a daredevil spirit and the determination to see the job done.

The spirit and determination that led Jack to wrangle the presence of the Playboy Bunny of the Year in Vietnam - ponder that one a minute - is the same spirit and determination that brought West-Point.Org to where it is today.

Before you click on the links to enjoy a tiny view into the life of young Jack Price, please donate to keep the fires burning.  The donation links are below - click on them and then come back and enjoy the true story of a man dedicated to DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY - and lots of fun along the way.

Jack has left us - but it's our responsibility now to keep his legacy going - and we need your help.

Immediately below my signature are the links to donate.

Many thanks for your support!

To donate by credit card:

To donate by check, please indicate class year and affiliation and mail to:
3800 Buffalo Mountain Road SW
Willis, VA 24380-5082

To donate by PayPal:
After entering Donation Amount, login to PayPal account. On next screen, please click on "Add special instructions to the seller"; enter class year and affiliation, and comment if you wish.

WP-ORG Budget: April 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019

What is WP-ORG & Why Donate?
US Army Developing Artillery That Has GPS Precision—Without GPS
The U.S. Army’s artillery is set to receive a new round of upgrades that will allow artillerymen to conduct precision fire missions without the use of GPS. The Army working to head off the day when enemies could jam the worldwide satellite-based navigation network, degrading the service’s ability to operate on modern battlefields.

Back in the 1980s, few if any understood the impact the upcoming Global Positioning System would have on the U.S. military. Originally designed to give U.S. forces the ability to orient themselves on and navigate across far-flung battlefields, GPS and the miniaturization of electronics quickly led to GPS-guided weapons. From bombs to artillery shells, GPS allows for a single munition to do the work of multiple munitions.

The U.S. Army currently fields three major GPS-guided artillery weapons and guidance systems: the M982 Excalibur 155-millimeter round, the XM1156 Precision Guided Kit GPS add-on that screws onto existing “dumb” 155-millimeter artillery rounds, and the 227-millimeter GMLR guided rocket.
FD43: Pick up the flag. Move out.
Our WP-ORG fund drive messages are written during our fund drives, to inform you about WP-ORG, where we are going, how we have engaged and served our users in the past, and to secure funding to move us in the future. This fund drive, like all others, is our report card on how WP-ORG is doing to serve the greater Academy community. Since 2001, I have written fund drive messages every six months. Serving our members is one of my greatest joys, and writing about that has always been effortless.  This time is different.  I sit here looking at this blank document, unable to find words, because we have lost the heart of our organization - Jack Price '64.  Jack has many biological family members who have experienced a devastating loss, but we were in a real sense, his extended family. We are grieving, and yet tasked to do the one thing he would absolutely demand we do, by keeping WP-ORG going. He was our CFO. We delayed the fund drive when he unexpectedly became ill. He would have chastised us for waiting, but we knew Jack. If anyone could rally back to health, it was him, so we waited.

Here I am, unable to find words, and I wondered what "Ranger Jack" would tell me to say. I think he would tell me that I am the color bearer holding the regimental flag this week. The regimental flag was critical in Civil War battles as they marked the position of the regiment on the battlefield. It was carried along side the national flag. They were essential rallying points. The regimental flag represented home, pride, and unity, and were used to guide soldiers in battle. Wherever the flags went, the soldiers followed. As I sit here, I can almost hear the words “Pick up the flag. Pick up the flag. Move out."

I came to WP-ORG in 1998. I came, because WP-ORG was the only place a cadet parent could come to learn about the Academy. The Internet was new. That's hard to imagine today, when the Web now, provides more knowledge than any individual can take in. While graduates had been using WP-ORG for communication, and community, parents were learning about West Point. I knew virtually nothing about the Academy, and when our new cadets were marched out of view, and the doors closed, there was a void where information could have been. That's where WP-ORG came in. Through WP-ORG, we learned about the history, what our new cadets were learning, what they were doing. WP-ORG fostered pride and a true love for the Academy. WP-ORG grew, and brought in Navy parents, who had no "home".  We expanded to give a home to other military interests, because it has always been our duty to serve military interests. Doing that requires funding, and if we do not have this fund drive, we can not move forward. Our task now, is to move forward to serve you, though we will carry our wounds of grief indefinitely, we must continue to carry this flag forward.

I believe in WP-ORG.  I donate to the fund drives myself, because I believe in this organization's history and future.

Please consider the value you receive from WP-ORG.  This page tells you some of the things we do for you personally:

WP-ORG is funded by the generosity of member contributions, and is operated by volunteers serving the Long Gray Line:

US mail:
3800 Buffalo Mountain Road SW
Willis, VA 24380

FD43 Donation Report, sorted by WP-ORG member group:

WP-ORG Budget April 1, 2018 - September 30, 2018:

What is WP-ORG & Why Donate?:

WP-ORG Member Information Privacy Policy

IRS Letter Confirming WP-ORG 501(c)(3) Status

WP-ORG Board of Advisors

Dian Welle
WP-ORG, Inc.
US Army expanding research hub
The U.S. Army plans to increase its research presence in Massachusetts after choosing to partner with Northeastern University as part of nationwide effort to work with academic institutions to advance soldier and battlefield technology capabilities.

Military, political and academic leaders gathered in Burlington on Monday morning to celebrate the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's (ARL) selection of Northeastern's George J. Kostas Research Institute as the regional hub for the ARL's research expansion.

U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, Gov. Charlie Baker and U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton were all on hand to tout the partnership that will they said will keep Massachusetts at the forefront of the research and innovation needed to keep the country protected.

"If you take a look at the arc of all the work that's been done, which has been spoken about already, on the next generation of supporting more fighters and our military and our national security, nobody plays out of their weight class the way Massachusetts does," Baker said.

The ARL, which is headquartered in Maryland, has already expanded with campus partnerships at the University of Chicago, the University of Texas in Austin and the University of Southern California. The partnership with Northeastern at its Burlington research campus is the fourth and final regional expansion.
Conference on Sport-Related Concussions
The Patriot League, the NCAA and the United States Military Academy will host the Second Annual NCAA-U.S. Department of Defense Grand Alliance Concussion Conference on Friday, April 20 in West Point, N.Y. The conference attendees will explore the development of the alliance, identify emerging information from the latest research and discuss the role that science plays in transforming policy and societal views on the topic of concussions.
The conference will aim to build on the discussions and findings from the first annual sport-related concussion conference, held in Los Angeles in January 2017. Concussion scientists, researchers and practitioners will present to athletic trainers, team physicians, sports medicine clinicians and athletic health care administrators from NCAA member schools about preliminary and recently publicized information regarding diagnosing and treating concussions.
“The Patriot League is excited to be partnering with the NCAA and the United States Military Academy to advance the dialogue surrounding the important research being conducted through the Grand Alliance in the area of sport-related concussion,” Patriot League Commissioner Jennifer Heppel said. “The values of safety and physical and mental well-being for student-athletes are paramount to all involved in intercollegiate athletics, and this Conference is evidence of the continuing collaborative effort between our institutions and the medical community to provide the best care possible for our student-athletes.”
Cadets from other countries to compete at West Point
Military cadets from around the world will be competing against each other at West Point later this week.

The U.S. Military Academy expects more than 500 cadets from service academies and universities to take part in the annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition on Friday and Saturday.
Army identifies pilots killed in Kentucky helicopter crash
The U.S. Army on Sunday identified two pilots killed in a helicopter crash during training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, in the fourth American military aircraft mishap in less than a week.

The soldiers - identified as Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ryan Connolly, 37, and Warrant Officer James Casadona, 28 - died when their AH-64E Apache helicopter went down at Fort Campbell’s local training area late on Friday, the 101st Airborne Division said in a statement.

Connolly was an instructor pilot with the 101st Combat Aviation “Destiny” Brigade and joined the Army in 2001. He had been awarded the Air Medal twice and was a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, the statement said.

Casadona, also a pilot with the brigade, had joined the Army in 2012 and arrived at Fort Campbell in 2016.
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West-Point.Org (WP-ORG), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization not affiliated officially with the United States Military Academy, provides an online communications infrastructure that enables graduates, parents, and friends of the military academy to maintain and strengthen the associations that bind us together. We will provide this community any requested support, consistent with this purpose, as quickly and efficiently as possible. WP-ORG is funded by the generosity of member contributions. Our communication services are provided in cooperation with the AOG (independent of USMA) and are operated by volunteers serving the Long Gray Line. Contents of and comments on this web site do not reflect the official position of the United States Military Academy or the Department of the Army.  For questions or comments, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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