An Army trailblazer set her sights on a new target. The reaction highlights a deep rift.

Washington Post Article By Dan Lamothe

“Capt. Kristen Griest, who made history in 2015 as one of the first two women to graduate the Army’s famously difficult Ranger School, had avoided the media spotlight for years. But she decided to take a public stand when Army officials floated a plan to consider the test scores of men and women separately amid complaints about a gender gap. Women were disproportionately failing events requiring significant upper-body strength, causing an outcry among lawmakers.”

Kristen Griest is from the USMA class of 2011

Army’s small helicopter of the future may have flown in Alabama today

By Lee Roop |

“After long, grueling wars in the Mideast that pushed its current helicopters to the max and beyond, the Army is on a mission to upgrade to new helicopters with the latest innovations in technology and electronics.”


West Point football was all-White until 1966. So why does this 1920s photo show an all-Black squad?

National Archives scans reveal rare images of a Black team at the then-segregated military academy.

“To his surprise, the image that popped up showed a team of all African American players. But the U.S. Military Academy did not have its first varsity Black football player until 1966, 40 years later.”


U.S. Army researchers takes new steps to create robotic mini-tank

The U.S. Army Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross-Functional Team, or NGCV CFT, has announced that it has received the new Robotic Combat Vehicle in M (Medium) variant.

The NGCV CFT post states: “Robotic Combat Vehicle (M) arrived today. Forge the Future? You better believe it!”

The new RCV-Medium, commonly known as the robotic mini-tank, is developing as part of Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle program, which in turn part of the ‘big six’ priorities of the service that also includes long-range precision fires, Future Vertical Lift, the network, air and missile defense, and Soldier lethality.

The main goal of the RCV project – the creation of the next generation of vehicles that are not only more lethal and survivable than current combat platforms but much smaller, lighter, and more fuel-efficient.

The RCV-Medium is a light, unmanned combat vehicle that would be transportable by C-130 aircraft or a rotary wing.