Fund Drive 54 is complete!

Cease work! WP-ORG reaches fundraising goal for FD54

We’re thrilled to announce that, through your generosity, West-Point.ORG (WP-ORG) has reached its fundraising goal for FD 54!

Thanks yet again to the WP-ORG community for supporting us through your donations of both money and time. We could not do this without you.

This marks 27 straight years of successful fundraising campaigns that have enabled WP-ORG to continue. We are as committed now as we were back then to our mission of providing “an online communications infrastructure that enables graduates, parents, and friends of the military academy to maintain and strengthen the associations that bind us together. We will provide this community any requested support, consistent with this purpose, as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Thank you for making FD54 a success.

Warren Hearnes ’89
for WP-ORG Advisors


Author: Dian Welle