WP-ORG: WP-ORG Answers The Call

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By now you’re very aware that we’re a different entity from the AOG, but with a similar mission to serve graduates. Our goal is to make everything we do easier, smoother, flexible and cost effective. As Megan Klein said last week, “we are enthusiastic and scrappy; we love to help and we have an army of volunteers”.

WP-ORG is of different value to different people – all depending on how you use the services it provides. I know that for the USMA Class of 1968, the services offered provide us a lifeline to the Class. The Class of 1968 relies on WP-ORG for our listservs, our Class website, our registration / credit card sites and anything else we need.

This past June, many members of the Class joined together for a very memorable and moving Remembrance Weekend, honoring the twenty classmates they lost in Vietnam. Family members of most of the fallen classmates joined in the weekend’s events in DC. All the logistical communications and registration were done through WP-ORG.

The Class is gearing up for their 55th reunion next May – and guess who will be building and maintaining our registration sites? WP-ORG. That’s pre-registration, registration, and a special site to pre-order the fourth book in the “Both Sides of The Wall” series – this one geared to the memories shared by the wives – appropriately called “The Other Side of the Wall”.

WP-ORG has always taken a “can do” attitude – and delivers on it. Several years ago, against Dutch’s strong urging, I came up with 68 different memorabilia items to offer at the reunion (with various color choices and size options, so actually significantly more than 68 items). While I’m sure that Megan Klein and Warren Hearnes chuckled at the absurdity, they nonetheless built a registration / memorabilia order site that handled all the variables – in a clear and clean format and in record time. After having to sort / pack all the “stuff” in each classmate’s reunion bag, I saw the wisdom of Dutch’ counsel – but from an organizational standpoint, there was not a word said – it was “can do”.

We also appreciate the fact that I can administer the Class listservs, so when a member of the Class switches his email address and forgets to tell me, the ‘bounce’ does the trick and we’re able to reach out and get reconnected. Similarly, when I am informed of a new email address, it’s a quick zip into the admin files and “out with the old, in with the new”. Some members of the Class have a west-point.org email account, which is of course free and available to all grads, and the beauty of that is that the email address doesn’t change, no matter how many personal or professional moves the grad has over time.

I recently sent in the Howitzer pictures of all members of the Class – so now, when a member of the Class dies, Dian will be able to include their picture on their eulogy page and of course, is willing to take whatever other pictures the Class or family wish to submit. Remembrances on the eulogy pages are living memorials – viewed often, new messages often added many years later – classmates are truly never forgotten.

The services are all offered for free – except for the credit card sites, where we do charge a modest 5% to cover the processing and administrative fees.

WP-ORG is a “people” organization. If I have a question or problem, the answer is an email or phone call away – immediate attention to all. Charitable, tax deductible giving keeps us up and running. Hopefully, with your help the services provided by WP-ORG will continue for many years to come – ever evolving – ever expanding – ever improving.

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Thank you, always, for your support!
Megan Hostler

Author: Dian Welle