WP-ORG: How Far We Have Come!

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As I look back at the 26 years of WP-ORG, I can’t help but smile at how far we’ve come and how much we’ve overcome. WP-ORG has grown from a desk, to bedroom, to a DIY server room, to a co-location facility and now, partially, to a cloud. We used to blink out occasionally when the T1 line would go down, or when a storm would take out a nearby power transformer. We had AC units freeze up and once water came pouring in through the ceiling during a torrential Texas rainstorm. We’ve repaired servers with duct tape. We’ve cannibalized one server to keep another online. We’ve moved WP-ORG in pickup trucks. We’ve thought, a time or two, that WP-ORG was finished – that we’d never be able to bring it back online – but then we did. For years now, in the co-location facility, things have been far more stable. It’s fun to look back at the old days and wonder how the hell we did it. Some of you have been here for the whole ride. We’ve been grateful for your company.

WP-ORG is definitely not the West Point Association of Graduates. For starters, we have only two employees and our budget for the next six months is $51,670.00. But we are enthusiastic and scrappy; we love to help and we have an army of volunteers. 

WP-ORG is a 501(c)3. It’s based in Texas, where it was founded in 1996 by a handful of graduates who saw the potential of the internet to bring the Long Gray Line together as never before. They worked tirelessly to build WP-ORG, giving it a mission to foster the connection of graduates online and to support classes, societies and parent clubs across the country with web-based tools. 

In pursuit of this mission, WP-ORG believes in freedom, autonomy and privacy. 

WP-ORG provided services are controlled and managed by their users, allowing classes, societies and parent clubs to determine how to use these tools to best support their organizations. 

WP-ORG does not data-mine anything. WP-ORG does not sell user information. WP-ORG servers are controlled by West Point graduates. 

WP-ORG exists to give graduates and parents a choice in private online communication, event registration and payment, personalized eulogy sites, email accounts for graduates, and free web space for West Point affiliated organizations. WP-ORG is home to the Ring Recovery Project and a graduate living history project in the form of WP-ORG’s Ward Book.

Though the leadership of WP-ORG has changed through the years, the mission has been unwavering and the organization remains accountable. Every six months, in semi-annual fund drives, we ask our users if the services provided are useful, relevant and needed. For 51 fund drives, the answer has been a resounding yes! 

If you value the services WP-ORG provides, please donate so that we may continue to serve the Long Gray Line.

Donate by credit card, PayPal or check: https://www.west-point.org/donate/

Fund Drive 52 Budget: https://www.west-point.org/budget/

Donation report for Fund Drive 52: https://secure.west-point.org/donate/report/

Thank you, always, for your support!

Megan Klein


Author: Dian Welle