West-Point.Org Fund Drive #53

Thanks for all of the financial support thus far! We currently stand at 87.7% complete. Please get us across the finish line with this final push. As a special “Thank You” for your contribution, I have come up with a fun poem about West Point.

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Thanks for your support,

Cameron Price
USMA 1996
For Freedom We Risk

The Cadet’s Crucible (By Cameron Price & Chat GPT)

On hallowed ground, where heroes rise,
A beacon shining in the skies,
West Point, the cradle of the brave,
Where hearts unite and spirits pave.

Upon the Hudson’s mighty shore,
A bond that’s forged forevermore,
In battles fought, in wisdom learned,
The corps of cadets’ trust is earned.

Together, shoulder-to-shoulder they stand,
Defending freedom’s cherished land,
Their courage, honor, and their grace,
A testament to this sacred place.

From storied past to futures bright,
These leaders rise, both day and night,
With every challenge they embrace,
A bond that time cannot erase.

For West Point’s sons and daughters true,
The Long Gray Line, a bond that grew,
In reverence for the ones who’ve gone,
The corps, the corps, the corps lives on.

This poem was created in conjunction with Chat GPT. Chat GPT can do all sorts of cool stuff, and it has an incredibly easy to use interface. You should check it out if you haven’t already 🙂

Author: Dian Welle