FD53 starts today – please consider donating to support WP-ORG

WP-ORG Members:

Today marks the launch of our 53rd semi-annual fund drive (FD53) with a goal of $50,252 to fund the operation of West-Point.ORG (WP-ORG) for the next six months. You are receiving this message since you are on at least one email list hosted by WP-ORG. Our services are free to all users, supported by donations via a voluntary fund drive every six months.

You may donate online at https://www.west-point.org/donate/ and choose the form you’d like to use – debit/credit card, PayPal, check, or stock donations. We strive to be transparent with our budget needs. For the next six months, we anticipate needing $50,252 – see https://www.west-point.org/budget/ for details.

We’re in our 27th year of this PBS-style fundraising approach and know that these “votes of confidence” with your donations twice each year keep us actively listening to your ideas and needs. If we provide value to the grads, parents, cadets, and friends of West Point by helping to keep them connected through classes, societies, clubs, and other organizations, then we will generate enough goodwill and donations to keep it going…and that has worked wonderfully for over 27 years! Personally, it has certainly been a privilege to be a part of WP-ORG for 27 years and I have gained so much from connecting with other grads across the many decades of the Long Gray Line. With your support, we will continue to do so.

We consider it a privilege to help this community stay connected and sincerely appreciate your support!

Warren Hearnes ’89
for WP-ORG Advisors

Author: Dian Welle