Class News
Class News

Attendees at the Founder's Day Dinner

The following individuals attended the March 17, 2007 celebration of Founder's Day hosted by the West Point Society of Philadelphia.

Chuck and Ann Boohar
Bob and Mary Harter
Mark and Linda Sheridan
Jim and Carol Tomaswick
Joe and Nancy Sanchez
Clair and Sherry Gill
Ross Wollen
Bill and Martha Birdseye
Steve and Anne Harman
Steve and Mary Jo Ammon
Tony and Irene Gamboa
Richard and Diane Boerckel
John and Leslie Alger
Fred and Anne Smith
John and Ann Thomasson
Don Kurtz and Roz Ruby
Carl and Angie Letterie
Gordy Larson
Ed and Sue Knauf
Roger Frydrykowski

Only 18 of the 20 Classmates attended. Ed and Sue Knauf and Carl and Angie Letterie had to cancel due to weather related problems. 13 attended the brunch to honor Ric and Patty.