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Class Notes Second Quarter 2022

Despatch #87:_________________ April 2022
April Class Notes
From Doug Sikorsk
April 24th

My wife KC and I were in Hawaii two weeks, San Francisco one week. It was our “Last Hurrah”, using up leftover timeshare weeks (purchased 1991, sold for a loss -- the only way out of timeshares).

Air travel is so unpleasant now —the pandemic, 9-11, etc. Hawaii required us to set up a website in advance to upload our Covid vaccines. I uploaded some official- looking nonsense but it worked fine. Just another tedious procedure serving no purpose.

One trick we discovered with my wife's broke leg (2021): now we ask for a wheelchair and let them escort us to the flight with priority access. “Wheelchair coming thru!” they shout. Still they confiscated shampoo, next trip soy sauce; they've taken scissors for toddlers, suntan lotion, other weapons.

Chuck Nichols reports after Hawaii trip
April 23rd

During the stay in Hawaii [we] visited Oahu, Kauai and Maui. There were so many highlights that it is hard to select the most important. The most arduous, however, was the climb to the top of Diamond Head to view Honolulu from above, especially since [I] had not fully recovered from [my] ankle surgery. We weren’t fast but managed to make it to the top and back without further injury.

Other places visited in Oahu were Pearl Harbor (Arizona Memorial) to include Ford Island (Battle Ship Missouri) and an island tour by car culminating in a sunset cruise on a catamaran from Waikiki to Diamond Head and back. Honolulu from the sea at night is a sight to behold. Kauai presented the ruggedness of Hawaii with a helicopter tour of the Waimea Canyon area.

From the Leadership Team
April 22th

Our Classmate Bob Radcliffe has been intimately involved in the establishment of an Endowment for the Army Men’s Lacrosse Team. Specifically, he is leading the effort to secure funding from the Classes of the 60’s. This endowment will provide much needed additional funding in perpetuity for the Lacrosse program in areas such as travel support, admin support, additional coaches and the equipment needed to maintain a large varsity roster for a sport without a junior varsity program. At this time the effort has exceeded $2.5 Million in contributions. The appeal for the endowment continues and if you are interested in contributing contact Bob and he will provide needed guidance. (

As part of this initiative, the Leadership Team saw an opportunity to fund a Class Legacy Project. Bob secured financial support from numerous Classmates, and we were able to purchase naming rights to a locker in the Men’s Lacrosse Locker Room. This locker will bear a dedication from the Class of ’65 To Army Men’s Lacrosse from players and supporters in the Class of ‘65. The locker will be dedicated during a Fall Football Weekend. If you attend the Fall games at West Point and would like to attend this dedication, please let Bob know.

He will keep you apprised of all planning for the dedication.

As an aside Bob also coordinated with all of the Classes of the 60’s to secure funding for a locker honoring Coach Jim (Ace) Adams, who coached Army Lacrosse throughout the decade of the 60’s. This locker will also be dedicated in the Fall.

From the Central Virginia Group
April 20th

The Central Virginia group met for lunch on Apr 7 near Richmond. Another great time together with talk of plebe year, Corps squad sports, Eisenhower and Bradley’s 50th reunion our Firstie year, places to live in retirement, current aches and pains, dietary restrictions, travel, politics, Ukraine, and growing families.

The biggest family news was that Emery and Eleanora Chase just celebrated the arrival of their fourth great grandchild. We agreed that we certainly are the old grads that we used to talk about as cadets.

Group photo. L to R: Front row, Trisha Griffin, Darlene Hopkins, Eleanora and Emery Chase, & Bob Clover. Back row: Roger Griffin, Dave Hopkins, Lynne & Jim Helberg, Chuck Nichols. &Tricia Clover.

From Bob Wolff
April 17th

Don’t know if everyone in the class got this, but might be of interest. I remember that I fell asleep during McArthur’s speech in the mess hall.
The Academy has produced two videos to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of General Douglas MacArthur’s speech to the Corps (12 May 1962).This speech is regularly listed among the greatest speeches of all time. Duty, Honor, Country LONG- Duty, Honor, Country SHORT:

From Dave Kuhn
April 16th

Rosemarie and I just returned from a very pleasant visit to Hawaii where we met up with Bobby and Freya Jones. We had a wonderful dinner at their lovely home on the Kohala Coast one night, then played golf the next day followed by a great dinner at the Mauna Kea Resort. We attempted to get Tommy Thompson to fly over from Kauai, but he was unable to join us

Photo: Left to right are Dave Kuhn, Rosemarie Kuhn, Freya Jones and Bob Jones.

From Jerry Dernar
April 14th

I filed an extension for doing my taxes, so I suddenly have time on my hands to do things like clean up my desk-wife's very strong suggestion. Buried in a pile of old photos is this one taken in Cu Chi of the officers or our unit the 125 Signal Bn. We were the organic Sig Bn for the 25 ID, and sailed with them from Hawaii to Vietnam on WW2 troop ships in Feb 1966.
That voyage is a long story in itself, but not for now. The unit was about 70-80 percent West Point grads as Hawaii was such great duty. My tour there was 86 days, but I digress.
An interesting sidelight. We lost a platoon from out battalion as they supported the third brigade which was sent to Pleiku never to return to us. That brigade was replaced by two infantry battalion who came from Alaska, joined us in Hawaii, and made the move to RVN. Don't think they had time to turn in their long undies as it all happened in a matter of weeks. The Army can be swift when they want to be.

Class mates in the attached photo are: Front row standing on far left; Jerry Dernar, standing at far right same row is Bob Rood Back row are fourth from the left; Carl Gentine, and next to him Mike Leibowitz. Both of them are partially hidden.

From Skip O’Donnell
April 10th

Two weeks ago I traveled 100 miles to Fort Irwin, CA for the USO grand opening there. In 1967, I, Gill Curl and Jim Talbot arrived at Fort Irwin to join the 5/22 FA (175mm long range artillery) for preparation for deployment to the central highlands in South Vietnam. At that time Fort Irwin had the only artillery firing ranges that could accommodate the 175 mm 20 mile maximum range. We could stand behind our guns, fire maximum range and see the rounds land. During our training we would experience 125 degree temps in August.

In 1994, I returned to Fort Irwin to watch the 1/7 CAV Squadron, 1CAV go against the Fort Irwin aggressor force, which they beat thanks to the quick reaction of the organic Apache helicopter company to the aggressor main attack. My son Chip was the B Troop XO and successfully ambushed an aggressor tank company.

Although I was asked to attend the Fort Irwin after action briefing on main base, I decided to stay with Chip and B troop. Little did I know that my classmate BG Ric Shinseki, 1CAV ADC- maneuver was at the Fort Irwin after action briefing. Chip was presented with the ARCOM by Ric later at Fort Hood.

Anyhow, Fort Irwin is still an isolated post designated as the National Training Center now training major troop units in Russian tactics. The Fort Irwin installation is a vast improvement over what we had in 1967 with major improvements for troop and family considerations.

From Fred Laughlin
April 5th

Leadership Team . . . I spoke with Mrk Sheridan last evening. Sounded strong and optimistic.
Getting good care at Stoney Point Veterans. 3 rounds of chemo with one to go then radiation. He is still in the fight!

From Denny Coll
April 4th

Last night George & Jill Seaworth joined us here for dinner with my good friend Ryan Yantis (22 year Army vet, LTC retired, not a WP grad) and his wife Sharon for dinner and a lively discussion of his distant relative, none other than St. Elmo Parlette Tyner, II, aka "Step" to all of his S & D classmates.

I have known Ryan for many years; he served as the Midwest PAO for the Army (a job that I think Joe & Lynne De Francisco's daughter Laura has/had afterward) while I was the IL CASA. We did a lot of good things together for the Army. Great guy.

He is a distant relative of Step's (Ryan's grand mother, a Yantis married a Tyner) and had met Step many years ago. He was quite interested in our old stories of Step. Lots of laughs.

We shared with him the '65 Howitzer entry as well as Step's Bio for the 20th Reunion book ("65 in '85", attached). George dug up some of Step's old "Dispatches" as our Scribe.
Although Step had indicated otherwise just prior to his passing (as you reported), there will be (according to Ryan) a small, family-only Memorial to Step later in the year.
The purpose of this missive is to reach out to any and all Classmates who knew Step to pass along any stories, docs, etc. to the family via Ryan they would care to share.


Our condolences go out to the families of those who have joined the ghostly assemblage of the Long Grey Line this past year:
220116 Steve Harmon
220130 Wayne Marsh
22027 Art Hester

- End of Despatch -

Despatch #84: _________________ January 2022

January 23rd
As previously reported, here in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we have a group of classmates who meet on an irregular basis for lunch and discussions. There are about 16 classmates on the list.

Recently we were able to get six classmates together at the Porter House in Lahaska, PA. Rick Kuzman was the host.

It was really good to get together after all the “Covid restrictions” and see each other. Discussions were lively and wide ranging, covering everything from the price of oil to; the environment; old Tacs; football; our kids and grandkids too. Again, a great time.

We will meet again on April 20, 2022 in New Hope, PA. Rick Kuzman will again be the host at that gathering. Anyone who is within “range” is invited and welcome to join the group of “irregulars.”

Picture here is this recent gathering – from left to right - Howie Reed from Egg Harbor NJ; Fred Smith from Downingtown, PA; Roy Garms of Stirling, NJ; Rick Kuzman of New Hope PA; Joe Barkley of Holland, PA. and Russ Campbell from Glenn Rock, NJ.
While it was good to see everyone, it was especially good to have Russ there after his bout with COVID. Looking forward to seeing everyone and more in April 2022.

Howie Pointuck Gymnastics Center Dedication

January 19th

It was a great day for the Class of 1965 Gymnasts. A dedication was held on Saturday, January 15, at the Lou Gross Gymnastics Center to remember Howie Pontuck and to recognize the contributions of gymnasts to West Point and the Army. Not only was the ceremony a tribute to 1LT Howie Pontuck, Class of 1966, but the presentation of Lifetime Achievement Awards to seven West Point Gymnasts, including two members of the Class of 1965, Tad Ono and John Longhouser. Tad, John and the other awardees spoke eloquently about Howie, as we all loved Howie and were sad to learn of his becoming a KIA in Vietnam in 1968.

Bob and Phyllis Wolff were there as well as members of the Cheryl Longhouser and eight members of the Longhouser family and Mari Ono, one of Tad’s daughters, and two of her Vasser classmates. Howie’s brother Joel was on a webcast to participate in the ceremony. Two of Howie’s classmate gymnasts were also present, Tory Wilson and Paul Roggenkampf. Ken Slutsky had planned to participate but had to cancel due to some family health issues and we remembered Oleh Koropey, who was very much missed.

The primary display, name after Howie Pontuck, includes the list of USMA gymnasts who achieved the rank of General Officer, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the nation’s wars, and those gymnasts who were Prisoners of War. The ceremony included the reading of the names of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and showed a cadet photo of each. The awards were presented by Gymnastics Coach Doug Van Everen, who has been the USMA Gymnastics coach for 32 years.

Congratulations to John and Tad.
Bob Wolff

Classmates Gather in Georgia

January 18th
A trio of 65 classmates gathered Columbus GA last Saturday, the January 15th. Bill and Nancy recently relocated from Colorado to Auburn, AL to be close to their son and family. Our luncheon was in the recently opened beautiful Hotel Indigo overlooking the Chattahoochee River. A trio of 65 classmates gathered Columbus GA last Saturday, the January 15th. Bill and Nancy recently relocated from Colorado to Auburn, AL to be close to their son and family. Our luncheon was in the recently opened beautiful Hotel Indigo overlooking the Chattahoochee River.

Attached isa picture of a small 65 gathering in Columbus GA last Saturday, the 15th. Pictured from left to right are: Pat & Alice Kenny, Nancy and Bill Hecker, and Wes Taylor. Bill and Nancy recently relocated from Colorado to Auburn, AL to be close to their son and family. Our luncheon was in the recently opened beautiful Hotel Indigo overlooking the Chattahoochee River.

Salt Lake City to Bryce Canyon

January 18th
Last Sunday we took a side trip SE from Salt Lake City to Bryce Canyon. It was a beautiful sunny day there with clear roads. In the picture is my younger grandson Caden, me, Marilyn and my son Chip/USMA’92 currently teaching electrical engineer/robotics at West Point.

- End of Despatch -