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Class Notes First Quarter 2022

February 1, 2022

Our condolences go out to the families of those who have joined the ghostly assemblage of the Long Grey Line this past year:

  • 220116 Steve Harmon
  • 220130 Wayne Marsh
  • 220227 Art Hester

Bob and Mary Frank from Naples, Florida . . .
February 1, 2022

Walt Kulbacki played host to Dave Mastran and Bob and Mary Frank at Walt’s beautiful golf course, Naples Heritage, yesterday. While Cathy and Walt Kulbacki enjoy the Florida weather full-time (excluding a two month summer stay in Cape Cod), the Mastrans were catching a break from Nashville storms and the Franks are back in Florida for their so-called golf Spring training.

From Down Under
February 4, 2022

Jay Vaughn has news from way down under about Lee and Suzanne Atchley and their trek to Antarctica. Personally, I am way impressed at the author's desktop publishing skills. Jay sent it a few days back and reminded me to publish it which I appreciate because, from time to time, these days I can forget to do what is on my plate. Thanks Jay, and thanks for the article.

Sunday Brunch
February 8, 2022

Denny & Cathy hosted our deceased Classmate Ed Abesamis' daughter Kay Abesamis & her husband Frederik Westerly and their absolutely delightful 10-year old twins Elise and Karl ("with a K" we were told by young Master) Fred Smith and Tom Fergusson stopped by to add their stories of their grandfather, Ed during MacArthur's Mess Hall speech, marching in his military funeral cortege, where we all were when we heard that Pres. Kennedy had been shot, etc. The kids loved hearing about their Grandfather (Lolo) Edgardo.

Left: Denny & Cathy with Kay Abesamis, Frederik & Family

Right: Tom Fergusson & Fred Smith with Kay Abesamis, Frederik & Family

Below: LTC Johanna Wyne and family. Note: Our deceased Classmate MG (Ret) John Thompson's daughter, LTC Johanna Wynne, commands the Support Battalion for the Army's Futures Command in Austin, a "thankless job" according to one of our retired GO’s, but one she is apparently handling well! Impressive young Army leader!


        Right: Fergussons and Gills

Observations from our former Scribe
February 8, 2022
  • Hawkins' have been to most of A/N games, including LAST 35! Now all we have to do is work with Hawk's hair stylist before 2022
  • The Smith's have attended about 40 and the Gill's about 20.
  • We would add that on this special weekend, with all the Cadets and Middies around, when you listen to them and their stories, you gotta feel good! These young folks are the future of this Country and they handle themselves well in that light!!!


Valentine’s Day Outing
February 16th

The Hawkins, Joneses and Franks took time off from their golf to celebrate a Valentine’s Day dinner at Jack Nicklaus’ restaurant at the Reunion resort in Kissimmee FL. The weather has been a bit cooler than expected, but it sure beats Chicago, Long Island and Maryland, which were not conducive for golf.



l to r: Dave and Patti Jones, Mary and Bob Frank, Linda and Ray Hawkins

Farewell Doug Gibson
February 18th

Our classmate, Doug Gibson (Company C-2 and L-2) was interred in a service at the West Point cemetery on Friday, February 11, 2022. The day was clear and cold. Doug’s wife, Diane, and her family, were there and received the flag. Three of Doug’s four children from his previous marriage, and his brother Greg attended. Russ Campbell, Tom Barron, Jack Jannarone and Joe Barkley represented the class.

The service inside the Old Cadet Chapel was beautiful, and moving. Doug’s brother, Greg, and Joe Barkley presented eulogies. Fortunately Chaplin Tilden led the singing of the Alma Mater at the end, as a couple of us had been instructed by our wives not to lead the singing.

Military honors were rendered by the MP Honor Guard unit from West Point.

Following the service Greg Gibson hosted a reception at the Thayer. Greg and Doug’s kids remarked that reception, and the participation by the four “Old Grads and Classmates,” served as a benefit and healing. We told “funny Doug stories” to help the kids connect a bit with West Point and their father’s experience there.

Left to right: Joe Barkley, Russ Campbell, Jack Jannarone, and Tom Barron.

Left to right: Don Gibson (Doug’s son), Joe Barkley; Jack Jannarone, Doug’s daughter, Jenni; Russ Camplbell, Tom Barron, Doug’s daughter Kristina, and Greg, Doug’s brother.

The service and entire process of getting the interment set up and accomplished was led by and coordinated by Barbara St. John of the AOG Memorial Support Unit. Barbara and her colleagues were understanding, professional, friendly, helpful, and very caring for our classmate and the family and friends.

“Be Thou at Peace, Doug!”

North Carolina Reporting
February 25th

Sherry and Clair hosted a luncheon today at their St. James Plantation home in Southport NC. We had a fabulous meal accompanied with a lot of laughs. The Gills spend their winters in North Carolina, while the Radcliffes and Gordy Larson are year round NC residents. Happy to report that Bob Radcliffe (and Faye Hayes) are over Covid. Bob also beat back double pneumonia, which followed his Covid bout. Gordy is doing well and is still ‘looked after’ by Rodeo.



l to r: Bob Radcliffe, Bob Frank, Clair Gill, Gordy Larson

February 25th

Our Vero Beach visit included a day with the Stewarts. After golf with Jay and Carol at their Orchid Island golf course followed by a visit to their lovely home, we got to have dinner at the Polo Grille in Vero Beach. After a two year break, it was great to see them again.

Despatch #83: ______________ December 2021

December Class Notes Below.

The Western Carolinians
February 25th

This past Thursday the growing group of western Carolina classmates gathered at the German restaurant, the Waldhorn, in Charlotte. Seated at the stammtisch from left are Margaret Parker, Gene Parker, Tim Timmerman, Dave Bodde, Priscilla Bodde, Sue Timmerman, Ed Winstead and Pam Winstead. The lone second regiment attendee was heard to say “great time but more second regiment participation will be encouraged!

Gordy’s MMQ

Gordy Larson reported on the Army-Missouri Armed Forces Bowl Football game. Army 24. Missouri 22

Denny Coll & Fred Smith reported that USMA1965 had a nice gathering at the Hilton Meadowlands and Met Life Stadium for the Army Navy game. Part of the pre-game activities remembered the 20 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on NYC, PA and the Pentagon. Lee Greenwood and the fans sang "God Bless the USA." Lee Greenwood sang that song 20 years ago at the Army Navy game. It was memorable and moving both times.
While the outcome of the game was disappointing, we had a nice gathering. We shared a lot of memories, old and new life stories, with good camaraderie and the joy of being together. And there were certainly a lot of laughs. The Army Navy game will be in Philadelphia in 2022.

Welcome to the Party room

Early party-goers: Kay Dermody, Sherry Gill, Mary & Bob Frank and Clair Gill

On to the Dinner

Above: Fred & Mary Ellen, Cathy Coll, Clair & Sherry, and Dawn & Scott Congiusti. Dawn (AOG) is an Honorary member of USMA 1965.

Russ & Maryann Campbell with daughter Elizabeth & husband Michael as well as son Russ, Jr. + Ross Wollen & Myrita

On to the Dinner - Continued

Tom & June Ferguson, Bob Harter, LTC Johanna Thompson Wynne (MG John's daughter) & husband Brian, Dave Hurley, Tom Barron and Joann Tyner (Step)

Tom & June Ferguson, Bob Harter, LTC Johanna Thompson Bob & Mary Frank, Kay Dermody, Patti Jones, Laura Wynne (MG John's daughter) & husband Brian, Dave Kay Dermody Lampshire & hubby Greg and Ray & Linda.

Gordy’s MMQ

Army faced Navy on December 11th. Navy

Richie & Boo

Some 60 years ago, Richie Donahue and Gerry (Boo) Buckosky were sworn in as West Point cadets and placed in Company A-2. We spent some time walking the Area together, but did not particularly bond until the summer of '63 when we and three other classmates: Bo Forrest (RIP), Russel Dornier (RIP), Andy Zaleski hooked up for a driving vacation (VW Van) through Europe after AOT tours. It was a rip-roaring time for the five with many hilarious experiences none would forget.

In any event, a week ago today, Richie was in Palo Alto. I drove up from San Diego and we had a long lunch kickin' our academy years around . . . lots of laughs. Then it was over and time for pictures. Below, Ritchie is pointing to me with his "finger" while we are caught up in laughter. Great time Ritchie.


Gordy Larson is acknowledged for his Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQ) analysis which he shares each Monday morning during football season. Below are the statistics for the year 2021.
210904 Georgia State at Center Parc Stadium, Atlanta. W 43-10.
210911 Western Kentucky at Michie Stadium. W 38-35.
210918 University of Connecticut at Michie Stadium. W 52-21.
210925 Miami of Ohio at Michie Stadium. W 23-10.
211002 Ball State at Michie Statium. L 16-28.
211016 Wisconsin at Randall Stadium. L 14-20
211023 Wake Forrest at Michie Stadium. L 56-70.
211106 Air Force Academy Arlington Texas. W 21-14 OT
211113 Bucknell at Michie Stadium. W 63-10.
211120 University of Massachusetts at Michie Stadium. W 33-17.
211127 Liberty University at Lynchburg VA. W 31-16.
211211 Navy at in Rutherford NJ.
211223 Army v. Missouri in the Armed Forces Bowl at Fort Worth Texas
Over all performance 9 Wins, 3 Losses


Our condolences go out to the families of the 15 who have joined the Long Grey Line this past year:

Steve Kempf: 21-12-21
Doug Gibson: 21-11-11
Frank Arnall: 21-11-06
Step Tyner: 21-10-27
Mike O’Grady: 21-10-14
Duke Wheeler: 21-09-28
Rick Sullivan: 21-09-04
Jesse Whitten: 21-08-26
Bill Brush: 21-07-31
Ron Bailey: 21-07-17
Duncan Brown: 21-06-21
Bruce Marshall: 21-04-27
PT McDonald: 21-04-21
Bill Connolly: 21-04-14
Don Parrish: 21-01-14

- End of Despatch -

Despatch #81: ______________ November 2021

November Class Notes Below.

Army v. Liberty University

Gordy reviewed many different aspects of the contest as Army defeated Liberty University in Michie Stadium 31 to 16 on November 27th.

Thirteen Needle Point Ornaments

Ray Woodruff

Attached a pic of 13 tree ornaments, a soldier doll and a belt my wife, Grace Anne, made for me. We have been together 13 years now and she has made at least one for me every year. The belt took her over 100 hours to complete. I thought it might be of interest to some.

Army v. Univ. of Massachusetts

Gordy reviewed many different aspects of the contest as Army defeated U. Mass. in Michie Stadium 33 to 17 on November 20th. U.

Army v. Bucknell, Gordy reviewed many different aspects of the contest as Army defeated Bucknell Michie Stadium 63 to 10 on November 13th.

Army-Navy Towel

Paul Schultz Reports

This weekend there is a 12K run supporting military veterans and active duty in Mobile at the Battleship Alabama Memorial Park. My wife runs this one every year. The 2021 race is in honor of the US Army. At the race check in was a Navy Federal Credit Union tent with a USNA graduate handing out memorial towels.

Put Me In Coach

What used to be 150s Football is now Army-Navy Sprint Football. Mark West is the present coach Tommy Thompson, below, want to play.

Las Vegas USO

Skip O’Donnell Reports

Eleven years ago, on November 11th, that year, Wayne Newton, Senator Reid/NV other officials as well as the national USO succeeded in establishing the LV USO airport lounge.

On November 11 at 1100 hours this year, we the USO volunteers, gathered at the aforementioned USO airport lounge with Wayne to celebrate our 11th anniversary happily serving the US Armed Forces active duty and retired service members passing through Vegas. As most people know, Wayne has been very involved with the USO for many years.

I remember his doing USO tours in Vietnam. Anyhow, Wayne graciously asked to shake hands and have pictures taken with us USO volunteers as shown below.

Army Air Force

Gordy reviewed many different aspects of the contest as Wake Forest defeated Army in Michie Stadium 70 to 56 on October 23rd. Wake Forrest has has an outstanding year owing to its outstanding offensive passing attack.

Western Carolinas

Greetings from Western Carolina. The Western Carolina crowd got together on Friday in Hickory, NC. I can report Carrabba’s survived our spirited gathering.

Going around the table from left to right are Ed Winstead, Gene Parker, Margaret Parker, Sue Timmerman, Pam Winstead and Tim Timmerman!

Army v. Air Force

Dan Christman had a double pleasurable experience

Dan relates: . . . still hoarse after one of the most exciting FB games I’ve ever seen. Above left taken immediately before the game on the floor of Globe Life stadium with assistant coach of the army team, Ben Kotwica.

Ben was co-captain of the 1996 team that won the commander in chief’s trophy and was recently hired by Army head coach Jeff Monken. Above right: the four of us was taken immediately after the game in the “Live! By Loews” hotel adjacent to the stadium.

Susan and I are standing between 2LT Sanden McCoy (on the left), co-captain of the 2020 team; and 2LT Joe Stephenson, linebacker on that same team that won the commander-in-chief’s trophy.

Army v. Air Force - Continued

Pictured left are Colls, Axley, Atcheleys, Cindrics, Neals and Maddens. Bob Atchley is the tallest in the rear. I did not get a detailed identification.

Pictured right: Daughter Shannon ’95.On her right (L to R) WP cadets Kirby ’92 and Darby ’94. On Shannon's left is AF cadet Abby ’94 and, of course, Denny

Army Lacross Benefits

210904 v. Georgia State at Center Parc Stadium, Atlanta. W 43-10.
210911 v. Western Kentucky at Michie Stadium. W 38-35.
210918 v. University of Connecticut at Michie Stadium. W 52-21.
210925 v. Miami of Ohio at Michie Stadium. W 23-10.
211002 v. Ball State at Michie Stadium. L 16-28.
211009 v. No scheduled game.
211016 v. Wisconsin at Randall Stadium. L 14-20
211023 v. Wake Forrest at Michie Stadium. L 56-70.


Our condolences go out to the families of those who have joined the Long Grey Line this month:

Doug Gibson: 21-11-11
Frank Arnall: 21-11-06

- End of Despatch - Nov.

Despatch #80: ______________ October 2021

October Class Notes Below.

Tommy Thompson Remembers

Do you remember when William Faulkner schooled selected members of the class? And Playboy Bunnies? Tom Genoni, Tommy and a few others appear with Wm. Faulkner. Chuck Shaw and Tommy Thompson with Bunnies.

Wake Forest over Army

Gordy reviewed many different aspects of the contest as Wake Forest defeated Army in Michie Stadium 70 to 56 on October 23rd. Wake Forrest is having an outstanding year owing to its outstanding offensive passing attack.

2022 Wilmington Outing

Those in the area gathered in Wilmington, North Carolina at the mouth of the Cape Fear River for lunch. Rear, Left to Right: Dan Christman, Pat Kenny, Bob Radcliffe, Gordy Larson, Sonny Ray, Sandy Hallenbeck and George Bell.

Seated at the table: Gordy Larson, George Bell, Sonny Ray, Sandy Hallenbeck, Susan Christman, Faye (Radcliffe) Hayes, & Rosemary Hallenbeck. Pat Kenny photographer.

2022 Wilmington Outing - Continued

Seated at the table: Dan Christman, Bob Radcliffe, Carol Bell Alice Kenny and Sherry Ray. Pat Kenny photographer

S.E PA & NJ Regulars

Joe Barkley reports:
As previously reported, here in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we have a group of class mates who meet on an irregular basis for lunch and discussions. Recently we were able to get six classmates together at Seasons 52 in King of Prussia. Fred Smith was the host.

It was really good to get together after all the “Covid restrictions” and see each other. Discussions were lively and wide ranging. We will meet again on January 11, 2022, in New Hope. Rick Kuzman will be the host at that gathering.Anyone who is within “range” is invited and welcome to join the group of “irregulars.”

Pictured above, from left to right, Roy Garms of Stirling, NJ; Fred Smith of Downingtown, PA; Howie reed of Egg Harbor, NJ; Chuck McCloskey of Glen Mills, PA; Rick Kuzman of New Hope PA; and Joe Barkley of Holland, PA.

Great meeting and lunch – looking forward to seeing everyone in January, 2022!?

Army has a bye week There was no MMQ as Army had a bye week.

Wisconsin over Army

Gordy review the play by play as Wisconsin defeated Army in Wisconsin at Randall Stadium 20 to 14 on October 16th. Wisconsin has been performing well in the Big 10 conference. Army makes a good showing in games against Big Ten opponents, including the University of Michigan.

Penn State Food Fight

We recalled the 1963 mess hall rally before the Penn State game. Chuck Nichols was on guard duty:

“One additional bit of information on the rally. I was on guard duty that night at the front door of the mess hall when the howitzer was set off and was almost hit by the glass raining down. I was relieved of guard duty shortly thereafter but don't remember who relieved me. I poked my head inside the mess hall before leaving for my room to see the mayhem. I think that was the start of tinnitus in my left ear.”
Needless to say there was major fall out, but it was one helluva time.

Agent Orange & Widow Benefits

There were a number of messages dealing with death relating to Agent Orange exposure. The following compilation was provided to the class.
Comments About Agent Orange & Widows’ Benefits
1. I know nothing about this, but I Googled Widows Benefits/Agent Orange. You are all probably aware of this.
*From: Tommy Thompson
2. The process of wading through applying for the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation can be intimidating if done solely by the surviving spouses. There are several organizations that can help with application but charge for their services. Most VA facilities have Veterans Service Officers (VSO) that do the same for no charge.
*From: Jim Dyer
3. have been through the process of applying for survivor’s benefits if anyone has questions.
*From: Robin Borkowski.
4. A good deal of the recent listserv traffic concerns Agent Orange and VA benefits. The uniformed services have always done a terrible job informing vets about potential compensation and pension benefits. The same applies to the VA and, to a large degree, Veterans Service Organizations. For those reasons, some years ago as I transitioned to retirement I joined the National Organization of Veterans Advocates and became an accredited VA attorney. This mostly pro bono practice has been quite gratifying. It keeps me occupied and mostly out of trouble these days. Of course, I would be happy to talk to any classmate, widow or family member about potential benefits. Anyone is welcome to leave a message on my direct line (I won't answer if I don't recognize the calling number, but I'll call back). 215.680.8049.
*From: Charles Boohar.
In our county, Madison County IL, we have a Veteran's Assistance Commission. They told me that when I die, if the cause of death is service related my wife will continue to receive the disability payments that currently come to me. The amount will be almost the same, and perhaps a bit more. So, in my "in case of death" folder I keep a list of service related causes that were determined at retirement. Hope this helps.
*From: Ron Williams.
Dear Classmates, Yes Agent Orange was a tragedy for all of you including my husband. I would say Vietnam was also a tragedy. My husband Guy suffered from effects of agent orange on his skin. He refused to go see a doctor. I would have to put compresses on his back to help with the irritation and pain it caused him. He died at 47 from a massive heart attack, very young and very handsome. When I saw that he was not well I asked him to see a doctor but he muttered something like " a cadet does not complain." Also he said he had been poked enough in the Army and he didn't want to do that again. Guy also suffered from PTSD. Guy was a visionary leader in the insurance industry and very well respected as an international treaty reinsurance underwriter. In spite of what he endured in Vietnam he was able to function at a high level in his industry. I miss him every day. Thank you for your messages and God bless the class of 65. Sincerely, Suzanne Riley
*From: Suzanne.
Sally should check with Military Officers Assoc of America(MOAA) they should have some information or direct her to where she can get information.
*From: Linda Concannon
Seven years ago I had Prostate cancer (successfully removed by surgery) and have been through the VA claims process twice. In addition I have been a DAV volunteer driver at the Boise VA Medical Center for 12 years and have talked to hundreds of vets who have gone thru the process. In my opinion the best source of assistance in filing a claim is the local DAV National Service Officer (NSO). Contact information is available at
*From: Kent Brown.
For info, the most proactive action regarding Agent Orange is to get on the VA Agent Orange watch list. I get a physical and the most amazing lab work up every year. I have been on the list for over 20 years. I credit being on the list for identifying my prostate cancer at an early point. Also it documents my situation for my wife in the event I pass before her
From: Tim Timmerman.
I doubt MOAA can do anything.  I would go to VFW, American Legion, or a lawyer who does VA claim. I used a classmate and am very satisfied. She can get in touch with me if she wants to talk to him.
From: Thomas Abraham.
End of Agent Orange Comments

Ball State over Army

Gordy reviewed the play by play as Ball State defeated Army at Michie Statium 28 to 16 on October 2nd. This comes after 4 straight victories during September, leaving Army 4W-1L.

Gordy Larson is acknowledged for his Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQ) analysis which he shares during football season. September Despatch 79 neglected to acknowledge the MMQs for that month so they are listed below.

  • 210904 v. Georgia State at Center Parc Stadium, Atlanta. W 43-10.
  • 210911 v. Western Kentucky at Michie Stadium. W 38-35.
  • 210918 v. University of Connecticut at Michie Stadium. W 52-21.
  • 210925 v. Miami of Ohio at Michie Stadium. W 23-10.

Howie Pontuck Wall of Distinction
March 11, 2022

Bob Wolff shared this information concerning the Howie Pontuck Wall of Distinction. Printed copies of the phamplet were sent to the Gymnastics coach and the Jewish Chaplain and Bob can send a copy to anyone who wants one.


Our condolences go out to the families of those who have joined the Long Grey Line this month:

Step Tyner: 21-10-27
Mike O’Grady: 21-10-14

- End of Despatch - Oct.

Despatch #86: ____________________________________ March 2022
Founder’s Day San Franciso, CA – John Swensson
March 27th

                Left to Right.John Swensson, Susan Swensson, Kathy Adams, Ralph Adams
Ralph was a Combat Air Controller hence the blue beret, blackened Captains Bars and Mastechutist Parachutist Wings. Ralph was also a sponsor of the dinner. Speaker was excellent, Dan Streeter '90, CEO of TIBCO, an AI company that hires a lot of Vets. His XO was also there, USNA.

Founder’s Day Fletcher, North Carolina – Grosvenor Fish
March 21th

Left to Right: Left to right Don & Joy Erbes, Bud and Judy Fish, and Ed Winstead. Pam Winstead was home recovering for the virus
The western North Carolina society held its founder’s day Saturday March 19,2022 at Broadmoor Golf & Event Center in Feltcher NC. We had a great speaker Col Jason D Perez class of 97 Director of Academy Advancement at WEST Point. He gave a great talk by researching every class that was present and gave examples of the “Corps Has”. He even asked if we knew when and who built Camp Buckner. Judy (Grey Hog that she is) Fish said German POWs and added they built the Golf Course too. It was one of the best I have ever attended and Col Perez spent a lot of time on the class of 65. Don, Joy, Judy, Ed and I all had a great time.

Founder’s Day Washington D.C. - Denny Coll
March 20th

Some photos from Founder’s Day in Washington:

Left to Right: Daughter COL Shannon Coll Horne '95, Ric & Patty Shinseki, Joe & Lynne DeFrancisco and Brian & Carolina Coll '92

Left to Right: Brian Coll, Patty Shinseki, Shannon Coll Horne and Ric

Founder’s Day Charlottesville, VA – Larry Neal
March 13th

Founders Day was celebrated March 13th by the West Point Society of Monticello in Charlottesville, VA at the UVA Darden School of Business. The speaker was our own Joe DeFrancisco who made the three-hour drive from Arlington to be with us.

Around eighty alumni and guests were entertained by Joe’s remarks on current operations at West Point and WPAOG. Several superintendents were singled out for the major contributions they made to West Point such as Cullum, McArthur, and our Dan Christman for institutionalizing the Margin of Excellence concept and forever changing the trajectory of giving to West Point.

Joe also spoke about the importance and uses of the time, talent, and financial gifts alumni have made and are continuing to make. Gifts that enable West Point to fund properties, services, and programs well beyond those authorized through the federal budget and that enable us to attract and fully develop the best and brightest our country has to offer.

Left to right: Joe and Lynne DeFrancisco, Ruth Neal, John and Linda Harrington, Larry Neal, June and Jim Harvey, Darlene and Dave Hopkins
Joe closed with the reminder of AOG’s commitment to Honor the Past … Prepare for the Future. His remarks were well received by the audience, which included an additional four Strength and Drive classmates and their spouses. The Harveys made the three-hour drive to Charlottesville from Chesapeake, picking up the Hopkinses in Mechanicsville along the way.


Our condolences go out to the families of those who have joined the ghostly assemblage of the Long Grey Line this past year:

  • 220116 Steve Harmon
  • 220130 Wayne Marsh
  • 22027 Art Hester

- End of Despatch -