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Class Notes 1987v46n2Sep

I thought it might be interesting to update everyone on what's happening with our Class and the AOG. Although I've been involved with the AOG for the last 15 or 16 yrs, I can truth fully say that I have seen more activity in the last 2 yrs than I've seen in that entire period. A lot of that credit goes to our former Com Mike Davison and to the increased interest on the part of a number of classes, particularly '65. Joe Anderson has been a member of the AOG Board of Trustees and reaches his 15th yr next yr. Jim Conley has been on almost as long and we have just added Rollie Stichweh and Tom Barron. The Societies Comm of the AOG is implementing a number of great plans and programs that will reach out to the 70% of our grads who are civs and try to get them more actively involved with WP. If you haven't joined your local soc, why not give them a call.

1965: Ted & Betsy Kleinmaier and Bill Tredennick; Founders Day 1987, Indianapolis

Some other tidbits from WP: Pat McKenna tells me that he'll be leaving this summer to spend a yr in Wash with the engrs as their DIRINFO. The new Com is the Class of '62 and, if I recall correctly, this is a 3-yr tour which means that we could get lucky in 90 and have one of our own fill that slot. So, all you guys out there who have a shot at 0-7, keep plugging. The 25th Reunion Comm has already zeroed in on the activities for Qtrs 101.

Joe Anderson was at the recent Board of Trustees meeting (May) and looks well. He is still with GM in Detroit and doing well there. Our prayers go out to his father who is having some health problems. I thought it interesting to note the significant increase in the '65 contributions to the WP Fund. Our total is now a whopping $35,000 with 22% participation. To put that into perspective, most of the classes around us (with the notable exception of '64) are in the 4 digit category. You will be getting a letter from Dave Kuhn updating us on the Arvin Memorial Award and asking that we increase this 22% to 100%. Why not write a check today ($65 or whatever) so that we can hit 100%! So, to all of you folks who have been kind enough to contribute $65 or more to the '65 Fund, keep it up. Slowly but surely, we are building a nice nest egg.

Efforts are still under way to get our ex-classmate Frye inducted. He missed the cutoff this date and hopefully will come up at the next board mtg. And finally from WP, take a careful reading of the new goals and mission statement of USMA. There are some significant and far-reaching implications in these very brief statements that I think will bode well for our alma mater as we look out to the 200th yr.

Stichweh tells me that he & Carole will be moving back to NYC in the near future where he has been appointed to the 7-member exec mgt gp of Towers, Perrin, Forster and Crosby. This sounds like a great promotion for Rollie and we wish him the best of luck. Bob McComsey, our good Class friend who hosted the 20th Brunch, continues his significant contributions to WP with several scholarships to the Prep Sch, which he has endowed, as well as some significant general contributions. As you know, Bob is one of 2 non-grads on the Bd of Trustees and is doing a great job, as is his wife Sue, who is also active on several comms at USMA. We were visited in May by George Ruggles & his new wife Linda who was taking her daughter Stephanie to look at Northwestern where she will matriculate in Sep on a music scholarship. George looks like a million bucks and hasn't changed a bit, as the picture clearly shows.

1965: Judy Coll, Ruggles, Linda Ruggles, Stephanie (Linda's daughter) and Coll

I recd an interesting letter/resume from Gerry Lipsit who lives several mi from me, but who has been traveling too much to get too involved with our local soc. After getting out of the service, Gerry was with NY Bell as a supervising engr. From there he went with Centel, rising to the rank of AVP where he was responsible for policy for operator services, bus off, engring, etc. In 85 he went with Ameritech here in Chicago where he has been the dir of natl field services. Because of a reorganization within Ameritech, Gerry is out looking for a similar type job. He & his wife live in Buffalo Grove. He ran into Ken Yoshitani who is also here in Chicago. Ken's son has just joined USMA '91. Ken is still in the fossil fuel generation bus with his own co. Skip O'Donnell dropped a line from the "world famous Snake River Canyon of ldaho" and indicated that he won't be coming to Chicago. Jerry Ledzinski wrote his usual, brief 10-yr report from Carmel, promising to attend the 25th. Jerry, how 'bout sending a picture or some more info on your family?

Recd a great thank you note from Mr & Mrs O'Toole for the 20th Reunion Yearbook that we sent to them in loving memory of George Patrick. Mrs O'Toole reports that Pat's 4 brothers are doing well, all are married except one who is still single in AK. They are still in contact with John Howell and Jim Long and send all their love to the Class.

Joe Barkley wrote from the Chase Manhattan Bank in NYC. Joe's putting together a trip for the AF game in conjunction with Maria Cooley here in Chicago. If anyone in the Philly/NYC area would like to participate, call Carl Letterie. Joe is now a member of the Newtown Township Planning Commission in PA. One of his official duties is to review plans for new developments. During one such meeting, he ran into Reg Dryzga, both of whom have lived in the same town for 7 yrs but have never ran into each other. Reg is a real estate developer in the area. Joe also reports that Dan Donaghy lives in Richboro and Rich Donahue also lives nearby in Yardley. Rich is working on buying smaller co's and growing them. Joe is at Chase in NYC where he is the controller of the facilities div. He works with Russ Campbell in the Chase Investment Bank. Joe also reports that Leighton Attebury is back from his TDY in Columbia. Gil Gilchrist and his wife Martha were the guests of the Barkleys over the Army/Navy wkend. Gil is enjoying a tour in Wash as dir of the Natl Rifle Prog. Carl Letterie was recently elected to the Bd of Governors of the WPS of Phila. He is now XO of the Readiness Region at Ft Dix. The WPS Phila is dominated by the Class of '65: Joe Barkley is the treas, Don Kurtz and Carl Letterie are on the Bd, and Ralph Locurcio was involved in the nominating comm.

1965: Robert Anderson

Bob Higgins had supper with Barb (Bryan) Sweat, Jamie's widow, at Hilton Head in Jun. She is doing well and sends her regards to '65. We have sent her a copy of the Reunion Yrbook. We've also sent a copy of the yrbook to the Arvins. (Thanks for the address, Dave Kuhn),

Jim McEleice reports of his quick screen of the 4/87 0-6 cmd list to include Joe DeFrancisco (FA), Bruce BG Clarke (Arm), Rick Shinseki (Arm), Frank Skidmore (Engr), Pete Cahill (R&D), Hank Dermody (GsTrpCmd), Oleh Koropey (PM), and John Longhouser (PM). He also pulled my chain about spelling his name-sorry 'bout that. It must have been my asst Colleen.

Larry Strassner and his co have acquired the $13 mil Henze Co from ITT. Henze services and repairs valves. Larry's NSS had revenues of $31 mil last yr. Bob Anderson wrote that he just returned from AD with DIA as the asst Army attache in Lebanon. He trained in Cairo (can't imagine why) and also did a little traveling. He and a '60 grad are organizing a WPS in DE.

Now that you're all back from summer vacations, why not drop your friendly scribe a line and let us all know what you're up to. Best regards from Chicago!