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Class Notes 1987v46n1Jun

1965: The Webbs with daughter Andrea; Founders Day 1987, Ft Leonard Wood

Greetings once again from Chicago. It appears as if our efforts are bearing some fruit in terms of tracking down the next of kin of our deceased classmates. Here is a brief update. We are still missing addresses for either the widows or parents of Arvin (Dave Kuhn, any ideas?), Jamie Bryan (Wes Taylor), Al Clark, Jerry Clark, Richard Collins, Leonard Davis, Spots DeWitt, Dick Endicott, Bob Gagne, Mike Glynne, John Hays, Charlie Hemmingway, John Hutton, Gary Kadetz, Robert Lee, and Chester Myers. If you have any idea whatsoever, please drop me a line with as many particulars as possible. You would be amazed at how many addresses we've gotten by people asking around and also reading this article. Copies of our 20th Reunion Yearbook have gone out to the following people: Mike Berdy's father, Tony Borrego's parents, Charlie Brown's mother and widow, Charlie Dickey's mother, Jim Echols' parents, Bob Keats' father and widow, Bernie Kistler's parents, Ken McArthur's father, Mike Momcilovich's parents, Joe O'Connor's parents, Charlie Wuertenberger's parents and Bob Zonne's parents and widow. If any of you can help on any of these other addresses, please let me know.

1965: Adam, Mirando and Eichelberger

Also received nice thank you notes from the Supe ("Let me encourage all of...the Class of '65 to keep coming back. West Point will maintain your spirit of Strength and Drive-and will in tum gain vigor by your presence."). Joe Palone ("I was blessed to have been a small part of WP and the golden opportunity to work with the men of the Class of '65."), and Dick Stilwell ("Many, many thanks for your thoughtful gift. The pages of the 20th Reunion Yearbook rekindled fond memories of my all too short association with the men of the Class of '65. From time to time, I have crossed paths with various of your classmates, at home and abroad. All have been worthy sons of our Alma Mater. Please pass my heartfelt appreciation to the illustrious Class of '65.").

1965: The Sherrells; Founders Day 1987, Ft Riley

I received a call from Dan Steinwald who has been in Canada (Ottawa) for the last 12 yrs. After getting out in 70, he went back to grad school where he met a French-Canadian girl while in Ft Bliss. They have been married for 17 yrs and they have 3 kids (14, 12, 10). He is the exec dir of the Canadian Assoc of Medical Radiation Technologists and previous to that he had managed several hosps. He became a Canadian citizen 3 or 4 yrs ago. Jerry Eichelberger wrote from Rochester, NY and enclosed a picture of himself, Art Adam , and Jim Mirando that was taken last summer at Jim's house near Harrisburg, PA. The 3 were together in F-1 during cow yr. Art is about to become an 0-6 and is currently the CO of the US Army Electronic Material Readiness Activity at Vint Hill Farms Station, VA. He & Linda have 2 boys and live in Frederick, MD. Jim owns a construction co in Harrisburg where he lives with Connie. Two of his 3 children are in college. Marilyn & Jerry have two girls, and he is part owner of a number of venture capital and financial service cos.

1965: Thompsons, Salomones and Arkangles; Founders Day 1987, Ft Hood

George Ruggles called and spoke with Judy as he passed through Chicago. He & new wife Sue were married last Jul and will be going to Ger and Sweden on vacation this summer. He is still with Omark where he is the marketing mgr for the div that handles mechanical tree harvesting equipment. I want to thank George at this point for his consistency in giving me a call and updating me on what is going on every time he passes through O'Hare. Also received a note from Chris Needels in Nokcsville. VA where he is at Georgetown U on a one yr Army Fellowship.

While I was at WP last fall, I came across a number of interesting items. Buddy Bucha apparently addressed the plebes last yr and tied the Long Gray Line to the Corps using honor as his main theme. At the end, the cadets stood and spoke in unison the words of the Corps, a spontaneous undertaking that apparently never occurred before in the memories of those in attendance! Does WP matter? A recent Gallup Poll reported that 1 out of 10Americans had visited West Point, 2nd only to NYC. The Class of '90 is the smallest class in quite some time, mainly because the upper classes have not attrited to the extent they normally do. This class is also apparently one of the best pools of talent to be at WP in quite some time. And fina1ly, some observations on where the leadership of USMA has been going over the past few yrs: Andy Goodpaster came on board when the ship was in trouble and needed a strong captain. Scott came on board when the ship was out of the storm but needed lots of repair, and Palmer has come on board a good ship but one that needs a new fix on the horizon. He has thus started Project 2002 to focus on the future direction of USMA for its 200th birthday.

1965: Tragemanns; Founders Day 1987, Ft Campbell

Fred Smith is now in Philadelphia in the specialty steel business and has one child in college. Jack Jannarone is a pilot for American Airlines.

Dick Williams wrote from Davenport, IA and reported that there were a few names deleted from the recent 0-6 promotion list, because (in his opinion) the scribe wanted to get some of these people to write. I mentioned those names in the last article but have not yet heard from Applin, Connolly, Genetti, Harman, Jones, Hecker, Keith, Nichols, and O'Neill. Congratulations guys, but how about writing.

1965: Fergusson and Pylant; Founders Day 1987, Korea

Dick is assigned to the Armament, Ammunition and Chemicals Cmd as the PM for the 9mm pistol. He is replacing over one-half million 45s and 38s in all the services with the 9 millimeter. This was an extremely political and emotional issue to many outsiders. He assured us that we are getting a superior pistol. Dick & Joan have 4 children by former marriages. Joan is also on the US parachute team and has over 1000 jumps. They are planning on ret some day to FL between Orlando and Tampa. Dick reports that there is one other classmate, Ed Sharkness at Rock Island, IL. Ed is an industrial engr in the production directorate where he did a super job and received an award for the source selection on the Beretta Pistol.

1965: Lowell & Judy Lawson; Founders Day 1987, Phoenix

Skip O'Donnell wrote again from Idaho Falls. ID. He saw John & Karen Pickel at Ft Sill where John is the G-3 and will be taking over 8th DivArty sometime this summer. He also saw Dan & Nancy Benton. Dan is in the gunnery dept at the FA School, where he is on the alternate cmd list and is due to leave. While at Ft Sill, he also ran into Jack & Annette Lowe who were up from Dal1as, TX, where Jack is the mgr of Fin Sys Planning and Dev for EDS, a small div of CM. Skip also saw Jim & Karen Ferguson. Jim is with LB&M Associates (not sure what they do). Skip reported receiving Christmas cards from the DeFranciscos in Springfield, VA, where Joe is with War Plans in DA. Jack & Dottie Keith are at the War College and will be reassigned this Jun. Frank & Kathy Meier are at Offutt AFB, NE. Frank says he prefers going to Europe but thinks he'll be assigned to the Pentagon. Skip has been promoted to an engring mgr with Westinghouse and just became an 0-5 (USAR). They will be coming back to Penn State this summer and hopefully will stop here in Chicago. Skip, we have lots of room so give us a call. He wants to look up Howie Reed and Jim Golden at USMA, as well as the Curls. Skip, great letter, please keep it up.

1965: Colls and Cooleys; Founders Day 1987, Chicago

Received a nice letter from Tom & Ann Croak here in Chicago. They write that their son Michael will be going to college this spring and is looking at ROTC and the U of IL for architecture. Tom has difficulty believing he's preaching the benefits of ROTC. Tom, we missed you at the Founders Day dinner here in Chicago (see picture of the Coils and the Cooleys). What happened?

Susie Scholl wrote around Christmas from CA that they almost came back to WI for a visit, but opted for an HI vacation instead. Their oldest son is doing great in college and "finally applying himself!?" He is also in the AF ROTC prog and has received several good promotions Jenny is still in HS and doing extremely well with her grades as well as playing #1 doubles on the girls varsity tennis team, along with every school activity where boys are present. Susie apparently is doing very well in real estate with Coldwell Banker (I think), especially since home mortgage interest rates have gone down. Wayne, after solving the problem of the whale that took a wrong turn on a Sacramento River, is traveling quite a bit within his engr district. He is also praying for no more spring rains. He apparently received a lot of TV air time as a result of the rains they had last yr.

1965: The McElieces

Received a nice Christmas letter and great picture from WP from Jim & Julie McEliece. He received his PhD and also his 0-6 while Julie was holding up the skiing world. She spent early 87 back in CO putting on ski promotions and will spend the rest of the spring selling new ones. Annabeth (I can attest to this) is a very attractive and personable young lady who had a little difficulty moving back to WP. She won the lead in the school's fall drama production and has become the editor of the school newspaper. (She also did a job in charming my oldest boy when we were at WP for Homecoming in 86.)

Jim Stephenson wrote from Minneapolis where he is still a lawyer and sent along an address for George O'Toole's parents. He has been a lawyer for the last 14 yrs and reports that no news is good news at this stage of his life.

Several of you inquired as to the status of the pictures for the 20th Reunion book. I still have them and have been painstakingly going through and returning them to each of you. As you might guess, this has taken quite a bit of time, so keep the faith and hopefully I'll get them out to you by the time of this article. If you still haven't received one, please drop me a line and indicate which pictures are missing. My guess is I'll probably end up returning close to 1000 pictures, so patience is a virtue here.

Well folks, that's about it. Still not a lot of news to report, so the scribe has to ask you once again to drop me a line. I can only call and write so many letters and even then, the responses are few and far between. So keep the letters and the pictures coming if at all possible. Best regards from Chicago, and if your travels bring you anywhere near O'Hare or the Windy City, please give us a call.