Class Poop

Mr. Dennis Coll
Suite 203
3233 N. Arlingthon Heights Road
Arlington Hgts., IL 60004

Class Notes 1981v40n1Jun

Greetings to All. This is the new Class scribe commencing what may be the shortest tour as Class scribe in the annals of the ASSEMBLY. First things first. Between announcement of my elevation (?) to the position of scribe and publication of this column, I received a long letter from Denny Coll offering to take over the scribe's duties on a permanent basis. As most of you know, Denny was the main force behind assembling the Class roster for the reunion last fall. It is our hope that by stabilizing the office of scribe--and combining it with the data bank Denny has already built--we can encourage more active participation in the column by a wider sector of the Class. Therefore with much thanks to Denny, effective immediately he will take over the duties of class scribe. Correspondence for the class column should be sent to the above address.

Here at West Point, the class contingent in residence will get smaller with the loss of 7 classmates. From the Tac Dept, Hal Jenkins will go to V Corps in Frankfurt as the Dpty G1, Laverne will stay here for another year to get her tenure at the West Point Library, then join Hal in Germany. Cal & Pat Kahara will carry the Army standard into the heart of crab country when he joins CINCLANT HQ in Norfolk, VA. Joe & Kay Hindsky will be traveling to Ft Bragg where Joe will be joining the Ops & Tng section at the SWC.

On the Academic side of the house, Jack & Joanne Lyons will depart the English Dept for the Exercise Branch, SHAPE, Belgium. Barrie & Linda Zais will leave the History Dept for Hq EUCOM at Stuttgart, Germany. Bill & Bonnie Ritch will also be leaving for a destination yet unknown. Bill promised to let us know when he finishes negotiating with MILPERCEN. John & Todd Higley, our departing scribe, will be leaving the SJA's office for the Reserve Component and Admin Ctr, St. Louis, MO. Finally, leaving only temporarily, will be Jim & Elaine Golden. Jim, who is the Dpty Head of the Soc Sci Dept, will be on a year's sabbatical in Munich, Germany, where he will be associated with Abenhausen, a German think-tank similar to the Brookings Inst.

The only known arrivals this summer are Bob Doughty who will take up a permanent position in the History Dept and Tom Gcnoni who is reported to be joining the Physics Dept.

Two other major events on the loca l scene. Jim McEliece moved from the Soc Sc Dept to the Office of the Dean where he is a permanent associate prof and the Registrar and Dir of Ops designate. Tom Johnson has become the Dir of the Sci Rsch Lab here at WP, also a permanent position. West Point's gain was the Air Force's loss. Tom's selection as a perm profrequired him to rejoin the Army so overnight he left the "wild blue yonder" and became "a helluva an Engineer."

That's all for now. One final word on behalf of the new scribe. Denny is geared up to do an aggressive job but he can only print what he receives, so keep the cards and letters coming. Don Rowe.

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