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Class Notes 1980v39n3Dec

As of this writing we're gearing up for Homecoming and Reunion activities, so just a few notes for now . . .

New arrivals at WP over the summer include Lee and Nancy Atchley with D/Math. They and 13-year-old Cathy were at Leavenworth for C&GSC prior to this asgmt. Don & Janice Rowe are back for a 2d tour-in the international relations area of D/SocSci. Don just completed AFSC, which followed a tour at SHAPE in Belgium. Janice is completing her nurse's training while riding herd over their 4 kids. They report Fred & Sue Timmerman are at Ft Carson, where he'll command a bn, following tours in Heidelberg and Bamberg. They have a new baby, which brings the brood to 4. Jim & Karen Ferguson are also at Ft Carson following a tour in Heidelberg, where Jim was aide to GEN Blanchard .

Larry & Ann Konennann arrived on the scene after years of hiding out with MEDDAC-types. He's Dpty for Vet Activities, which means that in addition to other more lofty pursuits, he's in charge of the well-being of WP's own "donkey dust" producers which reside behind his office. They've recently given up an old Victorian home in Sausalito from which Larry commuted to the Presidio of San Fran. They've got more than a houseful here at WP-2 sons (Ivan 6" and Bryant 2), 2 pseudo-ferocious weimaraners, and 2 Morgan horses.

Great news from Jim & Julie McEliece . . . he's been assigned permanently to WP. He'll finish out this semester in D/SocSci and gradually phase into new responsibilities in the Operations Div, Office of the Dean.

John Howell is the man behind the scenes in improving the looks, image, and performance of this year's cadet song girls. He's "Mr. School Spirit," it seems, and the fever's catching on. Good work, John!

John Shuford is back on the tennis courts again, and recently won the WP Racquet Club's Men's Singles title in the over-35 division.

Our European correspondent, John Swensson, got us some poop right at deadline time -and we'll get lots more from him in person at the reunion. John is currently in the IG shop at HQ USAREUR, his expected summer Olympic duties having been cancelled by the boycott. John & Karen Pickler and their 3 children are ensconsed in Idar Oberstein where John is both a Bn Cdr and Subcommunity Cdr. He's commanding the same Bn to which he was assigned as a 2LT. John is doing a super job and controls a vast empire. Dan Christman has an Engr Bn in Wurzburg with the 3d ID. He and Sue are expecting a baby soon. John Alger is a speechwriter for CINC USAREUR, putting that PhD to use. At Karlsruhe, Swensson ran into Steve Harman, Ralph Locurico, and Ed Simpson, and reports of the threesome that only Loco is sporting hair. Loco is XO of an Engr Bn while Ingrid is working in a leather shop. Ann & Steve Harman have 7 children and. he's the S3 for the 7th Sig Bde. Ed Simpson is also the XO of an Engr Bn. John "Mosky" DeVitto joined DCSLOG Plans and Opns last summer. Lee Hewitt passed through-he's in the Automation Office on Anny Staff and was the staff observer for "OPN REGURCER," as the USAREUR contingent calls it. Bob Guy is serving as XO to MG Lynn, the USAREUR CS and keeping fit on the racquetball court. Heard that Dave Jones is doing great things at Ft Lewis with the 9th Inf Div.

Keep that mail coming in. The deadline for the next column will be around 30 Dec right after you receive this issue of the ASSEMBLY. Happy Holidays.