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Class Notes 1980v39n1Jun

Lots of news this time from the civ sector of our Class. Denny Coll, who is with Mutual Life in Buffalo Grove, IL, sent along pictures of the recent Founders Day dinner in Chicago. Denny is Pres of the WP Society of Chicago and had the pleasure of introducing the evening's guest speaker, "our Supe,'' GEN Westmoreland.

1965: The Cooleys, Griffins, Colls and Yoshitoni.

On the legal side of things . . . Bob Thompson recently became an assoc with the Phila law firm of Harvey, Pennington, Herting and Renneisen, Ltd. (4th Floor, Seven Penn Center Plaza, Philadelphia, PA 19103; (215) LO 3-4470). Ross & Carolyn Wollen (Rivercross Apt. #1902, 531 Main St, North, Roosevelt Island, NY 10044: (212) 888.0263) roll out the welcome mat for visitors. Ross was recently elected VP and Gen Counsel of Culbro Corp-a NYSE major diversified consumer products and services co. Carolyn Wollen last year became a partner in her NY law firm, a formerly all-male bastion. When up here last fall, Ross got together with former tennis crony, John Shuford, who is helping to coach the Academy's Women's Tennis Team. From Grand Junction, CO, hails Rich Hall, Atty-at-Law, (843 Rood Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501; (303) 245-3535) who can't make it for our 15th Reunion but will be here for Graduation Week 80 with the whole family. He hasn't been back since June 65 and was struck by "a very bad and unexpected case of nostalgia."

1965: Founders Day Fort Belvoir.

A Ft Bragg update, courtesy of John Knowles, who has recently switched jobs with Bud Fish, making him plans Ofc at Corps Engr Sec, while Bud is S3 of the 548th Engr Bn. Pat Kenny has been XO of the 307th Engr Bn (82d AB Div) since his arrival in the summer of 78. Also in the 82d is Art Hester, now XO of 4/68th Armor, after a tour in the Cmpt shop at COSCOM. At XVIII Abn Corps HQ is Bill Birdseye, who is Protocol Ofc. Terry Throckmorton is the ROTC LnO over at Reserve Components. Over at JFK is Steve Spoerry; Mike Matteson is a recent departee; and Rich Boerckel was there last summer as a student but is now at DLI at Monterey. Chuck Burgardt is a lawyer downtown, but so far is not offering discounts to classmates.

1965: Johnson, Locurcio, Westpheling, Pickler, Guy, Frank, Doughty, Swensson and wives.
1965: The Longhousers, Winstead and the Hennigers.

John reports also that Kent Brown arrived at Ft Jackson in Jan to take over a tng bn. Steve & Janet Ammon visited the Knowles after Steve finished his degree at Ft Lee and moved over to MILPERCEN. Thanks to John for all the poop. (He's at 7133 Hallstead Circle, Fayetteville, NC 28303; AVN 236-8007.)

Talked with Bud Fish, and he indicated that he and Judy were enjoying their tour at Ft Bragg. Bud is still active in orienteering and is traveling to Europe this summer as coach of our U.S. Orienteering Team. Keep up the good work, Bud.

Jack Lyons sends word of Chris Needels, who's been assigned to the Analysis Dir, DCSCD, HQ TRADOC at Ft Monroe as an ORSA action officer for the last 2 years. Apparently the Inf branch has plans to ship Chris to Germany in the fall. Perhaps he's needed on the gridiron-recent experience had him playing defensive safety on the post tackle football team. Pete Cahill and Jim Wood are other ''65ers at Ft Monroe.

1965: Bill and Susan Tredennich and children.

On their way from C&GSC to Ft Benj Harrison are Bill & Susan Tredennick. Bob Huffhines is alive and well and planning to make it back for H'coming.

Houston is the present stamping ground of Harry & Martha Joyner. Harry, one of our formerly anonymous classmates, wrote a nice letter in response to our last column. He resigned from the Army in 70, completed Dental Sch in 76, and re-entered active duty in the AF. He is: due for promotion to LTC in Jun. Harry, Martha, and their children Todd (12) and Kyle (7) are moving to Wilford Hall Med Ctr, Lackland AFB, TX to complete the last year of his Endodontic residency. He says the welcome mat is out for those passing through San Ant.

Received a nice letter from Linda Roebuck while Zig was off at Ft Irwin on field exercises. They've been at Ft Lewis since their Dec move from Ft Campbell. Zig will be taking command of l/67th, a Chaparral/Vulcan Bn on 20 Jun. They are enjoying the area and their post quarters, which back onto a lake. Daughter Lindsey is in 6th grade. Zig is looking forward to the challenges of his new job, and they are pleased to be at Lewis for a long tour (Qtrs 8654, Ft Lewis, WA 98433; (206) 964-8247).

1965: Chris Needels.
1965: Ross Wollen.
1965: The Vanns and Thompsons.
1965: Swensson publishes orders Founders Day, Heidelberg.
1965:Founders Day Fort Hood, TX.
1965: The Gills, Boerckels and Ledzinskis.

From down DC way, Dick Williams, Ch, Proj Mgmt, DARCOM (AVN: 284-8372) called with a rundown on classmates at the Ft Belvoir Founders Day dinner. . . . Stan Genega is Ft Polk-bound to take command of the 7th Engr Bn. Dick & Joan Williams are headed for the Nav WC this summer. Pete Linn is a civ atty for the Selective Service. Terry Ryan is with DCSPER. Also at the dinner were Tad Ono and his wife, and Jerry & Lee Kelly. Jerry is moving this summer from the DARCOM legal office across town to U.S. Army Legal Svs Agcy at Bailey's Crossroads.

Addition al news from Dick . . . Steve Harmon is with MILPERCEN . John Bell is a prosperous civ dentist in San Jose. CA. Bill Bradburn, in the USAF, is a sqdn cmdr at March AFB (near L.A.). Dick says he last saw John Malpass as an Inf type who was XO of an Engr Bn at Ft Ord in 75. Where are you now, John? Steve Spoerry is still falling out of airplanes as OIC, Mil Freefall Cmte, Special Warfare School at Ft Bragg.

On the local front. . . . John Howell is coaching the Men's Volleyball Team. As of this writing (mid-season), they were 3d in the East with a 10-3 record. A few departures are expected this summer. Departees for the DC area are Wes & Linda Taylor to ODCSOPS; Mike & Chris Deems to CAA; Mike Watson will leave for the Def Sys Mgmt Coll at Ft Belvoir, then on to the Operational Test Evaluation Agcy. It will be a reunion of roommates in DC as Wes Taylor, Mike Deems, and B.J. Mogan (at DCSPER) join forces once again. Tom & Janie Cindric will be off to Hanau, Germany (3d AD Arty). The Cindrics had a novel way of selecting an asgmt-Germany offers the best soccer experience for their 2 young players. Bill Sherrell will be joining the 2d Inf Div in Korea, while Sue and the kids stay in Seattle. We also hear that Ron Bailey will be at CAA following his return from Korea. The only projected arrivals at WP that we know about are Lee & Nancy Atchley in the Math Dept.

Founders Day at WP found only the Concannons, Wattendorfs, Cindries and Higleys willing to brave it through the worst snowstorm of this mild winter to hear GEN Maxwell Taylor, whose speech combined both serious remarks and witty anecdotal reminiscences. He stressed the need to use grads and "old grads" to spread the word about WP and the Army. Are you interested in recruiting? Football prospects continue to be a hot item of discussion at WP.

Barrie Zais and members of the local contingent are busy with plans for Homecoming, the details of which will be in the mail soon. The dates: 31 Oct - 2 Nov; the game: Army vs Rutgers. Plan now to arrive on Fri for the evening class social. The traditional Alumni Parade will be Sat morning. There will be a pre-game tailgate party, followed by the game at l:30. The Alumni Dinner-Dance will be Sat evening in Washington Hall. The class memorial service at the new Southeast Asia Memorial will be Sun morning, followed by brunch at the O Club. Eighteen members of the Class at WP are determined to make this reunion weekend a never-to-be-forgotten event. Make your plans now.

AOG will be taking care of the H'coming mailing, but we need your help. They've lost track of many of our classmates over the years and need current addresses to insure that everyone is invited. If you know the address of any classmates listed below, please forward them to me and AOG as soon as possible.

Remove our classmates from the "Whereabouts Unknown" category. Missing are: Adams, Airy, Albright, Ammon, Appler, Arkangel, Asplund, Barwis, Belanger, Bennett, Bergmann, Blau, Bohannon, Boohar, Borkowski, Bradley, Briggs, Brock, Brown , Brush; Carll, Coleman, Connor, Cook, Concannon, Croak, Darrah, De Jonckheere, De Kovacsy, Donaghy, Donovan, Dornier, Doughty, Dryzga, Dufour, Fields, Fligg, Foehl, Fricke, Frey; Gates, Gailey, Guenther; Hall, Hallenbeck, Horst, Howard, Hudson, Johnson, Kantrowich, Keith, Kramer, Lapolla, Larson, Leverett, Lipsit, Livic, Ludwig, Maness, Mastran, Matkov, Matteson, McCullough, McMillan, Metzner, Olson, Olivo, O'Niell, Parcells, Peters, Peterson, Pfeifer, Pylant, Pyrz, Raybeck, Resick, Ridenour, Riley, Ritch, Roth, Sammarco, Scully, Seaworth, Selkis, Sellers, Shapiro, Sikorski, Smith, Starling, Sterba, Stevison, Stowell, Sullivan, Teethers, Thomasson, Thompson, M.H., Thompson, T.D., Throckmorton, Tillman, Timbrook, Turner, Van Dyk, Vogel, Watteodorf, Whitten, Wirth, Wolf.

Keep those letters coming in. It's time again for the Army's annual version of musical chairs, so keep us posted as to your whereabouts. If you have pictures to share, clear, black & white prints are more likely to be published.