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Class Notes 1980v38n4Mar

With this column the reins of power have again shifted, and I have assumed the duties of class scribe from Jack Lyons. For all his past efforts with this column, I would like to offer our heartiest thanks to Jack for a job well done. In view of the fact that I was one of the vast majority of classmates who has never before sent in news for the ASSEMBLY, this should serve as an incentive to all of those other anonymous souls out there to send in news.

Congratulations to those who made the secondary zone on the new LTC list. I counted nine of you on a master list furnished by John Mogan, who is still working in DCSPER. The nine arc Emery Chase, Bruce Clarke, Harry Dermody, Frank Hennessee, Rocco McGurk, John Mogan, Don Nowland, Emory Pylant, and John Thompson. My apologies if I missed anyone; please write and you will be included next time.

It's not too early to be making plans for our 15 year reunion over Homecoming Weekend, 31 Oct-2 Nov. If you have suggestions or questions about the festivities, please contact one of the local class officers: Pres-Barrie Zais {Office: Autovon 688-2068; Home: (914) 446-3908; 3045-B Stony Lonesome, W.P., NY 10996); Soc Chm-Hal Jenkins (Office: Autovon 688-2613; Home: (914) 446- 5668; 3036-A Stony Lonesome, W.P., NY 10996); or myself. Plans must be made early for both accommodations and party facilities, so let's get some input now, not complaints after the fact. Don't forget to order game tickets through AAA by mail or phone (914) 446-4996. Tickets will be $8 each and may be ordered by phone if you have VISA or MasterCharge. There will be a special '65 section, so please specify that seating when ordering.

Though our number has dwindled over the last few years, there's still a strong contingent of classmates here at West Point. Recent arrivals are John & Glenda Shuford with ODIR, John Howell with DMI, Cal & Pat Kahara with the TAC Dept, John & Adrienne Wattendorf with BS&L, Frank & Gisela Koleszar with ES&GS, Martin & Della Andresen with D/History, John & Todd Higley with OSJA. Alex Clark has departed WP for near-by Stewart AS and is with the Army Readniess Region there. This issue's juicy tidbit . .. the Wattendorfs became instant celebs upon arrival-not only did they experience an "awful move" re: extensive damage to furniture en route, but once ensconced in quarters in Stony Lonesome, their home being the lowest in elevation in the unit, was the target of a sewage backup and resultant flood of their main floor. The story has a happy ending, however; the Housing Office relocated them in a nice set of quarters in Lee Area.

Jim & Julie McEliece of D/SocSci kicked off last Fall's football season with a pre-game tailgate party at their home. Up from NYC and looking very much the successful big city lawyers were Ross Wollen and his wife. Other locals (not yet mentioned) in attendance were Barrie & Lynda Zais with D/ History, Wes & Linda Taylor with TAC Dept, Mike & Connie Watson with D/ElecEngr, Tom & Jane Cindric with D/Engr. Tom, by the way, is making a name for himself as a soccer coach, working not only with the Youth Activities teams but also co-coaching the WP Youth All-Star Soccer Team, which last Fall travelled to the DC area to defeat 3 local soccer clubs. Mike Deems has switched from playing soccer to officiating at Cadet games.

The Taylors and Zaises hosted a unique party in Oct which featured the raffling off of picnic suppers to the highest bidder, followed by a Treasure Hunt based on wellknown (and some not so well-known) WP landmarks. As Wes was out hiding the clues in a torrential downpour, the rest of us were contemplating a cancellation of the chase in the dark of night armed only with flashlights and clues written in verse to lead us (astray?). It was great fun.

Others currently assigned to WP are: John & Linda Concannon with D/For Lang; TAC's are Hal Jenkins, Joe Hindsley, Jack Lowe, and Bill Sherrill; with D/Hist is Bill Ritch ; with D/Engr is Mike Deems; with D/SocSci is Jim Golden; Mike Shaver is in the Dean's Office; Jack Lyons and Tom Johnson are in D/English. Lou Csoka was recently assigned permanently to BS&L, so he and Judy will remain at WP as unofficial social hosts to the Class of '65 along with the Ritches and Goldens who also are on permanent status. By the way, I understand Jim Golden not only was promoted to LTC recently but also received an award for his fine work here at WP. A job well done and our congratulations, Jim. Paul & Neva Renschen, who were here with the D/Hist, departed in Jan for Bad Hersfeld where Paul will be XO of 3/11ACR. Paul made a rapid recovery following his heart attack last fall and was chomping at the bit to hit the ski slopes.

Spotted at Michie Stadium during football season were Buddy Bucha, Steve & Marilyn Kempf, George Ruggles, and Tom Carll.

Culling news from afar in Xmas cards, Barrie Zais passed on news of the following: Tom & Suzanne Carll (and 1-1/2 year old Stephanie) have bought a home in TX (2611 Rustling Oaks, Bryan, TX 77801) where he has opened a new Nautilus Fitness Center with his brother. Bob & Betty Selkis now reside in CO (2635 Alteza Lane, Colo Spgs, CO 80917). Chris & Mary Ellen Dorney moved to Mt Vernon (8610 Falkstone Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309) last Nov after Chris' graduation from DSMC at Belvoir. He's now at the Pentagon. Jack & Dotty Keith (7231 Wickford, Alexandria, VA 22310) are in their second year in DC with MILPERCEN. Jack becomes a FA assignments officer in Apr. They have three children-Kristen 9, Tim 4-1/2, and Jessica 3. Tom & Beverly Fergusson (1421 Pintoresco, El Paso, TX 79935) are at Ft Bliss with 5 year old daughter Robyn. Beverly is winning golf tournaments while Tom is writing his dissertation.

Via Jack Lyons we received a letter filled with poop from John Swensson. So outstanding is his contribution that he should be voted Class Scribe for Europe. John & Susie are in Heidelberg where he finished up a 17 month tour as Chief of Printing and Pubs, then (until Aug) on to a project to stage the US Olympic Team when it comes to Europe for 2 weeks on its way to Moscow. Also in HQ USAREUR are John Alger who left D/English at WP last summer for the IG shop and Ralph Locurcio, who drives a souped up old taunus with fog lights and is Ch Fac Req Br, which involves designing combat garages for Italian tanks. He and Ingrid recently became parents of Daniel Paul.

Ken & Betty Lemley crossed paths with John Alger on a Volksmarch. Ken is Asst IG with the 3d AD in Frankfurt. Also in the IG business is Ernie Westpheling, who is the IG of the 1st Inf Div at Goeppingen. John Swensson still remembers Plebe Christmas when Ernie tried to snake his date, but his roommate kept him informed. It appears that 3/8 Cav has 66% of their field grade officers from the Class of '65....Bob Doughty is the S3 and Johnny Johnson is the XO. Doughty got off his 12 year history teaching sabbatical and rejoined the active army in time to make LTC. John saw Kent Brown, who is in V Corps Engineer office. Dan & Sue Christman are in Wurzburg, where he's Spec Asst to CS for the 3d Inf Div. Dan reports that Jim & Maryann Paley are in Greece where Jim works for an engineering frm. Randy & Betty Guenther are with the 10th Engr Bn, 3d Inf Div. Randy is the S3, and Dan became Bn Cdr this winter. John Connor is S1 of 2d Bde, 3d Inf Div.

Lee & Janet Atterbury called John from Cobham, Surrey, outside London, where he's an exec with Exxon working on the North Shore Oil project. Bob Higgins is Ade to GEN Becton in Stuttgart. Also at last Spring's Founders Day was Bud Adam, who was aide to since-retired GEN Rienzi in Belgium, Jim & Karen Ferguson, who have since moved on to Ft Carson, and Steve & Marilyn Kempf , who have moved to DC and MILPERCEN. Larry Bennett is teaching in Darmstadt and working on a Master's degree from UMD.

A majority of the class seems to be down DC way these days. George Gerringer on the West Point Desk, DCSPER (Autovon :2:!5-2661) reports seeing lots of classmates during his strolls through the Pentagon and the environs of DC. He says Mike Applin (an MP now) is back from Germany and an advisor to a reserve MP Bn. Frank Hennessee is with OCLL, John Mogan is in DCSPER (Autovon 227-0751), Tony Gamboa is with the Army General Counsel's Office (Autovon 225-3305), Wayne Scholl is out there somewhere, Jim Woods is dealing with ROTC matters at TRADOC, and George's neighbor Jack Keith is with MILPERCEN.

Tony & Irene Gamboa arc still living in Laurel, MD. Tony is about to make a major career change. He has submitted his resignation for release in Feb, but will continue to work in the Army General Counsel's Office as a civilian procurement attorney. This will certainly be a loss to the JAGC, as Tony has been a truly outstanding military attorney. Irene is finishing up work on her master's degree. On a recent jaunt to London (these guys in General Counsel's Office know how to live) Tony had a chance to visit with Greg & Heather Letterman. Greg lives in London and is practicing law. Now, if I could only get the Army to set up a JA field office in a place like London, instead of such scenic spots as Ft Polk or Dugway Proving Ground UT, I'd have it made.

From the West Coast ...Clair & Sherry Gill are back with rave reviews from a 4-year tour in Germany. Clair took command of 13th Engr Bn, 7th Inf Div at Ft Ord in Dec. Last Fall Clair was TDY in HI and ran into Carl Letterie, who is the big fuel broker for 19th SUPCOM in Korea , and Ray Hawkins, who's with STRATCOM at Camp Zama, Japan. While out on an afternoon run, Clair ran into marathon-man Bob Radcliffe, who's the OESO at Schofield Barracks. Bob's request for a tour in AK ended him in HI with wife Julie.

From Seattle comes some scuttlebutt from Dick Chaffer (2404 NE 145th, Seattle, WA 98155), who now works with radar problems for Boeing Air-Launched Cruise Missile. He wonders who the classmate or "near classmate" is who's rumored to be involved in brand-X cruise missiles (General Dynamics AGM-109)? He's also interested in getting Harley Moore's address, as he's often flying through Dallas. Dick heard from Jerry Ledzimki, whose jogging route in Monterey frequently passes Kim Novak's abode.

A previous column had requests for Tom Genoni's address. Tom Johnson, AF-type presently in D/Engl at WP, says Tom is stationed at AF Weapons Lab, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico 87117 (Phone 505 264-1851).

From down South . . . Steve & Beverly Morrissey and sons Stevie (4) and Brian (9 mos) have settled near Atlanta (P.O. Box 88488, Dunwoody, GA 30338), where Steve is a div pres of Holder Construction Co. Beverly is a flight attendant for Eastern, and they've been married for 7 years. They've seen Ray Schaltenbrand, who's in business for himself in Atlanta and Dan & Nancy Benton, who were on their way to Germany.

From down TX way comes a press release on Tommy Thompson, recently named Texas Woman magazine's "Texas Man T-Shirt" contest winner. Tommy is in the AF, on assignment with Collins Radio, Div of Rockwell Int'I and lives in Dallas with his wife Penny.

Mike Barker recently returned from Korea, finished Mohawk school, and is now flying at Ft Huachuca. Bill Griffin was recently named VP Mktg for Dearborn Chemical, Chemed Corp, in Lake Zurich, Ill. He joined the Corp in 1974 as a Sales Rep, served as a Financial Analyst, then District Mgr, Regional Sales Mgr, and Veep of the Eastern Region prior to his appointment. Bill holds an MBA from Stanford.

Did you catch the picture in Army Times last Fall of Art Hester surveying the damage to one of his Sheridans that fell from a bridge at Ft Bragg? Art is currently XO of 4/68 Arm and is trying to keep a low media profile.

Last Dec Wes Taylor sent each class member an update letter on the SEA Memorial drive. At that time the Class of 1965 ranked second of the ten classes with a total of 76 contributions totaling $2,479.The overall goal for this project is $40,000; and as of then, our class was $1,521 short of its share. I urge all of you who have not contributed so far to think anew of the ultimate sacrifice that each of our twenty-five classmates made in Vietnam. Politics aside, our comrades deserve a lasting memorial. It is projected that this memorial will be completed in time for a class dedication ceremony at the time of our 15th Reunion in Oct. You may send your donation check to Chm, SEA Memorial Committee, West Point Fund, West Point, NY 10996. Make your checks payable to: West Point Fund-SEA Memorial, Class of 1965.

Thanks to a few verbose and well-travelled classmates the information for this column is plentiful. But you have to keep those cards and letters coming. Deadlines are usually soon after you receive an ASSEMBLY-next one being 20 March. You don't want me to print the unprintable or manufacture news of your exploits or lack thereof, so help your new scribe out by sending in the Poop. Wives are especially encouraged to write if your husbands are too reluctant or preoccupied.