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Class Notes 1979v38n1Jun

As the last June Week ever fades into history, and a new academic year becomes a permanent reality, the Class of '65 will look forward to enjoying its 15-year reunion during Graduation Week, 1980. Start making your plans now for seeing old friends, spinning tales, and comparing pics of the kids. Let us know where you are - do not think the other family will write; they never do. Let's get in touch with as many classmates as possible and plan a joyful festival.

Speaking of happiness, the first contingent of Strength and Drive will be accepting battalion guidons in the near future. We salute the Magnificent 7 x 2 - Benton, L. Brown, D. Brown, Christman, Genega, Gill, Gilchrist, Kelley, Kulbacki, Ono, Pickler, Roebuck, Scholl, and Tragemann. We wish you and your families all the luck in the world and hope that you find time between ARTEP's and SQT's to be together. Keep us posted on the location of your CP's.

Others are also on the move. Rick & Mary Ann Knudson are en route to Ft Leavenworth after 3 challenging years at Ft Hood. Lee & Nancy Atchley may be joining you (or was it AFSC). Frank Koleszar will be adding his talents to the Staff & Faculty here. A welcome to John & Adrienne Wattendorf too. After 14 years, we'll finally be reunited. John, with a PhD in Sociology from Stanford, looks forward to explaining our community relationships to whoever will listen, like the cadets in his BSL class.

Hats off this quarter to Denny Coll for his chatty informative letters and photo. He provided a wonderful report on the situation in the Midwest-happy to say it's in good hands. He and Judy were expecting No. 4 (she was 9 months pregnant the night of the Founders Day dinner) - that's dedication! Along with Jack & Maria Cooley and Ron Layer, and 200 alumni, friends, and parents, they listened to the Hon Adam Benjamin Jr., the rep from the First Congressional District of N. IN, speak on WP and the Honor Code subsequent to the Borman Report.

Jack Cooley was recently sworn in as a U. S. Magistrate for the U. S. District Court for the N. District of IL. The impressive ceremony involved several chief judges from the District Court and Court of Appeals, and was attended by all of the senior Federal Judges in the Chicago area. If you run afoul of the law in Chicago, you now have a friend in the Judge; visit him in his chambers or courtroom in the Dirkson Federal Bldg.

As well, other families are on the move. Bill Zade, working for Abbott labs, was recently promoted and transferred from Chicago to Houston. Bill Griffin also was promoted recently, to VP for Sales in the East for Dearborn Chemical. Bill, his wife and 2 children continue to live in Cincinnati. Ken Yoshitani is a sr engr with Fluor Engr and is heavily involved in the design and implementation of steam generated activities (Ken had prior experience here in the steam tunnels). Reportedly, Denny Sellers is a banker in Chicago but is maintaining a low profile lest his indigent classmates still in uniform ask for a higher credit rating on their VISA card. If you don't need hot air or money, Ron Floto can feed you; he a VP with Jewel Food Co. in Chicago. Maybe he'll handle next fall's tail-gates and the 15-year reunion in May. Beneath that distinguished mustache is Ron Layer, successful lawyer of N. IN.

Our report would be incomplete without some West Coast news. Jerry & Tina Ledzinski and their 2 boys continue to enjoy the CA sunshine and beaches, the fresh air, and the Carmel shops (can you believe that of a former SF type). Tina has done wonders - Jerry is a successful financial and investment planner, particularly for us poor types. His counsel is wise-he once told me to buy a house, and 3 years later he told me to sell it. You cannot go wrong with such advice. We look forward to seeing you on your next trip east.

We span the country and the globe. Share your life and good news with folks who are interested. Take the time this summer to drop me a line. See you at the beach.... surf's up. Peace.

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