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Class Notes 1978v36n4Mar

The Class had a New Year's party at Pat Kenny's house in Lusk, a natural location considering Alice is our VP. At Lusk the Kennys finally have a set of quarters large enough for their small family. The party went on until all hours of the morning. John Alger was the game dir and between chewing string and marshmallow, passing an orange, and dropping potatoes he was finally able to pass out about 3 a.m. Bill Sherrell and Bob Radcliff e were so tall they looked over the party decorations rather than under them as did the rest of us. Who was that lady in the red dress?

Received a letter from Jack Terry, RD 3, Box 80, c/o RCA, WITU, Northampton, PA 18067. He just finished his MEd at Lehigh U. He was working as a counselor and coaching football. In 76 he went with RCA as dir of a community based intensive treatment unit for court committed hard-core delinquents. Jack has 12 so-called end of the line kids (15 yrs-18) armed robbery, rape, car theft and assault. He has also gotten into jogging and ran in the NYC mini-marathon-5 miles in the time of 75 minutes Keep it up Jack.

William A. Triick has been promoted to Mgr of Materials and Distr for Intl Ops at Hobart Corp. In this expanded responsibility, which includes the U.S. Exporting Dept, he will report to the Dir of Adrnin for Intl Ops. Bill is the current pres-elect of the Troy Kiwanis Club. Bill, his wife Joyce, and their 2 children reside at 1373 Cornish Rd, Troy, NY. MAJ Edwin Armstrong received his 2d award of the AF CM. Ed was cited for outstanding achievement at L.A. AFS from 1 Aug 76 to 31 Dec 76 as the spacecraft survivability analyst for the Mil Satellite Comm Architecture Study. Greg Letterman has been visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, by sailboat to Bangkok, Burma, Ceylon, Nepal, India, then on to Iran, London, Egypt, East Africa and Sydney, Australia, where he will work for 3 months, then on to New Guinea, Fiji, and Tahiti and finally the States in Mar or Apr. Greg will marry an English girl named Heather Stewart. He will work either in the Dominican Republic or Singapore. While traveling Greg saw Jim Hennen who is working for an offshore drilling service company in Singapore and Ed Abesamis who is married with 3 kids and is still in the Philippine Army. Strength and Drive. Bud.

1965: Jack Terry
1965: Edwin Armstrong
1965: William A. Triick