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Class Notes 1977v35n4Mar

Please excuse the condition of the Class notes. I am just coming down off my marriage encounter weekend. Enough said about that, but if you want to discuss please write-I will answer.

On another subject, I received great news releases from the AF but no personal letters from that element of the Class. Again write, we want to hear from you. While on the subject, Hershall D. Hall (B-2) was promoted to MAJ in the USAF. He and Barbara reside at Francis E. Warren AFB, WY. Great work Don! Also in the AF Ed Zabka (B-2) received the AF CM for meritorious service as a sys prog stall officer at HQ, AFSC, Andrews AFB, MD. Ed is currently assigned at Patrick AFB, FL.

The following mass of info comes from Denny Coll (F-2) who is the pres of Barrington Financial Service in the Chicago area. As an active recruiter of candidates for WP, Denny visits WP several times each year. L.C. Briggs (L-2) is with Backe Halsey Stewart Brokerage Firm in NYC and he is quoted in the 16 Sept issue of the Wall Street Journal. Ed Foehl (A-2) is in banking in Pittsburgh. Jack Cooley (E-2) is using his Notre Dame law degree as the assistant U.S. Atty for the N. Dist of Chicago. Ken Slutsky (E-2) is with an Indl Security firm in Pittsburgh . Alex Alexander (A-1) is in banking in CA. Tom White (H-2) is on staff at USAREC, Ft Sheridan, IL. Karl Savatiel (B-1) is the sr Engr of Fac for ATT&T, Long Lines Chicago. "The Prince" Principe (C-2) is living in the Chicago area. Wayne Scholl (F-2) is in Korea and due to be reassigned to DC. Steve Ellenbogen (M-2) is using his MBA from Harvard with J.R. Gottlieb & Co., a commercial real estate company in Chicago. Lee Atteberry (F-2) works for Exxon in NJ. Chuck Bugardt (I-2) is practicing law in NC.

1965: Get-together at the Delaars' in Germany.

Bill Griffin (I-1) is the dist mgr for Dearborn Chemical a div of Chemed Corp. Mike O'Grady (E-2) is in real estate on the coast of SC. Bill Zadel (K-1) works for Johnson & Johnson in Boling Brook outside Chicago. And Jay Stewart (F-2) is in the diaper business in Germany.

1965: Volksmorching at Boxberg: Mogans, Timmermans, Fergusons, Fabers, and Heckers.

Speaking of Germany, the Heckers, the McCloskeys and the Swenssons have sent letters and the following is a composite of the info provided. Chuck & Rosemary McCloskey (E-2) are in USAREUR at DCSENCR and are hoping for a baby girl in Feb. Joe & Diane Barkly (E-2) are with USAREUR DCS Resource Mgt (riding herd on DCSLOC spending). Tim & Sue Timmerman (D-1) are with DCSPER in the leadership program. John & Donna Mogan (F-1) are still at MILPERCENEUR. Ed & Lee Simpson (B-2) are with Chuck and Rosemary and Jim & Karen Ferguson (H-2) are with DCSOPS. All of the above got together at Bob & Pauline DeLaars' (F-1) who have since departed for Kitzinger. Others seen by Chuck are Bob Molepshe (I-2) who is the G3 section of the 32d Army Air Def Cmd, Darmstadt. He also saw Preston Motes (D-2) who had just finished his tour as an Arty TPI Team. Chuck also says the Simpsons are expecting in Feb and that he saw Chuck Pfeifer (K-1) in Dec Esquire. Right on Chuck!

Nancy & Bill Hecker (K-2) say that Bill is on the TID div of the IG office. He appears to travel all over Europe inspecting U.S. and NATO units and the family gets to travel every once in a while. It also seems 65 is big in the Volksmarches-a 10 Km. hike across the German countryside. Everyone gets a beautiful medal at the end. In addition we're also big in scouting in the Heilberg area. Dottey & Jack Keith (G-1) are at Schwalsish Gmund where Jack has a Pershing Btry. Lee & Sandy Hewitt (K-2) are in Stuttgart. Nancy said John & Susie Swensson (D-2) dropped in on them TDY from Zaire, Africa. She also talked to Bill & Cathy Bradburn (G-2) they are building a home in DC. Ed & Sue McMillan (A-2) are in Taliahassee, FL. Doug & Diane Kline (B-1) are headed for Germany. Mike Drinkwater (M-1) is on his way to Korea.

1965: Ed Zabka.

John Swensson saw Clair & Sheery Gill (C-1) in Karlsruhe where Clair is the Engr. Peggy & Ray Pollard (A-2) are at Longly Court, Arlington, MD. Ray just finished his law degree from U. of MD. The Barons (A-2) Tom & Tosh have redone their apt at 929 Park Ave, Apt 6-C, NYC. The Rellers (M-1) Frank & Donna write from Leavenworth that Larry Leskovjan (G-2) was married on 4 Sept in Miami, FL, that John Wattendorf (G-1) is going for his doctorate in Psychology , that Tad Ono (L-1) was sending photos of the Class get-together, that Lou & Judy Csoka (K-1) were over for a few nights to play "LIE, CHEAT, & STEAL," that Jim & Lynn Helberg (D-1) are with CACDA. Collen & Cooky Leverett (H-1) report that his new name is HUB. He is flying C-14l's in the AF. Frank & Suzan Arnoll (M-1) had their 3d child in Jul-a baby girl, Ouida, in Sanford, FL. Donna also reports that John and Celia Bohannon (E-1) are headed for Germany, that Ed Winstead (M-1) stopped en route from Japan to Ft Bragg, that Ron Bailey (M-1), Bob Frank (D-1) and Bob Doughty (G-1) are instructors at CG&SC, that Anglo & Carl Letterie (C-1) are off to Bahrain (a small island in the Persian Gulf). Carl will be Quality Control Officer for fuel procurement for the U.S. Army (2 years).

A little closer to home, Steve & Olive Peak (K-1) are due in Montgomery, AL in Jul.

On the local scene, Pat & Alice Kenny (G-2) had a baby boy. That's 4 for them. On 22 May there will be a Class picnic at WP. For info write me. Well, I am late as usual. Love, Peace, Strength & Drive and write.