Class Poop

CPT Grosvenor W. Fish Jr.
Dept of ES&GS, USMA
West Point, NY 10996

Class Notes 1975v34n3Dec

If everyone would apply our class motto, "Strength and Drive" by having the strength to write a small note and the drive to mail it to me, I would be able to increase the length and the amount of news in our Class Notes. What little news I have I obtained by twisting Joe DeFrancisco's arm and a short note from John Swensson who is at the US Mil Msn Zarnish, APO NY 09662 and who reports it is cold in Africa. How cold John? John also advised me that Charles McCloskey is in the 3-shop of the 237th Engr Bn, APO NY 09176.

On the local front it is reported that Army football is on the rise. Which may be the reason I have seen Bruce Hulin and his wife at our home games along with the Timmermans. A late arrival at Woo Poo is Pete Cahill and family. I saw Pete at Pellie's as we both bought back our cars. (Both cars were in terrible shape, Pete's had been in a flood and mine driven 90,000 miles.) Steve and Carol Sperry had a boy in Sept and Steve is doing fine. In regards to Jim Golden, he returned to WP to be a permanent prof in the Soc Sci Dept.

On their cross country trip this summer, Terry Ryan and family visited Bob and Jeanie Stowell and their girls, Dawn and Chris, on their Nebraska farm. Bob is practicing law in Ard. Patty and Ric Shinscki are at Duke U. getting an M.A. in Engl and will not make Homecoming 75.

It has been reported to me by a member of the T.D. who heard it from another reliable source, a math prof at WP, that Steve and Ann Harman had twins. Is it so Steve? John Vann reportedly is preparing for shipment a rather large produce of his summer garden to be shipped to the Mogan's. Donna it's bigger than last year's even without the battery.

Bob White snuck off to Korea and Bryant Bachman is currently teaching at Ladycliff while going to sch at Columbia. Sonny Arkangel is reportedly at Rutgers and Harry Dermody alias CPT Ha Ha is going to be or is the XO of a Maint Bn in Germany. Does Harry still love his Volvo? Rocko McGurk and family are at Ft Hood and I am out news that is fit to print. Please write even if it is a photograph (they are worth a thousand words!). Again "Strength and Drive" and write. Bud