Class Poop

Capt. Robert T. Frank
4201 Via Marina Way, Apt 163
Marina Del Ray, Calif. 90291

Class Notes 1970v29n3Oct

It is with deep regret that I report the death of Jim Echols. He was killed in a private airplane crash in Ak. on 7 June. Jim's body was interred m Atlanta. Sincerest sympathy goes from the Class to his widow Smokey.

I have settled into Southern Calif. where I'll spend the next yr. and a half at UCLA. Until I return to WP (History), my address will be as above. Other people are finding out about the West Coast! Jerry and Tina Ledzinski are living in Monterey where the "Iron Polak" is working for Private Planning Corp. Jerry spent 2 yrs. with "Forces" in RVN. He got out 5 Feb. '70. Tina is teaching in Monterey. Jerry reports: Gene and Bev Farmelo left in Apr. Gene got a Master s at the Naval PG School and was on the Dean's List. He is now in RVN (reward for doing so well); Bev is with her folks in Greenwich, Conn. Preston Hughes is at DLIWC for Turkish. He is in FAST and will head to Salt Lake City for MA, then to Turkey. He is the only bachelor with VIP quarters at Monterey! Bernie and Ellen Ziegler are at NPG (Opns Analysis). The most recent of 2 kids arrived in July. John and Rose Ann Wells are at Ft. Ord. As soon as John finishes construction of an ultramodern hospital, CE is sending him to school, hopefully Purdue (to find out how hospitals are built, maybe?). With 2 boys already, they hope the Oct. arrival is a girl. T.J. and Cas Kelly homesteaded at Edwards AFB for 4 yrs. In '69, they left for RPI for an MS in management. The old man (pushing 30) is proud of daughter born Aug. '70. Good­ luck to DOM (Dirty Old Man). Thanks for the news, Jerry!

Inbound to Stanford are a whole crew. John Alger recovered from a serious eye infection and was diverted from RVN to the 82d Abn. He, Martha and the 2 kids should have arrived in Sept. Dave Hopkins is also inbound. Someone from up that end of the state let me know what is going on. Also in the area is Chuck Moseley at Livermore Laboratories.

While travelling from N.Y. to LA, I saw a few people. Mark and Linda Sheridan are alive and doing well on Long Island. Mark works in securities for a N.Y. bank; Linda is teaching. Saw Buddy and Carolyn Bucha. The proud parents were planning a Class party for homecoming. Tony Clay is with 1st Natl City Bank in N.Y.

Visited with George, Jill and Brian Seaworth in Ill. George is working for Quaker Oats in construction. MA&E would not believe it! Got some poop from Bill Zadel. He is also with Quaker Oats. After spending a yr. in Chicago as a Marine Corps recruiter, he signed on with QO. Now he is recruiting for them. He reports that Bob Scully is in the engring dept. He tried to convince Jim Helberg to sign on too. Other news from Bill: Don Parcells can be found in Wayne, N.J., at Union Camp Paper Co. John Johnson, back from 2d RVN excursion, is coaching football at WP. Denny Coll is selling for IBM in the Chicago area. Also in the area is Mike O'Grady with Enjay Oil. Imperial Oil snatched up Nick Principe, John Seymour, and Ray Paske. Nick and wife Ching live in Chicago. John and Ray were training there. Jim Hennen went from the Gulf of Mex. (off-shore drilling) to Holland. He should be moving again in Apr. Rollie Stichweh is working for Camp Dudley of Manhattan, upstate N.Y. and Europe. He and Carole were expecting No. 3 in the fall.

I stopped at U. of Ill. to see Ron and Janice Walter. Ron returned from 2d tour with the "Herd" (l73d Abn). He will be going back to Admissions Office as "shortest grunt in residence." Saw Mark and Linda Walsh too. Mark is getting a degree in Sociology for MI branch. He said it sure beats RVN, but then he was seen around MIBARS at Long Bien.

Don Appler made it back safely from his 2d tour. He is now on the S&F, USAARMS, Ft. Knox Weapons Dept. He said Oleh Koropey got married in June prior to joining 3/4 Cav. Best wishes! Also in RVN (& Cambodia) is Joe Anderson with the 1st Cav. Joe said LTG Davison dropped in to see him, and brought 3 Congressmen along. His wife Betty is working in Wash. for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. No other news from the swamp.

Walt and Francie Oehrlein are at AF Academy. Walt is coaching tennis, and he helped the OPE earn the Outstanding Unit Award from the Dept of the AF. Walt reports that Joe Kosciusko is a Tac Officer there. Rumor has it that Joe has a picture of the old-timer aviator hidden in his desk. (The caption reads: "Sleep tight your Polish AF is on duty tonight!") Tom Genoni is also there teaching in the Math Dept.

From a press release: Dick Osgood won a fellowship to continue studying for his Ph.D. at MIT in the physical sciences.

Paul Schultz is at U. of Ala. for Industrial Management degrees on a Natl Defense Education Assn. scholarship. Paul and Dianne announce the arrival of Paul III. Paul said that Dean Loftin and wife were expecting their 1st child. Dean is also at Ala. Paul stated that Bill Heller went to Wright Patterson AFB to work in an engring dept.

"Army Times" entries under recent separations: Bob Axely, Bruce Hulin, Tom Kovach, and Steve Philo. (The REGISTER has an annual recapitulation in the back.)

Other miscellaneous poop ranging from A-1 to F-5 ratings: Frank Prokop is at Ft. Ritchie, Md. Richard Donahue is an ROTC Instructor at Princeton until he gets out. Denny Brewer and wife are at Redstone Arsenal; Denny is now OD (Ordnance, that is). Pat O'Connor is GEN. Throckmorton's junior aide-de-camp at STRICOM HQ, MacDill AFB, Fla. Ed Maness is living at Ft. Totten and teaching in the NYU ROTC Dept. Ray Schaltenbrand is at Ga. Tech for a degree. Sonny Arkangel should be back from RVN and at Seton Hall (N.J.) ROTC. Tony and Jeanne Gamboa are on excess leave for a law degree from U. of Md. Murt Munson said that someone backed into his U-8 at Harrisburg State Airport (Pa.). The investigating officer was Jim Harmon who is on excess leave for a law degree from Dickinson Law School. (Off the record, Jim, was it pilot error?) Mack and Dianne Gill announced their 3d child, 1st son, in July. He is QMC at Vint Hill Farms, Va. Also QM are Steve Bliss and Bruce Marshall. Other birth announcements: Michael George born 23 May to Chuck and Rosemary McCloskey. Danielle born 31 July to Reg and Carolyn Dryzga. Fred Grates is at Baylor for an MA in hospital admin. Hal Jenkins is at Purdue. Fred Ammerman is at Syracuse in the Comptrollership School. Bob Higgins is there too in the Business School and will return to the TD in Aug. '71. Due into the Language Dept, John Thompson (Spanish with a Southern accent) and John Vann. Dave Vann is with the U of Minn. ROTC. Art Hester is in the Admissions Office, USMA. Look for Jack Lyons to join the English Dept come July '71. Karl Clavidatseher is an ROTC instructor at U. of Mont. Tommy Thompson is supposed to be inbound to UCLA, but I have not found him yet.

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By the time this appears in print we shall have beaten Navy! Hope you all have a good Holiday Season. Please drop me a line; my door is always open; my phone number is 213-821-4522 (call collect). Peace and Love.