Class Poop

Capt. Merton E. Munson
1 Hampton Place
Newburgh, N.Y. 12550

Class Notes 1970v29n1Apr

The Class of '65 was represented at the WP Founders Day dinner 11 Mar. by Jim Scheiner, Bill Fields, Gil Curl, and myself. Bill is presently at the language school in D.C., on his way to the French Test Flight School near Marseille. Jim was on the committee and did a fine job with decorations. Jim and Kathy have a son Alec born 7 Mar. Jim expects to be leaving in July to go to Ft. Belvoir as an instructor. Gil has begun work at IBM in Poughkeepsie and will be living in the Newburgh area. Working at Stewart, I had not been in Washington Hall since graduation and was impressed by the new wings. The addition was very well done. The familiar surroundings made me a bit nostalgic. Little has changed; even LTC Schempf looks the same.

I saw Bruce Raybeck when he passed through Stewart picking up and returning sabers to WP for a wedding. Judy and Bruce have a new baby, Kristi Lee, born on Valentine's Day. Bruce gets out of the Anny in Apr.

Diane Hawker, living in Cornwall, is getting ready to meet Denny in Hong Kong for R&R toward the end of Mar. Denny is an advisor to a Vietnamese Ranger tng unit at Due My, near Nha Trang. He is due to return in July and expects to go to grad school at either Ill., Mich., or Ariz. Diane told me that Jerry Eichelberger got out in Jan. and lives in Harrisburg, Pa. She also mentioned that Jay and Carol Stewart are in Okinawa.

Bob Frank was awarded another SS in Jan. His: thumb was operated on success• fully, and he expects to leave the hospital to do light duty at Ft. Dix shortly. Thom and Dot Powers have a new addition, Jacqueline, who arrived 3 Feb. They are on their way to Ft. Lewis.

Greg Letterman wrote from New Haven, Conn., where he is attending Yale Law School. He left the Anny in June '69. Greg says Slats Letterie is studying for his Masters at U. of Mo., Rolla Campus, that Preston Hughes is a BC in the 1st Bn 27th Arty in III Corps, RVN, that Mike Viani is at the Car Course at Belvoir, and that Bob Scully is in AG at the Chicago Recruiting District Office.

Steve Morrissey wrote from Ft. Sill to report that Dave Benton married Nancy Gordon of Ft. Sill. Steve was best man at the military wedding, supported by Lee Atteberry, Jack Cooley, Jim Ferguson, Frank Meier, and Bill Tredennick. Steve advises me that he is still a bachelor. Jack Cooley is getting out soon to attend law school at Notre Dame. Grant Fredericks and Bill Beinlich: please write Steve-TCAD, C&S, US AFAS, Ft. Sill.

Skip O'Donnell left in Feb. for an assignment in Germany with the 1/68 Arty. Skip and Marilyn have a baby boy, Chip, to keep 3-yr-old Jackie company. Skip mentioned a lot of people at Sill, but I'm sure that nearly all will be elsewhere by the time this is printed.

Don Appler wrote the only letter from RVN this time. He is in the 3/4 Cav. 25th Inf Div, again this tour. He and Oleh Koropey served together in the unit in '66 and are serving together again. Bob Zonne is a LnO with the 25th.

The following info is from news releases. Joe Kosciusko was awarded his 3d DFC at Holloman AFB, N.Mex., where he is now assigned to the 8th Tac Fighter Sqdn. Tom and Sheila Genoni are at the USAF Academy, where Tom is a math instructor. Terry and Sharon Tutchings are at Laredo AFB, Tex. where he is a T-37 instructor pilot. Terry also got the DFC.

I would like to get some black and white prints for the column. Pictures always add interest. It's time to start thinking about our 5th year reunion at Homecoming this fall. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you if I'm still here. I hope none of you guys have put on weight-I certainly haven't!