Class Poop

Capt. Merton E. Munson
1 Hampton Place
Newburgh, N.Y. 12550

Class Notes 1969v28n2Jul

Grant Fredricks reported in this column some months ago of the death of Joan Menniner on 25 Mar 68. It is my very sad duty to inform you that Ed Menninger was killed in action on 21 Mar 69. He was serving with Co. E, Bn, 8th Cav Regt, lst Cav Dav at the time of his death. I know no details about the action in which he was killed. Ed's son Jeffrey is living with his guardian in Colts Neck. N.J. The Class extends deep sympathy to Ed's sister Jane Mallon, of Abilene, Tex.

Bob Frank visited me on 26 May and gave me a lot of good info for the column. Bob completed AOAC and was on leave en route back to RVN where he was scheduled to go to the 4th Inf Div. Bob met Tom Kovach and Sonny Arkangel at the Air/Ground Ops School at Eglin AFB. They too are going back to RVN. Others who left Knox for VN in the late spring and early summer are: John Alger, Don Appler Jerry Eichelberger, Malcolm Gilchrist, Orlin Mullen, and Lance Stewart. Art Hester finished AOAC and should arrive at West Point in July. Bud Bucha is also coming to WP about the same time to work in the Soc Sci Dept. I noticed in the Army Times that Bud got the DSC, and Tad Ono the SS. Welcome Art and Bud! Bill Byrne has a company at Knox and is scheduled for grad school in the near future.

Denny Brewer, now Ord Corps, is at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Tony Gamboa completed the AOAC in Apr and is taking a two-year leave of absence to go to law school. Hal Jenkins started IOAC in Jul George Seaworth is at Ft. Devens instructing in the basic MI course. James Tomaswick is also at Devens in the 10th SF. Dean Loftin returned to VN in May after completing IOAC. Jack Lowe graduated from AOAC in Jun and is going to grad school on a WP quota. Joe McChristian has been at the U. of Paris studying international economics since Jul. 68 and will be there until the summer of 70. (How do you expect to bone the character, Tanker?) Bob Sterba went to VN in Jun after a two-year accompanied tour in Dom Rep. (Sounds interesting, Bob.) Thanks for all the poop, Bob Frank.

We heard from Thom and Dot Powers at Ft. Knox. Thom started the AOAC in May and finishes in Feb. They report that Phil Cooper, Mike Fligg, Jim Woodard, John Funk, Jerry Kelly, Bill Triick, John Rosenberg, and Ray Pollard.are are also at Knox. Fligg and Funk finish in Sept. Mike Fligg will go to Purdue.

Sherry Ray wrote a very nice letter with a sincere invitation to any classmates or other friends to drop in for a visit. Sonny and Sherry are in Boonville, Mo., where Sonny is an ROTC instructor at Kemper Military School. While on leave in the D.C. area the Rays saw Tom Johnson who is working for DASA, Pete Cahill who is at the EOAC at Belvoir, and Larry Strassner, also at Belvoir. Sherry passed on some info from Tom Barron who was in VN at the time, but should arrive at Benning in Jul. Chuck Burgardt, who was with the SF in RVN, extended to command a company in the l73d Abn Bde. Jerry Ledzimki is with MACV in Saigon, but is due back in the US in Jul. Jim Long it with an ARVN Abn Bde in the Saigon area. Harley Moore, who returned from RVN in Feb, is now in Washington. Art Roth is the Finance Officer in Pleiku. Tim Timmerman commands a cav trp in the 4th Inf Div. Sandy Hallenbeck has a cav trp in the 1st Cav. Tom Carll is an S3 air in the 9th Inf Div, due back in Sept. Dick Coleman is a Bde Asst S-2 in the 1st Cav. Frank Skidmore has an engr co. in the Kontum area. Finally, Ric Shinseki is going back to VN 22 Jul.

Cam McConnell called from Rock Island Ill., where he is working as a civil engr. He recently designed a complete bridge. (Cam has his M.A. from Berkeley.) He is still the carefree bachelor as he recently acquired a white XKE Jag. He expects to go to EOAC for his next tour. Cam reports that Ed Simpson is already attending EOAC and that Chuck Moseley will be joining Duncan MacVicar at the Larence Radiation Lab at Livermore, Calif. Gordy and Sandy Long, with their son Eric, are at George AFB, Victorville, Calif., where Gordy flies F-4s. Gordy expects to go to RVN around Aug or Sept.

Since the letters from classmates are few this time, I canvassed the local area. I happened to call Jim Scheiner when Bob Huffhines was visiting. Bob married Kathy in Jun 68. They expect to remain at Hanscomb another year. Bob recently attended a JAG course at Maxwell AFB where he finished number one. He saw T.J. Kelly at Maxwell where T.J. was attending the Sqdn Officers' School. Bob reported that Don Exelby is planning to go to law school at the U. of Mich. and that Tom Matkovcik has been at Ft. Gordon about a year, where he commands the Stu Bde Hq Co. Ginny Curl's parents are neighbors of mine and from them I learned that Gil and Ginny and two­ year-old Jackie are at Ft. Bragg where Gil is with the JFKSWS. It looks like Gil, among others including myself, will be getting out of the Anny as soon as Uncle Sam lets us.

Other classmates at Bragg are Bev and Jim Conley, XVIII Abn Corps Arty. Jim is leaving for VN again this summer. Johnny Johnson just departed Bragg for VN, also. his 2d tour, and Don Parcell arrived from Sill to take his place in XVIII Abn Corps Hq. John Bohannon is with the JFKSWS and Jerry Eichelberger and John Ritch are attending the MATA course.

I heard from Mike Lapolla's mother down the river in Peekskill. Mike married the former Carol Lindemann of S. Dak. in Jul 67 after his 1st tour in VN. Mike is currently an ROTC instructor at the U. of S. Dak. He is scheduled to return to VN in Jul as an advisor. Carol Lapolla is Toby Halvonon's sister-in-law. Since Toby is also returning to Vietnam in Jul, his wife Muriel and Carol will be staying together in Fargo, N. Dale. Muriel and Toby have a daughter who was born Christmas Day 1968, and named, appropriately, Holly. Brig. Gen. Jannarone says Jack and Polly are at Misawa AFB in northern Japan where Jack is flying in the front seat of an F-4. They arrived in Japan in Aug 68. Jack spends about half his time TDY in Korea.

The rest of this information is from news releases. Several classmates are attending the Sig Advanced Course at Ft. Monmouth. They are Burke and Ann Buntz, Jim and Janet Dyer, Steve and Ann Harman, Ben and Gladys Whitehouse, and Bernie and Ellen Ziegler. All live in Eatontown except Ben who lives in Long Branch. Paul Schultz graduated with highest honors from the Com Opns Officer Course. Previously Paul was in Okinawa and is now in Vietnam.

Steve Burrell graduated from the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix early this year. He was Valedictorian in Spanish. (Steve was discharged right after our graduation because of a disability.) Steve and Andre Bliss have been at the QM school at Ft. Lee since Jan; Steve is an instructor. Robert and Georgia Carini are at Griffiss AFB, N.Y. (near Utica). Robert was recently cited for his actions as a KC-135 Stratotanker pilot in SEA. Dave and Rosemarie Kuhn are now at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio. Dave is flying C-119s. Emery Chase got the BSM for heroism in Feb near Cu Chi. He is an engr co. cmdr. So long for this time. BEAT NAVY!