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Class Notes 1968v27n3Oct

In CONUS, Mack Gill writes from Bragg where he and Dianne celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Melinda Lee, on 12 March 68. Mack recently transferred to the Quartermaster Corps and has been in S/F for the past year. He, Dianne, and the girls are now at QM School at Fort Lee. Mack writes of others who have been at Bragg; they include: Chuck Burgardt, now in RVN with 3d SFG; Marv Jeffcoat and Bob Higgins who have companies in the ATC and are both due to return to RVN shortly; Jim Conley who has a battery in XVIII Abn Corps Arty; Jim Wood with 7th SFC; and MATA students Bev Motal, John Swensson, Bill Sherrell, and Ray Pollard.

Chuck Wuertenberger's wife, Tamera, writes that Chuck was posthumously presented the SS with Tamera receiving the award. Their son Bradley Charles was born on 16 May 68. Tamera will spend the coming year in Logansport, Ind., teaching high school English.

Wuertenberger SS

1965: Tamera Wuertenberger receives  the Silver Star and Purple Heart, awarded to her husband Chuck posthumously, from Col. E. 8. Lyle alFort Benjomin Harrison. Watching the ceremony are left to right, Tamera's parents, Mrs. Horry Watts and Mr. Walts, and Chuck's parents, Mrs. Spurgeon Wuertenberger and Brig. Gen. (USAR Ret) Wuertenberger.

Other CONUS notes of interest: The Rick Osgoods announce the birth of their second son, Nathaniel David, on 16 July 68; Fred Ammerman was married to Carol Creighton of Colorado Springs on 6 July 68 at USAFA; Frank O'Brien received his aviators wings at Hunter Army Airfield, Ca., on 21 May 68; and Bob Carini is flying KC-135's out of Griffis AFB, N.Y., with SAC. Jim Hall has recently been reassigned to Holloman AFB, N.Mex., after completing his 100th combat mission over North Vietnam out of Thailand where he received the DFC.

From RVN Denny Coll writes AGAIN (Thanks, Buddy!) from his Hq job in Long Binh of seeing several members of '65. These include: Ed Klink, a 175 Btry CO north of Pleiku; John DeVitto, Stevedore company CO in Saigon harbor; John Alger with the 101st; Jim McEliece, S5 at Blackhorse for one of the 11th Cav Sqdns; Dave Mastran flying with USAF out of Bien Hoa; Jim Seaburn with 101s; John Knowles, aide to the USARV Engr at Long Binh; Fred Grates flying dust--offs for 93d Evac at Long Binh; Tom Genetti, with the 9th Inf; Larry Isakson with a HAWK Btry at Long Binh; Ed Foehl with II FF Arty G3 section; Ed Maness, duster Btry CO in II FF Arty; Bill McCreary flying choppers out of Bearcat; Steve Ganshert with 1st Log Comd Hq; Dave LaRochelle, MSC Bde Surgeon in 25th Inf; and Bob Axley, aide to USARPAC STRATCOM CG at Fort Shafter. Denny also writes that Jimmy Hennen, recently medically discharged, is on the Miami Dolphins taxi squad, and Woody Epperson, ex-'65 from B-2, after graduating from Texas Law School, is an assistant for a Texas senator. Denny expects to be reassigned to the 11th Cav shortly.

Just a short note of thanks to those of you who wrote this time. As a point of information these notes are compiled and submitted in mid-Sept, Dec, March, and June for publication during the following Dec, March, June, and Sept respectively, which may explain some of our outdated reporting. That's the way it is though in this day of the short CONUS and overseas tours.