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Class Notes 1968v27n2Jul

Mert Munson, with the 13th Cbt Avn Bn flying Birddogs, reports that Gerry and he will report to the flight detachment at USMA on 9 Oct. Mert has seen Mike Hudson, flying Otters at Vung Tau, and Mike's wife Lynn, a nurse; Steve Harmon; Nick Principe, a Ranger Bn advisor; Bud Rood engineer advisor of sector senior advisors staff. Gerry has been in touch with George and Carol Bell, now at AG school, and Mark Sheridan, recovering from a kidney and liver wound as an outpatient in CONUS.

Burke Buntz, a radio officer with 11 FF at Bien Hoa, and wife Ann, who stays behind in Defiance, Ohio, announce the birth of a son Douglas Owen.

Denny Coll, at Long Binh in USARV Hq as a project officer with ACTIV, writes that he has seen Wayne Scholl, CO in the 39th Engr Bn; Scotty Nelson, in the Americal Div; Duncan MacVicar, 1st Engr Bn; P.T. McDonald, 326th Engr Bn; John Hays and Jack Lowe, both with 11th Armd Cav; Ed Klink, 175 Btry CO in the 4th Inf Div; Ron Williams, Roy Garms, John DeVitto, Tim O'Hara, and Jim Harvey, all at Long Binh; Tom Borkowski, in the Procurement Agency in Saigon; Jon Thompson, flying Otters; Bill Beinlich; and Tanker McChristian, who's going to France to study.

Bob Wolff reports that he will soon be returning to Belvoir from Long Thanh where he was a Const Co. CO. Other engineers in Bob's area include: Ken Yoshitani, CO in the 15th Engr Bn; Omar Rood, CO in the 69th Engr Bn; and Harley Moore, in the Engr Branch of 1st Log Comd.

Steve Darrah's wife Phyllis writes from Providence, R.I., that they have a son Steve Clark Jr. (29 Nov 67). Steve is flying Cobras in VN with the 1st Cav and has seen Jamie Bryan. She hears from Tricia Clover that Bob went to RVN as a pilot in April.

Chuck Moseley, an Engr Co. CO with the 31st Engr Bn now in VN writes of Ed Simpson and Camden McConnell, both also COs with the 31st While Chuck was at Bliss he saw Jim Kelly, Dick Chaffer, Steve Paek, and Phil Olmsted. He leaves his wife in Dallas.

Bob Cato stopped off in Palo Alto on his way back from RVN en route to Sill He reports on the RVN activities of Barre Bernier, also to report to Sill; Sonny Arkangel, on his way to Benning; Bob Frank, to Benning from the 7th ARVN Div; Tom Croak, 9th Inf Div; Ed Luttenberger, ex-'65 in Saigon; Jim Scheiner in Saigon; and Tom Matkovcik in Tam Ky. Bob had a letter from Larry and Ruth Neal, S2 in the 5th USA Arty Gp in Germany, in which Larry mentioned Jack Blau, an Asst S3 for 5th Gp. Others in the area are Ross Wollen, Tim Thames, and Bill McKemey. He also mentions that Mike Lapolla is an ROTC instructor in South Dakota.

Joe Weatherall writes of his Feb 68 MATA class which included: Bill Sherrell from Germany, Marty Johnson from Alaska and father of a new son, Bob Johnson, Joe Barkley, Dave Jones, Bob Harter, and Tom Mushovic from Berlin. Joe also mentions Ron Bailey, an RVN Ranger Bn advisor who is due to rotate to CONUS in July, and Chuck Pfeifer, SOG in III Corps. Joe comes from Germany and is an RF/PF advisor in II Corps. He leaves wife Judy and daughter (11 Nov 67) Kelly in Arlington, Tex.

From CONUS Fred Smith and Chuck McCloskey write from Belvoir of other classmates there in the advanced course which include: Jim Paley, Lucky DeLaar, Clair Gill, Emery Pylant, Bob Baldinger, Frank Skidmore with son (March 68) Frank, Jim Stephenson with wife (23 March 68) Jan, John Wells, Kent Brown. Others at Belvoir are Rick and Mary Sullivan with new son (March 68). Chuck and Rosemary announce they have a new son born on 5 April 68. The Belvoir contingent is planning on turning out en masse for the Big Game.

Joe Anderson reports on the Dix contingent. Joe is ADC to the CG. Garrett Davis is a basic Co. CO. Dave Bodde has received orders for the 307th Engr Bn (Abn) at Bragg; his wife Pris is taking nurse's training at Fort Sam Houston. Ray Paske is aide to the Commandant at USMA, and Bill Birdseye is a LO in the 1st Cav.

The Class offers its congratulations to Joe for starring in "The Anderson Platoon" which received the best documentary Academy Award Oscar and for being named 1967 Kansan of the Year.

From Germany Art Hester, now S3 of the 1st Bn, 33d Armor, will report to Knox in Feb 69 for the career course. He reports that wife Mae and daughters Tina and Hope are all doing well and enjoying the country.

Awards to classmates include: to Mike Connor, SS, SS(1st OLC), and BSM w/V; to Wes Taylor, SS; to Don Parish, ACM; to John Roseberg, ACM; to Bob Higgins, BSM(1st OLC). to Phil Cooper, BSM w/V; to George Seaworth, BSM; and to Bob Frank, BSM.

As for myself, I married Anita Verdick on 15 June in Fairfield, Wis. Iíll spend 6 more months at Stanford before joining the bulk of the Class in RVN.

ln Memoriam

The Class extends its most heartfelt sympathiesto Lynne Momcilovich on the loss of Mike in RVN. Her loss is ours as well.