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Class Notes 1968v27n1Apr

Janet Atteberry writes about the details of Chuck Wuertenberger's death in Vietnam on 17 Jan near Tay Ninh. Chuck had reported there for duty with the 25th Inf Div only one week earlier and was killed on patrol before he could assume command of his new company. His wife Tamera expects their child in May. She is at her family's home: c/o Mr. H. R. Watts, 363 West Broadway, Logansport, Ind. 46947. Janet's husband Lee is with the 3/34th Arty in the 9th Div's mobile reserve force in the Delta. He and Roger Frydrychowski, a general's aide at Fort Wadsworth, N.Y., represented the Class at the burial at West Point. Lee also brought home word of Wayne Scholl, with Co. C, 39th Engr Bn, near Chu Lai, and Gunner Hennig, with the 1st Div, near Lai Khe. Tom Croak is in Dong Tam in the Delta. Bob Higgins returned from RVN on 20 Feb to meet his new second daughter, Susan, and proceeded to Fort Bragg. Jim and Dee Hardin are at Fort Jackson.

Jacki Clewley writes that her husband Larry was wounded at Dak To in November, recuperated in Japan, and has since returned to RVN to complete his tour. He's due to return to the States in May. Jacki and daughter Michelle are making their home in Portland. George Gehringer and his wife Sue wrote Jacki of their return to the States from Germany for school attendance at Fort Bliss and Fort Bragg before he reports to RVN in July. Sue and son George will reside in Philadelphia while George is in RVN.

News of others overseas include: Tim O'Hhara, soon due to return to the U.S. from the 1st Log Comd at Long Binh; Harry Joyner, wounded in January but has since rejoined his company with the 25th Div; Frank Hennessee who is a company commander in the 4th Inf Div; Bud Fish, a LnO in the 2/40th Arty in the 199th Inf Bde near Long Binh; Bob Frank, with the RVN 7th Inf Div who was awarded the SS on 23 Nov; Greg Letterman, battalion adjutant with the 2/3Sth Arty near Xuan Loc; and Pat Donovan who is CO of Btry B, 2/9th Arty, in the 25th Inf Div.

Back in the States Dick Knudson is the XO in the office of the deputy CG, Test and Evaluation Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Fred Ammerman received the BSM for his Vietnam service while assigned as the C0 of the medical company at the U.S. Anny Hospital, Fort Carson. Dave Mastran received the AF Commendation Medal for his work as an operations research scientist at Kelly A FB, Tex. Jack Lyons is at Fort Knox after leaving his old post as XO to the Dpty CG of the Test and Evaluation Command. Aberdeen Proving Ground. Mike Deems writes from George AFB where he is a ground LnO and complains of having to divide his free time between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. For all you fellows in Vietnam-this stateside duty is pretty tough; think seriously about extending to spare yourself these trials and tribulations.

Back to a more serious note, in addition to notice of Chuck Wuertenberger's loss, we also learned of Mike Berdy's death on 26 Dec in RVN. Mike's fierce competitive spirit and remarkable wit will be a great loss to the Army and sorely missed by all his classmates. He was buried at West Point on.4 Jan.