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Class Notes 1968v26n4Jan

Our thanks to Frank Hennessee for his writing efforts these past two years in compiling our class Notes. He reluctantly passed the pen to me here at Stanford U. on his way to the 1st Bde, 4th Inf Div. He leaves Cam and new, red-haired, blue-eyed daughter, Rachael, in Fort Leavenwortth, Kans.


Bob Radcliffe writes from.Hq, 1st Bde, lst Air Cav Div and reports that he and his wife Julie have a son Gregory Ray. Bob expects to go to the ATC at Fort Cordon, Ca., shortly. Also with the 1st Cav are: Mike Berdy and Bill Birdseye with the 2/8th Cav; Steve Darrah flying gunship with Co. D, 229th Avn Bn; Geno Farmelo, signal officer with l/5th Cav; Ray Hawkin s, 13th Signal Bn; Art Mark, S1 of 1/12th Cav, extending for the 101st; Jerry Merges, HHC, 1st Cav: Mike Momcilovi ch, aviator with A Trp, 1/9 Cav; John Pickler, Arty LnO to 2/8th Cav; Chris Spire, HHC 1st Cav: John McCullough, 8tl1 Engr Bn; John Seymour, FO with 5/7th Cav; and Jamie Bryan, 1 /8th Cav. Bob also writes that Ron Riley won the DSC with the l/5th Cav.

Pat O'Connor brings us up-to-date on the l0lst. He and Buddy Bucha are with the 3/187th Inf, Pat an Arty LnO and Buddy a Co. CO. Others with the screaming eagles are: John Mogan, BC with 32lst Arty; Bob Bradley, 2/327th Inf; Fred Smith; Zig Roebuck; Denny Brewer; Duncan MacVicar; and Jim Scheiner. Pat also writes that Bob Cato, with MACV, is doing well.

A newsy letter from Sue Erbes, living in Cornwall-on-Hudson, tells of the activities of husband Don, John Alger, Bill Beinlich, Wes Taylor, John Johnson, Ernio Westpheling, and Ed Klink with the Vietnamese Abn Div. Alger is the S1, and the rest are asistant battalion advisors. Westpheling is nearmg the end of almost two continuous years of VN duty after two extensions. John Johnson, in Japan recuperating from hepatitis and wife Mary are proud parents of daughter Martha born on 4 Nov 1967. Sue and Don have a daughter Sherri.

Ann Kosciusko writes from Grofton, Mass., that husband Joe is now flying F-4C Phantoms out of Danang AFB. He is expected to complete 100 missions by 7 March and then be reassigned to Homestead AFB Fla. in April.

Bob Baldinger, a deputy advisor for Hoa Hao Region al Forces Bn, MACV, has orders to the Engineer career course in April. He writes that Fred Belanger, Barre Bernier, and Sonny Arkangel are with MACV in IV Corp area.

Other classmates in RVN include: Larry Konermann, CO of 4th Pathfinder Det, 4th Inf Div; Dan Steinwald, 6/29th Arty, 4th Inf Div; Jon Scobie, l/77th Arty, who was awarded a BSM with "V" on 29 Sept; Marv Jeffcoat, awarded the SS; Wes Taylor, who was married last June; Mike Connor, who leaves wife Reg at Fort Myer; Bud Fish, who leaves Judy at Cornwall-on-Hudson; and Ed Sharkness.


Dave Hopkins, recently married, is a NIKE-HERCULES Btry CO. George Menninger and wife Joan are with Hq Co., 8th lnf Div; and Lee and Elizabeth are paying the troops with the 39th Finance Sec near Hanau. Gil and Jinny Curl are parents of a daughter Julie.


Tom Johnson, studying physics at the U. of Calif., writes offering to host classmates en route to and from the Far East. He welcomes bachelors or couples and offers transportation, housing, or just information. His address is: 1480 Creekside Dr., Apt. A210, Walnut Creek, Calif. 94596; phone: 933-3158. He's located just outside Oakland. Tom mentions that Rick and Alice Osgood have a son Rick Jr., and the Glenn Doughtys, doing laser research at Kirtland, have a new daughter.

Howard and Betsy Reed write from the 7th Engr Bn at Fort Carson where Howard is Sl. Kent and Sherri Brown are there also. Ray Schaltenbrand, now in the QM Corps, is in a jump slot at Fort Lee; Tony Livic, with his shiney new silver wings, is with SAC at Beale AFB, Calif.; and Cookie Leverett, having just recently received his M..S. from the U. of Illinois, and wife Gloria are with the 15th Engr Bn, 1st Armd Div, at Fort Hood. Rumor also has it that Jim Airy not only picked up his M.S. at Stanford in June but also managed to find a Stanford wife. Lynn and Joe DeFrancisco are parents of a son Eric; George and Carol Bell are at Fort Benjamin Harrison where George is attending AG school; and Bob Guy and wife Joanne are with tile Ranger Dept at Fort Benning.

In Memorium

We are all saddened by the deaths of three more of our very best. Bob Arvin's brilliant future was cut unmercifully short when he was killed in a search and destroy mission being conducted by the Vietnamese 7th Abn Bn, to which he was an advisor. He was buried at West Point. Classmates in attendance at the funeral included: Dan Christman from Princeton; Maralee and Fred Laughlin, en route to Fort Myers; Chuck Moseley, who presented the flag to Lynnsey; and Sue Erbes. Bob was awarded the SS, the BSM, and a Vietnamese medal posthumously. Pat O'Toole's and Bob Lee's deaths are both reported in the Army Times. Bob, Pat, and Bob are gone, but their memories will live on with us all. The Class extends its deepest sympathies to Mr. and Mrs. Arvin and Bob's wife, Lynnsey, who remains in Ypsilanti teaching school, and to Pat's and Bob's parents and families.

Jim Gardner, a former classmate, was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for heroic action at My Canh village where he personally destroyed 5 enemy bunkers with rifle fire and hand grenades, the last after being mortally wounded. His widow Joella received the award in Washington.

The Class of 1965 is now represented in the USMA library ring display with the donation of Spot DeWitt's ring by his parents. The ring joins those of other classes on the first floor of the library near the main entrance.

The Forest View Memorial Veterinary Clinic, Angora, Minn., has been established as a memorial to Chet Myers by his sister Dr. Margo Myers. Chet's mother, Mrs. Chester Myers, writes that classmates and friends would be most welcome.

That's all for now. Send news. My thanks to you wives; without your letters this column would have been mighty slim. Keep up the good work.