Class Poop

Lt. James F. Hennessee
214 Grimes Street
Fort Bragg, N.C. 28307

Class Notes 1967v26n3Oct

It is always a pleasure to hear from wives and mothers of classmates who take the time and trouble to pass on the latest happenings when we're too busy to write. Darlene Cooper wrote in July of Phil's imminent return from 1/10th Cav in Vietnam. They are probably, by this time, in flight school at Fort Rucker and looking forward to Europe next summer. Darlene had heard from John and Sandy Funk who are still in Germany with the l/64th Armor and from Mike and Leslie Fligg at Fort Knox. By this printing Mike will be in RVN.

Donna Reller, new bride of Frank Reller (EDCSA 10 June 67), wrote from U. of Illinois where Frank is studying nuclear engineering. The Rellers had heard from Frank Aroall who was en route home from RVN and Bob Lee who is rumored to be contemplating matrimony.

Eloise Chudoba, Denny's sister, wrote of Denny's continued improvement after being wounded in Vietnam. Denny was with the 196th and as of July was greatly improved in the 106th General Hospital in Yokohama. Denny had heard from Bob Gates who is also hospitalized in Fort Lewis, Wash., as a result of a grenade wound suffered with the 173d. Bob also seemed to be coming along well. Denny had also seen Ernie Westpheing who is an advisor to the RVN Abn.

From Vietnam Tom Fergusson wrote of his job as an Intelligence officer with the 13lst Avn. Tom is now recovered from the operations that were performed after graduation to enable him to get his commission. Most of us remember the accident at Buckner that left him with a badly injured eye. Tom is still a bachelor. He had seen Jim Murphy, USMC, in the spring. Jim had been wounded twice.

Some press releases that came to my attention report honors for several of our classmates. Cris Needels received his second award of the DFC in Aug 67. Cris also holds two awards of the SS, AM, and the PH. Joe Anderson received an ACM with "V" in May for heroism in An Khe. Obie O'Brien received the BS for heroism near Binh Son on 27 May while serving with the 9th Div's 3/5th Cav. Roger Frydrychowski, a CO with the 4th Div, holds two Silver Stars.

From those not yet in Vietnam but soon to be on the way came several letters. Gil Curl wrote from Fort Irwin, Calif., that Skip O'Donnell and he are XO's in the 5/22d Arty. Jim Talbot is a BC at Fort Irwin. Skip wrote earlier from Sill of many classmates there. Steve Ammon and Don Parcells are instructors there in the gunnery Dept. Others attending various courses are; Ray and Linda Hawkins, Harry and Kay Derrnody, Jim and Pat Olivo, Wayne Marsh, Frank Meier, Joe DeFrancisco, Bill Tredennick, Guy Riley, Bob Scully, Greg Letterman, Jim Ferguson, Preston Hughes, Cris Spire and his wife, Tom Wiley and his wife, Gene Parker and his wife, and Jim Miyashiro and his wife. Emery and Eleanor Chase are still at Fort Benning. Emery is scheduled for Vietnam in Jan 68. Also at Benning are: Rick Chapman, Duncan MacViear, Tom Carll, Fred Scruggs, Tom Croak, and John Swensson.

From the ranks of the Air Force, Rick Osgood wrote of several classmates at Wright­ Patterson. Rick, Jerry Dufour, Bill Fields, and Ed Zabka are all part of Project Leap and are involved in R&D. To Rick and Alice, June brought R.M.0. III, a red-headed boy. More AF news came from Dottie Shantz. Denny just got his Master's at U.S.C., and they will be residing at Edwards AFB for the next 31h-4 years. Rich and Sue Leary are also at Edwards along with T.J. Kelly and his new bride.

From Augsburg, Germany, Joe Barkley sent news of several classmates there. He and Diane have 1-year-old Christopher Michael to keep them in line, and Joe commands HHC l/34th Inf. Dave Jones is S3 of that battalion. Dave and Patty have a little girl, Kimmy, born 15 Aug 66. Joe sees Rick and Mary Anne Weatherall often. They have a daughter Joanne born in Aug 66. Rick is S3, 1/51st Inf. In the 24th Armd Div, Tim Timmerman and Manny Maimone are aides to the CG and ADC respectively . Manny and Carol have a son Christian born in April 66. Back in Augsburg the Harmans, Steve and Anne, and the Johnsons, Bob and Nancy, are both recent parents, Steve and Anne for the second time. Janet Atteberry wrote from Frankfurt, Germany, that Lee is on orders for HVN. Lee has already commanded a battery. They have a newborn son, Christopher Leighton, born 29 July 1967. Janet wrote of others: Wayne Scholl leaves Germany in August, but Bill Sherrell and Tom Powers remain. Paul Rau arrived in the spring. Steve and Linda Ganshert are still in Wurzburg.

As of September, at Fort Bragg, Jim Webb is on orders for the 9th, Harry Joyner for the 25th, Pat O'Connor for the 101st, and I for the 4th. Harry and Martha Joyner have a new son, Todd, born 5 July 67. New arrivals are Mack and Dianne Gill and Jim and Lee Wood who are with Special Forces. Curt Adams is on his honeymoon after exchanging vows with the new Ann Adams. Jody Hemmingway reports the arrival of Charles Lynn Hemmingway on Sunday, 24 Sept.

An administrative note--send all future correspondence for this column to Grant L. Fredricks, 244 East Adams Street, Long Beach, Calif. 90805. Grant volunteered to take over the duties starting with the next issue. Just give him the same support you've given me, and this column can be a source of information and pleasure for all. As for me, when you receive this I'll have already been wading in the rice paddies for a couple of months while Cam stays at Leavenworth, Kans.

It is again my sad duty to inform you of the deaths of four more from our class ranks. Jack Hutton, Tony Borrego, Bob Gagne, and Jerry Clark have all paid life's highest price. But the memories of their deeds can never die, for they live on in the minds and hearts of those of us who knew them best.