Class Poop

Lt. James F. Hennessee
214 Grimes Street
Fort Bragg, N.C. 28307

Class Notes 1966v25n3Oct

It's now almost a year and a half since graduation, and '65 has yet to settle down. The influx to RVN has kept assignments everywhere fluid, and we seem to lead all others. The list of those who have gone to Vietnam is so long, and it changes so frequently I can't even attempt to keep it up to date. Almost as great in numbers are these who've had European tours curtailed and are now running the Army training centers in CONUS.

From those still in Germany comes word of lots of field duty. But that doesn't seem to be slowing anyone down. Denny Coil found time to make the big step down the aisle with Judy from back home in Pittsburgh. They were married in Buedingen, Germany, and rode from the chapel to their reception on a jazzed-up M-113. There was a picture of the big ride, but it wouldn't print. Ushers were: Wayne Scholl, Lee Atteberry, and Jack Lowe, with Tom Borkowski as best man.

Pete Linn wrote from Bamberg that the '65 group there hadn't thinned too much. Russ Campbell and his wife have come to Fort Bragg, but Gene Manghi, Bob and Tricia Clover, Manny Maimone and wife, Paul Barber and Mrs., and Cal and Mrs. Kahara are still there. Also, Terry Throckmorton arrived there in July after Tdy all over two continents. Pete says Tom Van Dyk and Bob Bradley are well-takencare- of bachelors in Berlin. Pete Cahill and Jim Connor are at Kitzingen. Pete and Heidi Lounsbury are still in Baumholder and are expecting a little Lounsbury before too long.

S.T.E.P. Tyner wrote with a sad tale of being levied by DA from Germany. During this writing he and Jo Anne are in Buenos Aires attending an equestrian school. Can you put in a 1049 for duty like that?

A late flash from the Pacific tells of John Shuford continuing his winning ways in tennis as a doubles winner in the Eighth Army's I Corps Arty tourney.

Some news from our northernmost classmates in Alaska: Pat O'Toole, Jim and Claudia Hume, Jim and Minnie Long seem to be doing quite well in Snowland. Jim Long said the winter is almost as bad as a West Point winter. Pat O'Toole spends most of his time at the club entertaining all levels of society from generals to Eskimos from the local saloon. Jim saw Marty and Kicky Johnson, Chuck Boohar, Bob Frey, and Chuck Barwis in Anchorage while attending jumpmaster school.

Here in CONUS Tim and Sandy Thames have a baby girl, Kimberly. Hope she takes after Sandy and not Tim. Nearby the Thameses in California are Dave LaRochelle, Mike Stanko, and Chuck Shaw. Dottie and Denny Shantz are in the AF in California and doing fine.

Don Nowland wrote from the Detroit defense along with Leo Rose. They were at Fort Bliss in May and saw Ladd Metzner. Steve Ammerman, and Mike Huston. In the AF ranks Frank Prokop, Denny Sellers, and Chuck Shaw are still single and flying high.

From Fort Campbell Bob Frank finally sent that long-promised letter. His news in part: "This will be a disorganized hodgepodge. Mike Barker is now in Korea where he is a general's aide. Ken Cherry, that devout bachelor, got married on 11 June. Hugh Kelley moved out with the 4/503d to Vietnam. Ron Riley went to the 1st Cav in late May. Robert Zonne is the only one left in the 3/187th.

2/319th Arty: Steve Bliss got married. Jim Lane is scheduled to move out with the 2/11 FA in September. So is Ed McMillan, who plans to get married before then.

326th Engrs: PT McDonald is now the Bn S1 and also the proud father of a daughter Barbara born 5 April. Frank McCullogh is now in Saudi Arabia as an aide to Brig. Gen. Ryan. Emory Pylant is in Okinawa with an Engr group--68th Construction Bn.

1/32Jst Arty: Jim Echols and his wife are expecting their first child in October. Jim is a Btry Comdr. William Hecker is with the 2d of the 11th FA and will be going to RVN with them. He was married in June. Robert Hill was married on 16 July.

2/17th Cav: Art Hester was the first one to leave this post for RVN way back in April. Phil Cooper went to the 4th Inf Div at Fort Lewis.

1/506th Inf: Denny Brewer's marriage was delayed by his being sent Tdy to the Dom Rep as an interpreter. Bill Connolly moved out with 4/503d to RVN. Charlie Dickey was back at West Point for the summer. Wes Taylor is the Bn S1. Bob Sterba is with Brewer in the Dom Rep.

1/502d Inf: Tony Clay got a medical discharge. Tom Croak has a beer belly. Steve Darrah is the S1. George Seaworth is the father of George Brian. George is now with Recondo School. Gerry O'Leary is in the Dom Rep.

2/506 Inf: Bob Radcliffe and Chet Myers are still single. Steve Olson got married on 23 July.

4/503d Inf: Jim Wood, Bob Stowell, and Frank Probst are in RVN. Bob finally got to Ranger School. Bill Mitchell was left be- hind in Recondo School.

2/501st Inf: Art Mark is married. Hal Jenkins is thinking about it. And Nat Kniker finally got his teacher-wife down here after school was out.

501st Sig: Rance Rountree got married. Dick Mohlere is the commandant of the division's Signal school.

2/11 FA: Steve Sperry is going to RVN with this unit.

At West Point Doug Gibson and Jan finally got to keep their date at the altar after several months' delay because of the Dom Rep. They're back at Bragg now.

If there's no news of your area, it's because I haven't received a letter from anyone there. If you have any news, be sure to send it along.

It is with sadness of heart that I must pass along word of the loss of another of our best, Doug Davis. All of us in '65 mourn his death.