Class Poop

Lt. James F. Hennessee
214 Grimes Street
Fort Bragg, N.C. 28307

Class Notes 1966v25n2Jul

It feels a little strange, but awfully good, not to be the most recent graduating Class. It won't be long until this place of prominence as the last column in ASSEMBLY is taken by '66, and we move into the "old" grads spot with our silver bars. In fact I heard at a gathering of our classmates just last night that the Corps was going to hell.

Pete and Heidi Lounsbury wrote from Baumholder, Germany, with news of a great life. They saw Jim and Carol Tomaswick who have been very busy with "little" 40-lb. Jamie and with Jim's job as Btry CO. Also in Hanau are Larry and Shnron Strassner who are expecting a happy event. Pete said he was a controller in the 509th Abn Exercise, and it was like old home week for '65. John Alger, Ed Nenninger (who is in charge of the 1/509 100-mile walk team), and Tom Kovach are all well-off on jump pay, while Lance Stewart, John Anderson, and Bill Beinlich are doing the same in the 2/509.

Mainz seems to be loaded with '65. Tad and Hiro Ono and Jim and June Harvey are with the 12th Engrs in Dexheim. Across the river with the 5/81st Arty are John Pickler and his better half. From the Armd Cav. Keyes and Karen Hudson are doing well since Keyes wrangled himself a jump slot as well as a troop of his own. Also in Baumholder are Don and Ronnie Kurtz, Jim and Mary Holmes, and Jerry and Barbara Madden. Ed Sharkness thinks he holds the class record for Tdy. He's been on Tdy for his entire stay in Germany. He's also coaching the wrestling team at a local high school. Speaking of wrestling, I had word that Tom Abraham was back at West Point wrestling for the all-Army team.

Pete also wrote that Jack Thomasson may be trading in his bachelorhood for his Bn CO's daughter.

Other 3d Div news: Chuck Pfeiffer has a new Jag, and Bill Sherrell is stationed near Friedberg. Chuck Wuertenberger made the Stars and Stripes with a record 102-mile march at the end of the 24th Div FTX last winter. Gil Curl writes from Artilleryland that he and Ginny are doing well. He also writes that the Coughlins' son, Shawn Michael, and the Raybecks' baby girl, Kelly, are doing well.

Hank Mickells also had kind words from Germany. He said that Dee is expecting in September. With him are Burke and Ann Buntz and Jim and Sue Dyer. He writes that he saw Don Parrish, Bill Lehman, Mike Abbott, and many more at "Graf," and that he was in Munich in May for the baptism of Dave Hurler's new girl. He had heard from Carl "Slats" Letterie that Dick Tragemann was married. Congratulations, Dick!

From overseas the other way, Walt Saxon wrote of a mild winter in Korea. He says Dick Chaffer is the only classmate nearby. Art Hester wrote en route to RVN to join the 173d Bde. He said to drop by and see him in Bien Hoa. From the Dominican Republic Pat O'Connor wrote of an early return to Fort Bragg in July.

In May, Cam and I attended a 1-week course at Fort Knox. We saw Bob Hill and Bob Frank there. Bob Hill was getting married in July, and Bob Frank is still enjoying marital bliss (though those weren't his exact words). They promised a long letter from everyone at Campbell, but the letter didn't make it before this deadline.

Here at Bragg the flow of classmates to RVN is underway. Bernie and Rory Kistler are getting a place for Rory and Billy to stay while Bernie's gone. Joe Anderson has orders and a brand new wife, Betty, who's both charming and intelligent. Fred Laughlin is on orders but hopes to stay with Merilee till she makes him a father. On 11 June Walt Kulbacki changed Kathy O'Keefe's name to his, and now they live just down the street from us.

Other newlyweds on post are Carol and George Bell. Don and Sue Erbes told me that Steve Pack and his wife had a son on 12 April. Other new arrivals in the States include Stan and Barbara Genega's daughter and young Emery John Chase III. Back at Bragg, Diane and Denny Hawker are expecting; Harry Joyner is getting an aide's job; and Rollie Stiehweh is going to be married soon. He told me the date at the 82d Abn Divarty "prop blast" last night, but that's all I remember. Bob Cato remains a bachelor as do Rick Kuzman, Leo Kennedy, Barre Bernier, and Jack Keith. Married couples nearby are: Mitch Bonnett and wife, Mert and Gerry Munson, and Mike and Barbara O'Grady. Bob Arvin has a company and will soon have a wife as well, as will Mike Hudson, Tom Matkovcik, and Joe Zurlo.

I know the whole Class joins me in mourning the loss of two of our best, Gary Kadetz and Mlike Glynne. To Gary’s wife and the families of both, we extend our most heart-felt sympathy, for we, more than anyone else, know your loss because it is our loss, too.