Class Poop

Lt. James F. Hennessee
214 Grimes Street
Fort Bragg, N.C. 28307

Class Notes 1966v25n1Apr

One year finds '65 everywhere, from Berlin to Saigon, from foxhole to grad school. From M.I.T. comes word from Emery and Eleanor Chase that school is no picnic. Hank Sterbenz sends about the same news from Columbia U.

Down Panama way, Sonny Arkangel is looking for air conditioners, John Connor is running a range for three months, and Lance Hewitt is Tdy to the baseball team. In the Marines, Reg Dryzga is trying to learn to fly, and Greg Steele received the Military Skills Award in his class at Quantico.

At Fort Bragg, dogs are the order of the day, and '65 is well stocked. Sights to remember are: Rollie Stichweh giving the Founders Day speech, Joe Zurlo in a new XKE, Bob Arvin's financee checking out her future home, George Bell and Walt KuJbacki getting ready to forsake the bachelor ranks, and Clair Gill getting ready for Vietnam this summer.

In the Dominican Republic, Pat O'Connor is sitting out the year-'round summer. He came back on leave to show off his winter tan. Dick Williams looks for ways to catch the shuttle flight back to Fort Bragg to visit his wife. Doug Gibson is awaiting his return anxiously as is Jan Murgatroid, his flnancee. Grant Fredricks stopped by on his way to and from Philadelphia.

Letters are beginning to come in now. Just keep them coming.