Thank You. Mission Accomplished!

Thanks to your financial support, WP-ORG’s abbreviated semi-annual fund drive has completed with full funding. WP-ORG continues to operate year after year through your donations, combined with an army of dedicated volunteers including advisors, moderators and many others. 
I would like to give special thanks to the Class of ’64 which donated over $8,000.   

Any additional donations received will accrue to Fund Drive 48. The final donation report may be seen at:
In addition to donation reports, we archive fund drive daily tallies, charts and tables comparing performance measures of current and past drives, and additional data which you may find of interest:

Fund Drive 47 was delayed due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus. Its budget was intended to fund WP-ORG operations April – September 2020. Though we stretched our dollars going into lockdown, we hope to return to our typical Spring/Fall semi-annual fund drive schedule as soon as possible. To that end, our next fund drive will begin in October, as is typical, with the hope that the pandemic situation – and its economic repercussions – has improved.
May you remain healthy and whole in this season of change.   

Thank You Again!!!

Cameron Price
USMA ’96, on behalf of WP-ORG Advisors 

Author: Dian Welle