Stronger for Having Gone Through It

Dear WP-ORG users,

Our abbreviated Fund Drive will be ending on 8/12.  This is the last fund drive message you will receive from us during this fund drive.

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As you’re aware, this past April, we decided to delay the start of our semi-annual fund drive related to the impact of the virus on each of us and the economy. We cut back to only essential activities, and expenditures. We delayed as long as possible and have operated on just what we could raise in this four-week period. Many of you have been very generous.  Thank you.

I have been a part of WP-ORG for about 20 years. It has brought me immeasurable joy in the past, but like all of you, I have realized how my online connections have been extremely important in the past many months. WP-ORG has provided connections with the West Point community through class lists, societies, parent lists, and lists where information and opinions can be shared. These connections are invaluable.  I personally found a great deal of comfort from our members even before this pandemic occurred. Our ransomware attack last fall was daunting, but we survived. I had a joint replacement, which left me better for it. My hours were cut due to necessity, and I found time for other interests. Five of my immediate family members contracted Covid-19 and all are continuing to improve. My youngest son was laid off, yet he remains positive and upbeat. Like all of you, the personal hits have just kept coming, and yet, we continue through adversity to thrive. The one constant in my life is the contact I have had with so many of you through all of this. Our moderators and users contact me for assistance, and those contacts almost always involved a mutual sharing of how this period of time is affecting each of us.  The West Point family takes care of their own, if only through kind words and generous hearts. I pray we all can lift ourselves out of the many trials that this year has given us, and find ourselves stronger, healthier, and better.

Please help us finish this fund drive strong, so that we may continue to bring you the services you have come to expect from WP-ORG, and maintain those important connections with one another.  On the 12th, we will stop this abbreviated drive regardless of reaching our goal.  We will begin our normal fund drive cycle in October.  It will seem a very short time between this fund drive and the next, but that break will permit us all to take a necessary collective breath between now and then.

Thank you for being a part of this community. I pray you all stay well.

Dian Welle
WP-ORG, Inc.

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Author: Dian Welle