CPT Matthew J. Bunker, 2013 Be thou at peace

Body of climber who fell skiing down Liberty Ridge on Mount Rainier found in crevasse

The body of a climber who went missing while skiing down the Liberty Ridge route on Mount Rainier was found Monday, according to the National Park Service.

Matthew Bunker, 28, of Seattle, disappeared Friday while descending behind his partner near 10,400-foot Thumb Rock on the north flank of the mountain.

Rangers said it’s unknown what caused Bunker to fall in steep, treacherous terrain.

A helicopter was used twice over the weekend to conduct reconnaissance missions from the air, but winds and clouds hampered the search.

On Monday, rangers in the helicopter spotted Bunker’s body in a crevasse at the base of a cliff.

That area is prone to continuous rock and ice fall and rescuers said it’s too dangerous to recover Bunker’s body


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Author: Dian Welle