Your Chance to Affect WP-ORG’s Trajectory

Hello! 🙂

WP-ORG is in the middle of a COVID-19 abbreviated Fund Drive 47. The drive will close on August 12. If you’re inclined and able to contribute, please don’t delay.
Seldom do I get to talk to all of you, and I have questions! 
WP-ORG was conceived and built by grads as a gift to the West Point community. WP-ORG exists to serve. Over the past 25 years WP-ORG’s service offerings have been adjusted as the needs of its members have evolved. Looking to the future, your guidance is essential. We are poised to make some changes.

As we consider new ways to be valuable to the West Point community, we can attempt to put ourselves in your various shoes and dream up what you need; but it’s probably more effective to just ask you. Reply to this message and tell us where you’d like to see us focus effort.

1) How can WP-ORG more effectively help classes, societies and parent clubs maintain and build on the relationships forged at the Academy? For example:

  • How can WP-ORG help build a lasting record of your class history/culture? Every class has a story…
  • What sort of support can WP-ORG provide that would make it easier for you to manage your society?
  • How can WP-ORG help strengthen your society?
  • How can WP-ORG better support continuity of parent club management as officers rotate?
  • What resources are Parent Clubs lacking that WP-ORG might provide?

2) Do you already have an idea and the skills to bring it to life but are looking for support and an existing stable infrastructure for build out?

3) Do you have coding and development skills you’d like to put to use for the benefit of West Point grads and parents everywhere but no specific project on which to work?

Got a great idea? We’d love to hear it! Want to help build WP-ORG? You have no idea how we LOVE the smell of a volunteer! 
Replies go to WP-ORG’s feedback address.

Thank you, as always, for your constant support.

Megan Klein
(512) 771-8661

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Author: Dian Welle